Are Trader Joe’s Mini Tacos Discontinued? (Find Out!)

Trader Joe’s is a well-known grocery store in your area. It has been in operation since 1967. They are committed to offering high-quality products at reasonable prices.

One of their popular crunchy and crispy tacos (beef or chicken) has been missing from shelves lately. Are Trader Joe’s mini tacos gone?

Are Trader Joe’s Mini Tacos Discontinued?

Many people have asked why the taco shelves at Trader Joe’s are still empty. Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s Mini Tacos were discontinued. Trader Joe’s is known for making space for new products by discontinuing existing products.

Continue reading to learn more about Trader Joes products, and what is currently available in their stores.

Are Mini Tacos Healthy?

Do you love Trader Joe’s mini tacos? Are you curious about whether it is a healthy choice? Taco can be described as a mixture of healthy foods products.

The outer shelly layer of tacos can be made from corn tortillas (wheat flour/corn) and the inner portion can contain plant protein (different beans or lentils) and animal protein (beef, poultry, and many other options). It’s safe, healthy and suitable for vegans.

Mini tacos from Trader Joe’s are made with ground beef and chicken, and are slightly spiced to enhance their uniqueness. Although chicken and beef tacos can be eaten as a diet food, they are not very healthy.

Why is Trader Joe’s so famous?

These are the reasons Trader Joe’s is so famous:

  • Customers love the nautical theme and classic design of their shelves.
  • Trader Joe offers unbeatable prices and high-quality products at artistic prices.
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  • They make you feel at home and the customer experience is top-notch. It’s no wonder that their slogan is “your neighborhood grocery store”. They wear Hawaiian shirts and refer to one another as cabin crew members. Their managers are called the captain.
  • Even the bell rings when they hear passing announcements.

The Store Also Sells Other Products

Trader Joe’s has a wide selection of groceries in their stores that can be tailored to your every need. You can find healthy options like:

  • Frozen Organic Flower Cauliflower
  • Organic Red Lentil Sedanini
  • Gluten-Free Cheese Pizza With A Cauliflower Crust
  • Dressing for Green Goddess Salad
  • Mediterranean Style Salad Recipe Kit
  • Oven-Baked Cheese Bits

These healthy meals are just a few of the many benefits you can get from Trader Joes. These snacks are also a trademark of Trader Joes:

  • Cookie butter
  • Cups of dark chocolate peanut butter
  • Gummy tummies
  • Sea salt, turbinado sugar dark cocoa almonds

Drinks such as

  • Cold brew coffee (organic).
  • Cold-pressed juice made from fruits and vegetables
  • Ginger beer
  • Honey crisps and apple juice beverage

Their seasonal products, such as the well-known:

  • Baked lemon ricotta
  • Butternut squash mac & cheese

To innovative products such as

Bread cheese.

Trader Joe’s unique grocery lists will satisfy all your needs, whether you are looking for quick fixes or a more elaborate recipe. Come by and have fun trying new flavors.


For decades, Trader Joe’s has been America’s most iconic grocery store. Enjoy high-quality groceries at affordable prices, as well as excellent customer service.

You can enjoy grocery shopping with classic designs and themes that blend to give you a lift.

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