Where Does Walmart Meat Come From? [not What You Think]

Walmart’s new grocery store will have thousands of groceries available for purchase. Most people are going to want to buy groceries.

Walmart has beef from multiple countries, including its own in the US and Canada. It also sells beef from Brazil, Japan, Vietnam, Argentina, Uruguay and the US. Walmart buys beef from the US and Canada for $4/pound. The company says the other beef, from Brazil, Japan, Vietnam, Argentina and Uruguay, are imported.

Where Does Walmart Meat Come From In 2022?

The answer to that question is not really as simple as it seems. This section will go into detail about the meat that Walmart stocks, how fresh it is, how it was raised, and what you can expect from it.

Is Walmart Meat From North America?

All Walmart meat (including chicken) is sourced from North American animals. There are no third party distributors involved.

But while the company’s main suppliers are in the United States, Walmart sources vegetables that are grown in family farms in China.

Tyson sources produces, and distributes meat in North America, while Cargill sources produces and distributes meat globally.

In addition, both of these companies have to face the competition of international companies who sell their products at lower prices.

Is Walmart Red Meat Fresh?

Walmart promises that its meat will be fresh and 100% money-back if it turns out you didn’t think the meat you bought from it was fresh enough.

However, the chain has been trying to improve things and has reportedly been working on improving its meat supply by partnering with other organizations.

While some of the ingredients that could affect the health were not listed on each product, the store did a good job by putting some of the more harmful ingredients in bold to make them more noticeable.

Walmart started a process of replacing their meatpacking plants with centralized distribution facilities.

The fact that it offers a 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee suggests that it is making an effort to recover from such low rankings.

Is Walmart Meat Good Quality?

It was once labeled one of the “worst meat companies in the US”.
But the quality of its meat has improved substantially over time.

Even better, though, is how much choice you’ll have when it comes to picking out what to order. It’s a lot like how you were able to pick your menu options for a fancy restaurant before.

If you are not sure of the quality of the meat you purchase, you can check the USDA Organic label, which gives you more information about the animal’s treatment, and you can also get to the meat you want to purchase by browsing the different cuts available in the case of cuts of beef.

As it turns out, in addition to quality, the new label also lists the percentage of grass-fed beef, and the quality of the beef. That’s a double win!

What Meat Does Walmart Stock?

In addition to beef, pork, and chicken, Walmart’s grocery stores, including Sam’s Club locations, and Walmart.com offer a wide variety of other types of meat, dairy, and other food products on the shelves.

The meaty, flavor-packed meals are the star. They contain quality ingredients, including 100% lamb or beef and a variety of fresh and dried fruits. The meals come in four sizes, with three available sizes of pet food and one for puppies.

Dogs are not the only ones who can benefit from a healthy kibble. In fact, it could be the best option for cats, too.

While I’ve always known Walmart makes a few items in house, what I didn’t know is that it also makes, among a few other items, the plastic packaging that the items come in.

Walmart has found that they can move their supply chain, allowing them to create a direct link to produce meat, and cut out the middle man, reducing prices and increasing their profit margins. This could be possible because Walmart is the largest meat purchaser in America.

It also ships a wide range of Halal products.

Does Walmart Sell Seafood?

How Often Is Meat Stocked At Walmart?

 Walmart stocks perishable groceries daily and also offers this through delivery.

There’s a huge difference between these two. Walmart does not stock perishable groceries – they can however be purchased on an as-ordered or advance basis. But if you want meat (or if you want anything from the store that’s not a perishable), you can get it in minutes if you’re there.

Walmart still has a meat and fish section. To learn more, check if they still have a butcher and if they still sell live fish.

Don’t forget to check out our other guide on how to tell if your meat and chicken come from Costco.


When Walmart buys meat from the US, they usually buy meat from the Midwest to the South, usually from farms where the animals are raised and slaughtered.

Walmart is going to end up putting labels on their meat and dairy products saying that they are processed with ingredients from animals that have been given antibiotics, so we should know in advance which meats are going to contain this product.

Walmart meat has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest assured that the meat you get will be fresh and of good quality.

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