Can You Return Makeup To Walgreens? (What To Know!)

If you buy makeup that you don’t like, it can be quite a hassle. You might have opened the box and found the wrong color, or it may not be what you wanted. You will most likely want your money back.

Different stores have different policies regarding returns. Some stores have restrictions on what products you can return, while others have a limited time frame in which to return a product. If you want to return a product you have purchased, it is essential that you understand the store’s return policies.

If you have your original receipt, you can return makeup to Walgreens in 30 days. You may still be eligible to receive store credit if you don’t have your receipt. All returns are at the discretion and risk of the store manager.

Continue reading for information about the Walgreens makeup return policy and more information about actually returning makeup to Walreens.

Is it possible to return make-up to Walgreens without packaging?

There is still the possibility of getting a refund if you have opened the package for makeup you purchased at Walgreens. This policy can vary from one store to the next so make sure to ask before you shop or call to inquire about returns on makeup.

If you have not used the product within 30 days of purchase, you may be eligible to return it to Walgreens. To verify that you purchased the item, you will likely need your receipt.

Walgreens’ return policy does not mention the possibility of returning makeup unpackaged. It is therefore possible that Walgreens managers will decide whether to accept returns.

You can always call ahead to inquire about their policies if you are unsure if they will process your return.

Importantly, items that were purchased for in-store pickup cannot be returned in store. You will not be refunded if you send an item back via mail to them through their in-store pickup.

Later in this article, we’ll discuss returning mail items.

How to Return Makeup to Walgreens

Walgreens offers two ways to return makeup. You can take your purchase to any Walgreens brick-and-mortar location with you receipt or send it back by mail.

Walgreens will not issue a cash refund for items returned to them after 30 days.

Also, you will need to provide your receipt and the original packaging. You will not be eligible for store credit if you don’t meet these requirements.

Online orders can be returned via mail, except if they were for pickup in-store. This article will discuss how to return items by mail.

Keep in mind that all returns are at the discretion and sole discretion of the local manager. You may be eligible for store credit even though you don’t meet all requirements.

Returning Makeup to Walgreens Without Receipt

You don’t have to lose your receipt if you forget it. Walgreens may still allow you to return makeup for store credit. Walgreens has a returns policy that states that your receipt is required in order to receive a full cash refund. However, you can return makeup for store credit if the receipt is not available.

You can use your order confirmation email to prove that you bought your item online. To print a Walgreens return label, you can visit the Walgreens return page. Return shipping costs will be covered by the store.

Remember that items purchased in-store can only be returned in-store All items purchased for in-store pickup cannot be returned if they are mailed back. Some items may also have special requirements that they be returned via a special process.

Returning Makeup To Walgreens By Mail

Follow these steps to return an item by mail to Walgreens

  • has a page dedicated to return labels.
  • To view your order, enter your order number along with your zip code.
  • You will be notified if your order is shipping-restricted or must be returned via special process.
  • Mark the items that you will be returning on your receipt.
  • Print your return label. Wrap the item in a padded envelope.
  • Drop your return label on prepaid paper and attach it to the nearest post office.
  • Walgreens may take up to 30 business days to process your refund.

You will need special shipping instructions if your item is considered hazardous (e.g. hairspray, corrosive materials) and you must contact customer service at 1-877-252-5823.

It is a good idea also to keep your tracking number in case you are asked for it by the post office. If customer service should need to contact you regarding your return shipment, the tracking number will help to identify it.

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It can be very helpful to understand the Walgreens returns policy when you are trying to get a refund on your makeup. It can be frustrating to return something only to be denied a refund. Walgreens has a fairly liberal returns policy, but local managers can refuse to accept returns.

Make sure to return makeup within 30 days of receiving it. You may not be eligible for store credit or your refund could be denied entirely if you don’t meet these requirements.

Feel free to ask questions and share your concerns in the comments section.

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