How Far Does Doordash Deliver? (Miles, Times, & More!)

DoorDash is one delivery company that can deliver to almost every address in North America. This includes the United States and Canada.

DoorDash receives deliveries from almost 200,000 drivers every day. DoorDash also delivers groceries and alcohol to certain states. How far can you order from …..?

DoorDash delivers how far?

DoorDash’s standard delivery radius is 5 miles. However, DoorDash can deliver up to 30 minutes away. Many Dashers will not accept deliveries beyond the 5 mile radius.

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DoorDash Delivery Options

DoorDash lets you order food in real time and view the estimated delivery time online. The DoorDash app also has a tracking feature that displays the estimated arrival time. The Dasher can be contacted to provide an update on the status of your order. You can contact your Dasher using the Dasher app.

DoorDash’s standard delivery radius is five miles. However, restaurants have the option to increase their delivery distance.

Restaurants can choose to offer delivery beyond their immediate area, much like Uber Eats. Delivery rates will increase if orders are sent further than five miles from the restaurant.

What is the maximum distance DoorDash can travel?

DoorDash can deliver up to 30 miles, but it is not available in every city. DoorDash algorithms consider a number of factors to determine delivery zones. These include the distance and expected delivery time.

In densely populated urban markets, the distribution area will be less than in rural areas. DoorDash’s main focus is to offer the best customer experience and fastest courier service.

DoorDash partners with restaurants that deliver within 7 miles of their locations. However, this does not mean that the merchant’s delivery plans will affect the delivery radius.

Most deliveries are within four miles of DoorDash drivers. Unless the reward is significant, most DoorDash drivers will not accept orders from faraway locations.

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DoorDash: What does ‘Too far’ mean?

DoorDash may sometimes say that a restaurant is too far away, even though it’s only 200 feet away. This could be because of safety concerns. Perhaps there is heavy rain or the restaurant has changed the delivery settings in the app.

Customers have had success uninstalling and installing the app again after receiving an error message or an app outage.

If you see ‘too far’, you won’t be able to order from this restaurant at the moment. If you’ve ordered from them before, you can call customer service to get more information. However, it’s unlikely that they will fix the problem immediately.

DoorDash Will Deliver Anywhere

DoorDash may be available in your local area. DoorDash delivers to almost 7,000 cities across the United States, Canada and Australia.

This list includes Puerto Rico! DoorDash is currently available in over 80 Canadian cities and towns. DoorDash is now available in Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Enter your delivery address in the search bar at and select find restaurants to find out if DoorDash is available in your area.

DoorDash Deliveries Time is Accurate

DoorDash delivers 92% of the times, regardless of distance to the restaurant. Food&Wine claims that DoorDash estimates delivery accuracy 92% of all the time. This is significantly better than UberEats and PostMates, which deliver late 24% and 18%, respectively.

Learn more about DoorDash These articles will help you learn how to DoorDash without a redcard, what DoorDash pays, and what is a DoorDash redcard.


DoorDash delivers fast and efficiently in thousands of cities. You can have your order delivered up to 30 miles away. However, the standard delivery distance is only 5 miles.

Many dashers will not accept deliveries from faraway locations, as it can be difficult for them to get to the next delivery.

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