What Is The Difference Between Doordash And Caviar? (Everything To Know!)

You may be curious about the differences between Caviar and DoorDash if you use one or the other. You should know that Caviar was acquired by DoorDash in 2020 for $410million. However, the service’s overall operation has not changed.

This means that even though there have been some changes to the system, they continue to work independently, with their own pros, and cons.

You can read on to learn more about the differences between these two services.

What is the Difference between DoorDash and Caviar

Caviar and DoorDash are great food delivery apps. They offer a wide range of restaurants across the US, but they have their own unique features. Caviar relies upon the delivery staff of restaurants to deliver food, while DoorDash uses independent contractors. DoorDash is available in more cities, and worldwide, compared to Caviar’s limited availability in certain cities.

Caviar was recently acquired by DoorDash. It’s great that both customers and employees can now benefit from the collaboration.

Continue reading to learn about the similarities and differences between Caviar and DoorDash.


Caviar allows you to order food from a variety of restaurants and get it delivered quickly.

These cities offer caviar services:

  • Los Angeles
  • Dallas
  • Seattle
  • Philadelphia
  • Washington DC
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Manhattan
  • Sacramento
  • Portland

Caviar has also one of the most user-friendly interfaces in the food delivery industry. This is because Caviar prioritizes simplicity and quick deliveries.


DoorDash is one the most popular food delivery apps. It allows you to order food at a variety of restaurants in the US, as well as other countries.

DoorDash has great availability. It is available in over 7000 US cities.

  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Puerto Rico
  • Canada

Caviar and DoorDash have one thing in common. Orders placed through the DoorDash app get delivered by “Dashers”, which are freelance drivers. They can apply to the app to be able deliver orders and to use their own vehicles.

DoorDash uses a system that is based on ratings and challenges. This keeps their Dashers in check and ensures they deliver orders with a high level of performance.

Let’s sum up, let’s compare the features of each app.

  • Caviar’s interface is simpler than DoorDash’s. This can be a significant advantage for customers as it gives them a first impression of the service.
  • DoorDash offers a free delivery service that employs “Dashers”, rather than Caviar or other delivery apps that rely on restaurant delivery drivers.
  • DoorDash is the clear winner in terms of the availability of the service. Caviar is currently only available in 13 cities. However, these cities are quite busy and it is still not within DoorDash’s reach.
  • Caviar’s menu selection is better than DoorDash, as not all restaurants offer the same food on the DoorDash app.

After comparing the features of both apps, which one is better?

Which is better, DoorDash or Caviar?

This is a difficult question, mainly because DoorDash now has Caviar. DoorDash users now have many of the Caviar benefits.

DoorDash is the better option if you only have one app to download for the rest your life.

Is Caviar and DoorDash the Same?

Caviar was acquired by DoorDash in 2020. However, Caviar still has its own apps that customers can use.

They do however get some benefits from the acquisition, for both merchants and customers. There will be more merchants on the app and Dashers will receive Caviar orders with notification to let them know it’s a Caviar order.

While most of the information is the same across both apps, Caviar will be able to benefit from DoorDash customers and freelancer Dashers, which will result with more orders and more restaurant options for DoorDash.

Do Caviar and DoorDash Pay More?

Caviar Couriers can earn an average of 16$ per hour, without tips. They might also be able to make up to $25 more than other delivery apps like DoorDash.

There are many factors that can affect the standard pay rate, including your location, demand, milestones, and other factors.

Caviar delivery drivers can also benefit from peak pay. This means that couriers who work during peak hours will receive extra cash for orders placed during those hours. Peak pay is something that can be earned.

Caviar receives Peak pay and bonus offers called Milestones. These allow couriers to earn extra cash for completing certain orders within a given time. This is very similar to DoorDash Challenges.


Although there are some differences between the apps, DoorDash’s acquisition of Caviar makes it easier to choose between them. They now share many of the same features and benefits.

This is great news for all, as Caviar has more restaurants and less demand, while DoorDash offers more locations and popularity, but may lack a variety of menus.

You may still prefer one over the other, but they are separate apps. Both as customers and couriers, both have different benefits. Each has its own perks, such as better user interfaces or better drivers’ pay.

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