How Do I Change My Starting Point On Doordash? (Easy!)

You might be interested in knowing if DoorDash can still be used if you move to another city, change your starting point, or just make deliveries.

DoorDash makes it easy to change your starting point at any time, provided that it is in the area. Let’s start by learning how to change your location in DoorDash.

How do I change my starting point on DoorDash

DoorDash is available to you in many cities. You can also change your location whenever you want. However, if you’re a Dasher in one country, you won’t be able deliver orders to another country.

Here’s how to move your starting point from one location to another.

You can continue your dashing once you are done. Just make sure you have a lot customers in your area so you can get the most from the app.

Why can’t I change my starting point on DoorDash

There are several reasons you might encounter problems when trying to change your starting place.


DoorDash isn’t available in your area.

DoorDash is available in the US and Canada as well as Australia, Puerto Rico, Australia, Puerto Rico and Puerto Rico. Keep in mind that not all cities offer DoorDash services.


It is possible that you are in an area with few orders.

Too many dashers

You won’t be allowed to deliver orders if you live in an area with too many Dashers.

Technical Problems

You might also have a problem with your app, or your information. In this instance, contact support to resolve your issue.


DoorDash has been a huge success in the US, and has expanded rapidly to other countries. Dashers can continue to make deliveries using the app even after they move to another country or city.

It’s easy to do. Just open your app, and follow the steps for changing your starting point.

Only thing you need to do is to adapt to your new surroundings so that you get the best out of your deliveries.

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