Amazon No Import Fees (what Are They + Other Faqs)

Now you are asking what the new ‘no import fee policy’ could mean for your sales.

But there are a lot of questions about Amazon’s no import fee policy that can help clear things up!

What Are Amazon’s No Import Fees In 2022?

Sellers can be more motivated to sell their products to international buyers because, for example, international buyers can be eligible for the refundable deposit, whereas domestic buyers may not be eligible.
Sellers can save a significant amount by paying lower import fees than domestic buyers. has no foreign country exclusions. All foreign countries are available for purchase.

What Is the Amazon No Import Fee Deposit?

I can’t find any good online documentation, but it’s my understanding that Customs and Border Patrol will collect a duty of about ten dollars on every single item that you import.

AmazonGlobal will, therefore, estimate the price of the product you’ll be importing. This price is set by AmazonGlobal and is based on current exchange rates.

This estimated no import fee deposit is a deposit of funds that the customer will have available to cover any import fees that customs may assess on the date that customs makes the release.

This is a great feature because it allows anyone to have the ability to purchase anything online with our website, without having to give us money upfront. We are offering all customers the opportunity to purchase a wide range of products and services with their personal information. We give customers the best possible experience by providing outstanding customer service and by having a secure environment where they can purchase the items that they want.

How Does the Amazon No Import Fees Deposit Policy Work?

If the order meets the requirements and you do not pay the full value of the order within 30 days, the refund of the $100 deposit will be issued in the same payment method you used for the purchase.

There will be a 10% fee for each returned item, but only the No Import Fees will be refunded as long as all returned items are returned.

If the order is partially returned, the customer will be refunded the No Import Fees Deposit only for the portion of the order that is being returned.

When Did the Amazon No Import Fees Deposit Policy Take Effect?

This policy has been in effect since February 18, 2016, for all orders placed on sites operated by in countries outside the US and Canada.

What Are the Amazon No Import Fees Deposit Policy’s Requirements?

First, the payment of the deposit must be made by check, money order, or credit card.

What Happens If Shoppers Return Items From an Order That Had Amazon No Import Fees Deposit Applied?

When a shopper returns a product in an order that had a No Import Fees Deposit applied, they will receive a partial No Import Fees Deposit refund for that item.

This means that, if you do return a pair of shoes that has a No Import Fee Deposit applied, you will receive a full refund of the deposit that was applied.

What Are the Amazon No Import Fee Policy’s Exceptions?




Purchases made outside of the United States.

If you have any questions about the No Import Fee Deposit policy or how it may affect your order, please get in touch with Amazon Customer Service.

How Will the Amazon No Import Fee Policy Change Affect My Business?

The No Import Fee policy can be good for the sellers who are registered with AmazonGlobal, as it saves them the import fee.

The No Import Fees Deposit policy can increase sales and revenue for some sellers.

Customers who previously stopped doing business with your store are now more likely to buy items in your store.

When you invest in your business, you earn more money. And the more money you make, the better you can invest in your business and invest in yourself.

How Can Sellers Use the Amazon No Import Fees Policy to Their Advantage?

No import fees deposits are a great way for Amazon sellers to attract customers because they’re willing to pay a higher price to shop on Amazon.

We do want retailers to be aware of the requirements, so if your store meets the standards for this policy, be sure to include them in your product listings and marketing materials.

What Happens If Sellers Don’t Use the No Import Fee Deposit?

If you do not use the No Import Fee Deposit, any import charges assessed by customs will be charged to the customer. Amazon does not absorb these costs for customers.

What Should Sellers Do If They Have Additional Questions About the No Import Fee Policy?

(For sellers who wish to purchase inventory, and are planning to use the Amazon MWS API, their order will be charged a No Import Fee) If you are using another platform to fulfill your orders, please check with that platform to determine whether they charge an Import Fee. Amazon is unable to reimburse for these fees.

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By offering buyers an easy and affordable way to purchase a product, sellers can help combat purchase hesitation with customers and attract customers deterred by high import fees.

If your store meets this policy’s requirements, including that information about your business is readily available in your product listings and marketing materials. For example, including your address, phone number, and website in these materials could lead to increased sales and revenue for your business.

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