How To Rate Grubhub Drivers (all You Need To Know)

Using the web you can get food from many different restaurants delivered right to your home, office, or you could just pick it up.

You can’t find the option to rate a driver on the app. You can, however, call Uber and let the call center staff know if you have a negative experience.

How Can I Rate Grubhub Drivers In 2022?

Drivers can get paid more for making a restaurant more popular on Grubhub. Unlike services that let customers rate drivers, Grubhub only lets restaurants rate their drivers. The company uses a combination of algorithms and human moderators to make sure orders happen.

When you try to post a review for a driver, you’ll be prompted to rate the driver in the app. This helps Grubhub identify the best drivers and improve the restaurant experience.

To rate an item, tap the menu icon on the top-right corner of the screen, then select “Rate a Driver” under the “Rate” tab.

Why Can’t You Rate Drivers on Grubhub?

If a driver isn’t rated on Grubhub, they have to pay the rating fee to have their rating reviewed and get a chance to get more restaurant reviews. So the best way for you to rate the drivers is to get to know them.
You can find your driver’s name on their car’s windshield, app, or phone.

When you place an order, in a small fraction of a second, a small, self-propelled device will scan the barcode and then automatically take it from the restaurant to your location.

You can’t change the channel.

Both of these are equally acceptable usage, however a native could say that he/she is not choosing who to deliver the message.

Unlike other gig economy services, such as Uber, Lyft, or Airbnb, there isn’t a significant safety factor to consider where a lower rating could potentially keep other users out of danger.

Grubhub probably made its priorities clear and decided that tracking customer feedback and having access to restaurant reviews were better ways to improve the customer experience.

If your driver did not do a good job in your order, you could file a complaint.

If an action was taken because of a complaint, you can ask for a refund. The refund amount depends on the type of order you received.

If there is a violation, it could lead to a boycott of GrubHub’s offerings.

Be constructive.
Provide details about what you didn’t like and let the restaurant know what you’d like them to do differently next time.
Don’t attack the restaurant, they will simply delete your review if you do that.
Avoid any spoilers like price, or service issues, or anything along those lines.
Make sure to provide your name and contact information so that the restaurant can contact you to resolve your concerns.

If you’re not experiencing a problem with the review, it shouldn’t take too long to review.

As a freelancer, if your client has any problems with GrubHub that affect your review, take your complaints to the customer.

Restaurant or merchant, you can rate a driver with up to five stars. The higher their rating, the more times they will receive orders from you.

Drivers are graded on various different drivers and Grubhub will work with the restaurants to ensure that the restaurant is providing the best experience possible to its customers. They will also be graded based on the type of food they are delivering and the quality of the meal.

Do Grubhub Drivers See Ratings?

Drivers of delivery robots don’t see the ratings of the restaurants they deliver food to.

So if you find the same restaurant that is on Zomato and your favorite in that area has got 3 stars, then it’s not an issue. But if your favorite restaurant is ranked higher than another but the ratings are the same, then you should definitely share your concerns with your friends and acquaintances on Zomato.

If you’re on the fence about using Grubhub, you should know about its driver rating system for restaurants.

It makes sense because the Grubhub tablet is used by merchants to manage the app from their end.

Do Grubhub Customers Have Ratings?

Your customers like you on Grubhub, but they can’t review you. The same goes for Grubhub’s drivers. They can’t leave reviews for their customers and customers can’t directly rate them.

The only difference between the two is that one is based on an online and one is based on an in-person interaction.

Can I Get Fired From Grubhub For Low Ratings?

You could lose your GrubHub account if you consistently get low ratings on the food and service provided by restaurants. If you get many low ratings you could get your account deactivated.

Previously, Grubhub used to penalize drivers for rejecting too many orders, but then a lawsuit forced them to stop doing that.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get fired for anything, though. You have to actually do something wrong.

You are using the wrong account. Your order was not placed on your primary account.
A billing error occurred. The credit card used to pay for your order was declined.

If you need to make your Grubhub Plus account work for free, you can learn how to activate your free trial, how to use your free trial, and when does Grubhub Plus pay.


Unfortunately, on Grubhub you can only give feedback if you’re rating a driver or if you’re rating a restaurant. You can’t send a rating to a driver without it being attached to a review.

When using the Grubhub app, the user has to fill out a profile. They are then matched up to restaurants based on the food they like and the price range. From there, the user can then rate the restaurant on the app.

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