What Time Does Grubhub Stop Delivering? (everything To Know!)

Delivering food can be a convenient way to order food quickly, or to get it at an odd hour. GrubHub is one such platform. It is an online food delivery company that connects riders, diners and customers.

GrubHub’s delivery times can be inconsistent, making meal planning and delivery difficult. What time does GrubHub cease delivering? Continue reading to learn more.

When does GrubHub stop delivering?

GrubHub’s official website states that delivery times vary depending on market availability in your region. GrubHub can deliver 24 hours if there are 24 hour restaurants in your area.

Note that Grubhub delivery times are subject to another condition. Grubhub would not allow you to place an order if there were no riders available.

The availability of delivery is also less likely to decrease the late night riders.

The midnight deadline is a good indicator of when the closing time will be in most areas. This is because restaurants close closer to midnight.

Remember that even though you order before 12, it will most likely arrive by 12.30 because it takes time to prepare the delivery.

Does GrubHub Deliver 24/7?

GrubHub does not deliver 24/7 unless the local restaurants also deliver 24/7. Due to the pandemic, these restaurants have had to cut off earlier. GrubHub delivery can sometimes be unavailable 24/7.

What is the farthest GrubHub can deliver?

GrubHub’s website states that the maximum distance GrubHub can deliver is 70 miles. It is therefore one of the most accessible delivery options, compared to its competitors.

Keep in mind, however, that the driver must also accept the delivery request. Drivers might decide that the trip is not worth the effort and decline to accept the order if the distance is too long. For GrubHub riders who travel longer distances, the general rule is to accept them within 10-15 miles.

GrubHub: Why is delivery paused?

GrubHub may pause delivery for a few reasons. These are usually on the restaurant’s end.

First, the restaurant has placed the order on hold. It could be that there are not enough ingredients coming in quickly or that there is too much order volume at the restaurant.

Second, the delivery driver might need to fix a problem with your order before it is delivered. It could be a quality issue that the restaurant requires to fix.

What time does GrubHub start delivering in the morning?

GrubHub delivers at the same time that restaurants open in the morning. GrubHub delivery can begin as early as 9 a.m. GrubHub deliveries can be made as early as 9 am. However, not all restaurants are open until 11 AM. It is best to wait until the optimal hours.

GrubHub says everything is closed.

GrubHub depends on GrubHub vendors to determine if GrubHub displays open and closed restaurants. GrubHub usually allows deliveries only if the restaurant owner is present. These owners may choose to show closed restaurants for other reasons.

First, the restaurant is closed. This could be because the restaurant is closed. It is possible that the restaurant has closed.

Second, it is possible that the GrubHub manager or owner has decided to stop delivery. The store does not accept orders via GrubHub currently. The restaurant is still open, but they may have decided to concentrate on their take-out and in-store operations. They might have too many orders, so they decide to reduce them.

GrubHub could decide to show everything closed in some cases. GrubHub may have server-side bugs or other issues that require system maintenance. GrubHub may experience a downtime and have decided to stop deliveries.

Unsafe delivery conditions could also exist in the market. Local curfews, as recommended by local law enforcement, are usually the reason. GrubHub may reduce delivery times or mark most stores as closed if necessary.


GrubHub is a great alternative to other delivery options for late-night deliveries but availability is heavily dependent on market conditions.

You must be aware of its dependence on its surroundings.

GrubHub Plus should give you more priority than other drivers, especially if your business is food delivery.

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