Do Costco Cakes Need To Be Refrigerated? (all You Need To Know)

Costco stocks different types of cake flavors including chocolate cake and chocolate chip muffins and other cake flavors like cheesecake and marble cake.

Cakes may stay fresh for 4-6 months after you purchased it. However, the flavor will start to degrade more quickly. They should be refrigerated at all times.

Do Costco Cakes Need to Be Refrigerated In 2022?

Costco doesn’t just sell cakes, some of them are made with premium ingredients and taste great. They are baked by professionals and have a fresh bakery scent to them. They have a shelf life of 8-11 months. This is a time to start baking at Costco. To get the best quality cakes without the hassle of doing the baking, purchase from Costco. They have a huge selection of cakes that is not available elsewhere.

If you want to learn all the best ways to store Costco cakes for your future desserts, keep reading now.

Do You Need to Refrigerate Costco Cakes?

Costco has different categories that contain items. If you look under the bakery and desserts section, you can find sweet treats for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

You can store cakes for a few days, but not indefinitely. Cakes made with cream cheese, lemon, or butter will keep for several weeks in the refrigerator under an airtight seal. When we bought our cupcakes from Costco, they were in a cardboard box with a plastic bag of frosting.

I am not worried about the temperature as long as I don’t have to wait for the cake to be cooled for a long time.

Make sure that it is kept in a cool, dry place. However, if you want to keep it in your home for longer, you may want to keep it in your fridge.

When Do You Need to Put Costco Cakes in the Fridge?

It is necessary to put the cake in the fridge because the frosting or the topping keeps fresh and the cake is not good when it is warm.

Because these ingredients don’t have a good shelf life, they’ll affect your cake if you stored them in the open.

You can add the other frosting if it’s still at room temperature, but you probably can’t just mix it in with the cake, just pour it in as a top coat on top.

For storage, you should keep the cake at room temperature, and not refrigerate it, as this will make it dry and hard to cut.

There are different levels. So first and foremost, we need to look at the cake ingredients.

How Long Are Costco Cakes Good For?

On average, Costco cakes can last for as long as four days without becoming stale. But it varies depending on the recipes and ingredients used.

For instance, when you bake a cake, if you don’t refrigerate it, it will eventually go stale, especially if it’s not refrigerated.

For example, desserts made with fresh fruit, cream cheese frosting and the like, will typically last up to two days, depending on how they’re stored.

It’s fortunate that when you buy cakes from Costco, they usually have a label on the cake box indicating how long the cake will remain good.

The cake is wrapped in a paper and it can last for a week.
If you wrap the cake in plastic, you’d better put it in the fridge or freezer.

In addition, to make sure you’re eating the cake that Costco is selling before it goes bad, you can contact the team at Costco to confirm the exact dates you are ordering the cake for.

What’s the Best Way to Store Costco Cakes?

To keep the cake fresh, you can cover it with a plastic wrap. This prevents condensation and protects the cake from damage.

You can use any of the above alternatives if you want to keep the cake fresh for a longer period of time.

If you don’t care about keeping the cake fresh, you can leave it uncovered. As long as it stayed cold you will be fine.

How Much Do Costco Cakes Cost?

However, the price can be higher when people start to order many of the items at once.

Costco is more expensive than other grocery stores like Walmart, but you can get a cake slice that cost only $13.99.

This cake is available only at Costco, so if you want to eat a cheap cake, buy one of these.

Does Costco Sell Ready-Made Cakes?

Costco’s bakery has a variety of ready made sheet cakes. You can buy a plain cake, or some with birthday and holiday messages that are printed on.

If you want any decoration or design of your own on the cake, the baker might be able to make one for you, but it will need to be ordered a day or two in advance if you want any special messages like a name or date.

Does Costco Deliver Cakes?

If you want to order online and don’t have the time or patience to visit Costco, you can order one online.

To buy products that will not be shipped, and will be picked up in local stores, you just need to take a printout of the shopping list. This will be emailed to you, and you will then pick it up.

It also has a delivery system for items under the Food section.
And there is a delivery system for items under the Groceries section.

This means that the cake is good fresh but will have a significant loss of freshness after 1 month in the refrigerator.

How Can You Tell If a Costco Cake Is Going Bad?

If you have a Costco cake that you keep for a few days, you can be sure that it is going to go bad.

If you don’t let the cake finish baking, it could become dry and hard to chew.

You need to watch out for mold when preparing this cake, as it can happen easily. Also, a cake that develops mold tends to smell pretty bad, so if you are trying to be a good host, don’t serve them to guests.

There is a post where we discussed whether or not Costco makes wedding cakes. If you are planning to buy Costco sushi, you should also know that this information is available.


The Costco cake recipes don’t always need to be kept in a refrigerator. However, if there is frosting, such as whipped cream on the cake, or cream cheese, these ingredients spoil if the cake is kept open, whereas the unfrosted cakes doesn’t have to be refrigerated.

If you make your own frosting then it might last for a long time. It depends on the ingredients used in the frosting. You will need to put it in the fridge to cool it off and also use it before it changes colour.

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