15 Things To Know Before Ordering Cakes From Walmart

Party in the Philippines with the Walmart! You can make your birthday party more fun by going to the Walmart. It sells everything you needed to party!

For those looking for a unique and fun decorating option, Walmart’s in-store bakery in the grocery section of the store is a great place to check out. They have a great selection and are able to customize any cake to your needs. They even have a small selection of cupcakes which are great for kids to enjoy. Other decorating supplies such as ribbon and flowers can be found throughout the store as well as a large variety of candy for a sweet treat.

15 Things To Know Before Ordering Cakes From Walmart In 2022

1. Walmart’s Bakery Has Cakes For Any Event

Walmart has a rich variety of cakes, which you can choose from the cake designs offered by the bakery department.

Walmart has a bakery that makes pre-decorated cakes as well as custom designs based on your request.

It is a cake that you can find in many shapes such as heart shapes, stars and even cupcakes!

2. Two Ways To Order A Walmart Cake

If you want to order your cake in person, you can stop into any of our Walmart stores and have them order a cake for you. In this case, you will be able to place your order and then pick the cake up from the bakery. Another option is to create a Walmart Account and then order your cake from the website. Once your order is placed, you can pick up the cake at any Walmart location.

To order a cake from Walmart, visit the bakery counter of the store and fill out an order form. Or, you can complete Walmart’s online custom cake order form to design and purchase your cake.

And remember, there’s always a wide variety of delicious and healthy bakery-made products available for you and your family.

I see you! I see you, Walmart! You don’t deserve my business. It’s time you started treating us better. As a result, they will lose much of their market share. Customers will see the higher prices, and Walmart will lose more customers than it gains.

3. It’s Simple To Customize A Walmart Cake

When it comes to customizing your cake, Walmart is the easiest option. To get a custom cake, you’ll need to choose the design from this page and then place your order here.

Create your own cake with whatever toppings you want.

After following all of the previous steps, you can place special instructions for your order. It is very important to note that special instructions might result in additional charges for your cake.


4. Walmart Cakes Have A Broad Price Range

Another aspect of ordering a dessert from Walmart’s bakery is the prices range significantly, which allows customers with different budgets to order a tasty dessert.

Walmart is basically selling a cake. The minimum cost for a piece of cake is $10 and the price can increase as high as $70. Every cake has a minimum price of $10 and a maximum price of $70.

While it is definitely hard to choose the cake of your choice on this occasion, if you buy it from Walmart, you’ll not only save lots of money, but also get it delivered really fast, especially if you buy it for the first time.

5. Order Walmart Cakes In Advance

When planning a cake for the cake, remember that it is best to have it before your big day.

To make sure that orders are ready at the right time, it is recommended that you order at least 24 hours before you plan to pick up.

The earlier the order is given, the less time it takes Walmart to complete the design and get it shipped to you–and the more likely they can get it out the door before Black Friday.

Furthermore, it is highly advised to place the order three to eight days in advance if you are ordering a wedding cake.

Since all the parts are already planned.

If the final product is too complicated, you can also ask for it to be simplified.

6. Walmart’s Bakery Offers Trademarked Designs

Although not the cheapest, Walmart is the best option when you need to get a cake for a kid’s birthday party.

The bakery is trying to compete with the likes of McDonald’s and Starbucks and their extensive catalogs of licensed products.

For example, many Walmart stores have custom cakes that include characters from PAW Patrol, Mario or Disney or Star Wars.

There are so many stores that sell cake, including grocery stores, that Walmart is different.

7. Walmart’s Bakery Sells Wedding Cakes

Walmart makes wedding cakes for weddings because couples can also serve a bunch of guests without breaking the bank.

Walmart’s custom two tiered cakes cost less than $10 and serve up to 64 guests.

Also, when you order a tiered cake from Walmart, you can choose the flavors of two tiers.

This is a common way of communicating in other languages that require more words than English allows.

The online cake order form shows suggestions on how many people each cake will feed if you’re unsure of the cake size.

8. Walmart Doesn’t Bake Its Cakes

You can bake your own cake, but the cakes at Walmart are already baked, so they can’t be made fresh like others believe.

 The same thing happened to Costco and Sam’s Club when they received their cakes already baked.

And after the cakes are frozen, Walmart puts them out on the wall, ready to be decorated.

9. Walmart’s Cakes Aren’t For Vegans

If you’re buying ice for your wedding cake, you must ensure that it is free of melamine, which is a chemical used in plastic manufacturing.

Walmart cakes are so bad that even vegetarians and vegans are not allowed to get them.

Lastly, should you want to purchase a gluten-free cake (as not all the cakes are), do make sure the packaging has the letters “GF” after the product name to indicate they are free of gluten and other allergens.

10. Walmart Gets Its Cakes From Different Companies

After checking Walmart’s ingredient list on their website, I found out that Pillsbury is actually behind the scenes. No big surprise, considering I figured they’d just use the same ingredients used in the store-bought cookies and muffins.

While you can get cake mix from Walmart, you won’t get a box of it. The same thing goes for the other brands.

They will use a different company to supply Walmart’s private label products.

11. There Aren’t Many Cake Flavors Available

Walmart’s bakery only offers a few types of cake flavors at some locations. For example, Walmart’s bakery only offers white or chocolate flavors at some locations.

While the “Fruit Loop” looks great, some say it has no natural fruit flavor, and the texture is too waxy.

Most grocery stores only have a few cake flavors to choose from, but Walmart has a large variety of cake flavors.

12. Walmart Cakes Are Perfect For Children’s Birthday Parties

Customers who have ordered a Walmart cake, say the cakes are best for children’s parties.

If you’re planning a birthday party for a baby, Walmart cakes are probably the best option. They’re relatively inexpensive and won’t break the bank.

Basically, if you’re not going to spend a ton of money on a cake, Walmart’s bakery is a good option.

13. There Are No Pickup Fees

Walmart offers online ordering of wedding cakes, and you can order a cake for delivery or pick up at a store near you!

You only get charged when you are picking up your cake. It’s like when you’re picking up a large order of food. There are no additional fees when you pick up your cake.

The website clearly indicates that your cake will be ready for pick-up at the given time. There’s no guessing at this point.

If you order a cake from Walmart, you’re going to have it delivered and if it arrives damaged, they might just throw it out.

14. Walmart Has All Your Party Supplies

You’re gonna need a place to host your party at, a table or a table cloth, a chair for your guests, a balloon or some streamers or balloons or balloons and streamers, candles and candles and candles. And, a cake.

15. You Can Get A Refund On Walmart Cakes

Walmart has a 100% guarantee that every cake which they sell is a success in the customer’s life. Whether it is a wedding, birthday or baby shower cake, it is all good by them.

If you are not happy with your Walmart cake, you can request a refund by calling the store and asking for a return.

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They are a great bargain. You can find them at local grocery stores for about $5.

Further, Walmart has cakes for every type of event: Baby Baking Day, Sweet 16, Wedding Day, and Baby Shower.

Walmart offers an extensive selection of fresh and frozen desserts and is now available online.

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