Amazon Mcf Fees (what Are They + Other Faqs)

Sellers on the Amazon marketplace frequently feel overburdened by the number of Amazon Marketplace Fees they should pay to do business on the platform.

If you have Amazon FBA, you may be wondering what fee categories and expenses are associated with buying and selling on Amazon. Thankfully, we have a very handy article that breaks down the fees and expense categories for those who are new to seller fees and costs.

What Are Amazon MCF Fees In 2022?

MCF fees are used to pay for warehouse costs and to store products and fulfill orders. For items that weigh less than 50 pounds they’re discounted by a flat rate of three bucks. There are five tiers of fees dependent on the speed and weight of the item and the number of units ordered.

The type of Amazon MCF fees are based on their usage. [Click here to read more about Amazon MCF fees]
There are three different types of Amazon MCF fees: monthly, one-time, and variable.

The Amazon MCF fees for a monthly type is $0.10 per GB. For a one-time type, the fee is $0.35 per GB. For a variable type, the fee is $0.05 per GB.

What Do Sellers Need to Know Before Starting on Amazon FBA?

1. You’ll need to register for an Amazon business, get an account.
2. You’ll need to figure out your shipping and shipping addresses.
3. You’ll need to upload your products to Amazon.
4. Sell as many of your products as possible.
5. Profit!

Now, sellers have to learn about Amazon MCF fees and how many different types of expenses there are.

Now that you understand all of the ins and outs of AMZN Merchant Fees, go ahead and get started!

Knowing the fees you pay and what they cover is vital to staying compliant with the Amazon rules and regulations.

What Are Amazon MCF Fees? 

MCF Fees are charges for services that Amazon charges for services on its marketplace.

Examples of these services include storing your items in fulfillment centers, processing transactions, and even your own fulfillment centers.

The most important Amazon MCF fee is the MCF fee, which covers your Amazon Payments fee and any other fees you may incur as a paid seller. The MCF fee is divided into the 3 months running MCF fee, the 12 months running MCF fee and the 3-month reserve. If you have a high volume of sales and purchase orders, this can be quite a bit of money.

To make sure the information you provide is completely up to date, make sure you know which fees apply to you.

By using the spreadsheet formula I gave you, you’ll end up with a final profit of $1,000.00 for your entire investment of $5,000.00.

Does Amazon Provide a Discount for Multi-Unit Orders?

Amazon will reduce the amount they charge you if you include more items in your shipment. You can also buy more items to increase your discount.

One small shipment weighing fewer than 2 ounces has the standard cost of $3.99.

There could be a lot of people that want to use the same color, but it might go really fast.

Does Amazon Charge Sellers for Long-Term Storage?

Amazon can charge you money for storing your items in an inventory or “fulfillment center” for a limited amount of time.

If you store products for over a year, there are additional fees and costs. It’s also important to keep your inventory clean, as dust and dirt can damage your items.

Please be aware that there is additional costs associated with making changes and additions to the template during the design phase. There is no charge for making changes and additions to the design phase, and these design fees are outlined in the Pricing Tab. Changes, additions, or deletions to the final production phase and beyond will be charged as specified in the Product Order Form on the Pricing Table tab.

How Are the MCF Fees Structured?

For the entire period of 5 years, 3 products per month with a monthly average of 10,000 units should be considered: \$3 for the first tier, \$5 for the second and \$7 for the third.

– Standard shipping cost: $2.99 to $19.99 depending on order weight and destination.
– Pre-paid shipping cost: $29.99 for non-U.S. purchases, and $15.99 for orders within the U.S.

I’m starting to wonder if MCF fees should go down, or even be eliminated, as the industry continues to move toward electronic billing.

Does Amazon Have a Calculator to Help Sellers Determine MCF Fees?

Amazon also provides a cost calculator that sellers can use to calculate how much it will cost to ship items to customers.

At this point you can use your own price to figure out your own profit/loss.

How Does Amazon Determine the Weight of a Shipment?

When an order is placed on Amazon, the shipping weight is calculated by adding the weights of the product and packaging.

It’s worth noting that we make many of our products to order, and the time frame for delivery will vary according to the size and weight of the packaging. We will also include our shipping and handling fee for every order.

If you were to weight your shipping box, the box would be around three inches by three inches.

What Happens If Sellers Don’t Pay Their MCF Fees?

if you don’t pay the monthly fees on your Amazon account, Amazon can suspend your account or close it altogether.

It is necessary to stay updated with the different types of MCF fees charged by Amazon. That way, you can know how many fees to budget for to continue selling on Amazon.

Amazon merchants will have to pay a fee called “Fulfillment Fee” to Amazon. This is the amount that Amazon charges its sellers to fulfil orders.


Now that you know how to sell on, you should know that the cost of selling through the site can also vary.
If you sell on Amazon too often, you can be charged more fees. The fees that you pay can have a big impact on your Amazon sales.

MCF fees are confusing and most sellers don’t understand them. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you understand how fees work.

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