15 Things To Know Before Buying From The Costco Bakery (online Ordering, Returns + More)

Warehouse stores are a good deal for your wallet, since you can buy larger amounts of the things you want at a lower price than if you bought a smaller amount of the same item at a higher price.

1. You may find it difficult to tell if your cupcakes are baked, as the majority of the bakery is filled with different kinds of cupcakes, muffins, cakes, muffins, cakes.

15 Things To Know Before Buying From The Costco Bakery In 2022

1. Costco Bakery Prices Can’t Be Beat

If you are planning on hosting a party, Costco is the place to go to to buy things. They have everything you need to create a party.

Usually, a Costco dinner is an eye-popping expense on its own because a Costco dinner has over 40 people.

The pumpkin pie that Costco makes is almost a foot in diameter and only costs about 6 dollars.

Costco’s half sheet cakes have 48 slices and only cost $20. This perfect for a graduation party or other big day that’s coming up!

Costco has amazing bakery prices because they offer two different specialty breads for just $7 on Sunday.

But, if you’re shopping for something a little special, you might want to pay a little more for the convenience and for the overall service Costco provides. For example, you might want to pay around $3 more for a six-pack of craft beer than you’ll pay at the grocery store. You might also want to pay a little more for a custom-built grill.

2. There’s Something For Everyone At The Costco Bakery

Costco’s bakery is known for a variety of products, and the number one most talked about of all is their frozen pizza.

They have a huge pumpkin pie that they sell for $6, along with muffins, scones, cookies and cakes. They also sell other specialties, including breads and specialties.

We had no problem finding this location.
If you do not like the Costco store around you, you can use this finder to find a Costco near you.

3. With The Costco Bakery, You Can Feed A Crowd

While Costco’s bakery product selection will be overwhelming for most, some of its popular items are worth a try, including some delicious doughnuts.

For example, pies are over a foot in diameter, muffins are almost three inches wide, the sheet cakes typically feed about 20 people, and loaves of bread are sold in pairs.

I think there is something to be said about that. As someone who has spent most of my life in Texas, I appreciate the idea of trying to keep things on a bigger scale. The last time I was in Costco a few weeks ago, I noticed that the produce aisle was full of gigantic bananas, but the baked goods section had nothing that was more than a “normal” size.

4. Sheet Cakes Are Customizable At Costco Bakery

Costco doesn’t let you order cake at the last minute.

Costco has a custom cake factory, in which the store associates decorate cakes to the customer’s specifications.

Costco has a large selection of different designs on its doughnuts, each with its own unique message. Customers can also choose among different illustrations for their doughnuts.

5. There’s No Online Ordering At The Costco Bakery

There is no Costco Online Bakery ordering. If you want to place an order online, you can do so at a physical Costco store.

It’s impossible to place your order from the warehouse.

After turning in a custom cake slip, the bakery is in a small room just before the checkout line. There is a small rack filled with cakes and pies to choose from.

Not everyone thinks Costco is the best deal in town. In fact, there are many people who find Costco to be a bit overpriced. But there really is no place else to buy bulk supplies for less than half the price.

6. You Can Order More Than Just Cakes At Your Costco Bakery

Cupcakes are usually ordered in two formats. They can be pre-wrapped or made freshly by the bakery. They are available in a variety of flavors, some of which can be customized to your preferences.

Costco has a pastry shop. You can also order other items there. You can find it by going to Costco’s Website or going to a Costco store.

We strive to be a great place, where our associates work together and can always provide the best service whether they are in-person or online.

7. Almost Everything From The Costco Bakery Freezes Well

As you might expect, the bakery has a great selection of gluten-free and vegan options. These were mostly desserts, but there are also plenty of fresh breads from which to pick and choose.

It’s obvious that most baked goods freeze well because they are made with flour and sugar, two substances that you usually associate with freezer food.

I have never bought Costco’s muffins, so I have no idea how they are microwaved. I have heard of many people recommending Costco’s muffins for microwave thawing.

8. Grab The Tiramisu At The Costco Bakery If You See It

It will not keep for long and the tiramisu in the bakery should be grabbed right away!

The dessert was so big you wouldn’t have to worry about freezing it, but it was delicious.

It’s more like two and a half pounds of decadent, rich chocolate cake with a shot of espresso poured right over the top.

And besides, you can’t really make tiramisu at home. In fact, you can’t make a tiramisu at all. They are really hard to make!

9. Even The Bread At The Costco Bakery Is Sold In Bulk

To make things simple, you can go to Costco’s bakery or other wholesale market to buy 1 loaf of bread.

If you are there and need bread, take the other loaf and use it for bread pudding or stuffing.

10. Turn Your Home Into A Costco Bakery

Costco is known for having big items for a low price, but if you have a little extra time, you can save even more money at the bakery.

Once you find an item you like, you can order it, which takes a few hours and is often shipped from a different location. When it arrives, you can either bake it yourself or send it to your own oven.

The best thing about the frozen berry mixtures is that they’re so versatile and can be used in so many places.

11. Try The Freezer Aisle As Well As The Costco Bakery

People buy the Costco bakery items in the freezer section to freeze them, otherwise they will be stored in the refrigerator and they don’t freeze well.

This is why you must be careful when buying frozen cookies. You should always check that they are thawed and baked prior to eating them and not just frozen and unbaked.

This could work, but they would need to change the cost of the store cake and frosting to be competitive.

12. The Generous Return Policy Applies At The Costco Bakery

Costco offers a generous return policy, but if you don’t return your baked goods by the expiration date your items will be tossed.

If a cookie doesn’t taste good to you, you can refuse to eat it and get a full refund on the whole order.

Costco has a variety of bakeries, including frozen, grocery, and bakery. Anything they bake, they are legally required to sell. This includes things that have been partially eaten.

13. Grab Free Sweets For The Kiddos From The Costco Bakery

Most people hate grocery shopping. But Costco’s bakery is one of the few places that kids and adults like to shop.

Well, you can bake your own cookie, but the fact that they’re free means that they’re probably not going to be all that great.

That is true, but you have to ask an associate for an assignment, and your child will likely receive a sugar or chocolate chip cookie.

14. Costco Bakery Goods Are A Perfect Blank Slate

Costco cakes are a perfect medium for DIY experiments. You can make your own frosting, decorate them or just leave the whole thing plain.

It doesn’t take a lot of skill, just a little creativity. You can use your imagination and decorate your baked goods to make them look as if they were made by a professional bakery.

They say no limits? You have some limits on your imagination, and I have some rules you better obey.

15. Get Your Costco Bakery Treats Delivered

Costco is trying to change its image by trying to be more of a delivery service. They will also try to expand more to add items that people normally would order in store.

If you buy something more than you need, you won’t have to go around doing things for yourself and will have everything you need as the product becomes a constant in your life.

Costco doesn’t offer delivery to every location, so you’re probably not going to get your pizza from Costco on a regular basis, but if you end up in a location that does have the service, it’s more convenient than ordering pizza online.

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All the bakery’s shelves are stocked with pastries, cakes, sandwiches and breads.

Baked goods that are sold in large quantities are also sold at lower prices than items sold in grocery stores.

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