How Far Does Grubhub Deliver? (all You Need To Know)

Google acquired Grubhub which allows its customers to order food from their favorite restaurants.

Drivers can carry up to 70 pounds of food at once inside a refrigerated truck. That’s around 20 bags of groceries. There’s no standard size for delivery orders.

How Far Does Grubhub Deliver In 2022?

Grubhub has announced that they will deliver up to 70 miles away from where you’re ordering from in 2022. The food delivery app has a way to pick a delivery fee for whatever restaurant you choose. If your location is far or too unsafe for someone to drive or if you want your food as fast as possible, order before 2 PM.

Read on to find out how far Grubhub delivers, like how drivers know the distance they need to travel, where they won’t deliver, and more!

Which Food Delivery Service Has The Farthest Range?

With a radius of 1,000 miles, DoorDash has the second-longest reach; Grubhub follows.

However, to get delivery near your restaurant, you must have signed up for delivery service from Grubhub.

This is a real problem and it can be fixed by building on top of existing transport networks and infrastructure.

But, most restaurants have made the decision to stop serving alcohol if they can not keep up with the demand.

Does Grubhub Show Distance?

Grubhub showed the distance that drivers need to travel to make a delivery using a new feature available in their website.

Drivers were only allowed to look at the address they needed to pick up the order from, and not where they were supposed to deliver it.

If an object doesn’t have a GPS signal, the device can use the accelerometer to figure out its current location.

The feature will be released gradually to the user base and then fully rolled-out to all of the users.

All of the major platforms already included the cost of the meal in the pricing. This was a step in the right direction from Doordash’s point of view.

Does Grubhub Deliver In My Area?

Whether or not you can get the food depends on whether any restaurants around you signed up for the service.

The restaurant can request Grubhub to deliver to another restaurant if their restaurant is closed or if it’s too far away to pick up a food order.

However, this is the maximum radius that restaurants can set, meaning you’re not guaranteed delivery even if you’re within that distance.
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If you want to find out if Grubhub delivers in your area, go to your app and search for available restaurants.

Does Grubhub Deliver To Rural Areas?

Deliveroo is available in most parts of the UK and they’ve also developed a subscription package which could become a game-changer.

With Grubhub, there’s always a chance that you can get lucky and find the perfect restaurant for whatever occasion you’re looking for.

Delivery is only guaranteed within a certain radius, so if you’re outside of that zone, you won’t necessarily get service.

When Grubhub launched its delivery service in rural areas, it had to hire drivers who lived in rural areas to deliver food.

The lack of drivers is often the biggest problem for taxis. While it may be a good way for people to get around cities, taxis can’t simply pick up people, especially since there are fewer of them.

Does Grubhub Deliver In Bad Weather?

The food, the booze, everything’s delivered on Grubhub, and sometimes you just want to order it all at once.

You can get some food trucks, just make sure that they aren’t serving food of that particular type, like sushi.

Not to mention most restaurants are closed if there is an ice storm or snow storm.

The bad weather probably affects grubhub deliveries on the drivers’ side, because it’s difficult and dangerous to navigate the roads, so many don’t bother.

Does Grubhub Deliver In Snow?

Well, most restaurants and delivery drivers know that Grubhub is an efficient way to deliver food. But that’s why many restaurants prefer to use Grubhub instead of dealing with deliveries on streets & sidewalks.
Check out Grubhub’s other video to see their work in real life.

If the weather is bad, you’ll probably struggle to get delivery because many delivery drivers can’t or won’t try to get through the snow because it’s too much of a hassle or dangerous.

Does Grubhub Deliver To Hotels?

Yes, Grubhub delivers to hotels provided they’re within eligible range and they’re in their delivery area. Drivers are available to complete delivery.

Does Grubhub Deliver To Schools?

But the company is now facing a major backlash after it was discovered that the drivers weren’t properly checking in on their routes, leading to the delivery of meals to unoccupied homes many times, with some families reporting deliveries to unoccupied condos and even empty houses.

Regardless of distance, for some reason, Grubhub doesn’t deliver alcohol to colleges, including universities and frat houses.

Does Grubhub Deliver To Airports?

You can place an order for your local airport, but most drivers wouldn’t take the order if it has to be delivered right inside the airport because it’s not easy to get in.

Because if you live in an area that gets torn up by protests, the cops have the right to stop you and ask you to prove that you actually live in those places.

airports have restaurants inside them which is why it is so easy to find a place to get food.

Does Grubhub Deliver To Military Bases?

Grubhub delivers to military bases if they’re within a restaurant’s eligible range but the base handles visitors differently.

It’s easier to just have a meeting at the gate.

The [Original]: It also helps to avoid [Paraphrase][Original], which, if you recall, was a problem in the last version.

Does Grubhub Deliver To Hospitals?

If you work at a hospital, restaurants can get deliveries directly from GrubHub. You can specify your location when you search a delivery location.

If you’re a Grubhub customer, we invite you to consider our other blog posts on how to stay safe on Grubhub.


The restaurant is able to determine the delivery radius based on the distance from the restaurant to the person ordering the food.

Finally, some deliveries are even more difficult. Especially during the holidays, deliveries to addresses in the suburbs can sometimes be very difficult especially on weekends. We recommend sending a small amount of goods in the first place to make it easier for Grubhub to get the product to the address.

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