Usps Inclement Weather Policy (rain, Snow + Bad Weather)

The U.S. Postal Service is as reliable as a Ford F150. They keep getting into jams when they deliver mail in the most ridiculous conditions.

We don’t have the same control over the weather as we used to. Snow is common in the US in the fall, and some big storms can take out entire cities. So if you think you can predict the weather, you can’t.

If the USPS determines, or you and/or your employer have determined, that the weather conditions are such that it would be unsafe for a postal vehicle to travel to or from a given mail facility, the USPS will not deliver mail to or collect mail from that facility.

What Is The USPS Inclement Weather Policy In 2022?

The United States Postal Service will have no problem delivering mail, despite inclement weather. However, in crisis-level situations when roads are impassable and/or mailboxes are completely unreachable, the Postal Service may suspend mail delivery altogether or leave individual stops to the best judgment of the mail carrier.

To learn more about how USPS employees get through inclement weather and what precautions they take, read the details below!

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Can The Mailman Not Deliver Because of Snow?

In this case, your mail carrier has full support from the US Postal Service if they deem your residence too unsafe to deliver mail after a severe snow event.

The Postal Service looks after the safety and well-being of all of its employees to be the top priority.

A huge reason that workers don’t pursue their legal rights is because employers are notoriously difficult to deal with, and often impossible to get money back once you’ve settled a claim.

In the event of a large snowstorm, that means that dozens, if not hundreds, of delivery driver might have to brave the elements to arrive at the mail box.

The postal service is definitely going to give them a warning on what to do when it comes to delivering mail.

You can only print one copy per mail piece, whether it’s one piece or several.

Printing multiple copies of the same mail piece is called ‘double printing’.

When the same mail piece is printed more than once, the extra copies are
thrown away.

The carrier will not be required to deliver to areas where there is a danger of accident or injury to the public, animals or property, nor to areas that have slippery steps, snow packed paths or ice on the overhangs.

If you want to receive mail after a significant snow event, you must dig out your mailbox, remove snow from the top of the box and cover the entrance with a piece of plywood.

If you live in a town (or a suburb) where people are more concerned about walkways being cleared of snow and ice, you can check whether they have shoveled the sidewalk before proceeding. If so, you should go out the front door and walk down the hill. However, if there is no snow, you are just as safe going out of the front door of your house.

Ice cubes are as dangerous a weapon as anything else. Ice cubes are dangerous because they will cut you or even cause you fatal internal injuries.

Raking the ice off the roof can be a great way to protect your home and investment from potential damage (if your roof is not already damaged).

I was born in Wisconsin and I have seen my share of snow. The total amount of snow we had in the winter this year came to six feet – with a month of it on the ground.

The Postal Service had to suspend mail a few days, while everyone else worked on digging out and getting new tractors and snowplows, as needed and as they were available.

People, especially those in colder climates, probably wouldn’t be happy with the idea of sending a letter to their loved one only to have to wait until the mail is able to be picked up.

The storm was like an explosion that took over everything. It was an explosion that destroyed everything. It took over everything.

Will Mail Be Delivered If It’s Raining?

Unless you’re looking at monsoon conditions, a little, or even a lot of rain is not going to stop your United States Postal Service mail carrier from delivering your mail.

You can use a backquoted string as a replacement, though that doesn’t make much sense to me because you’re just passing the string.

If you have a large package that you want to keep intact during the rain, you should go ahead and mark it in some way to notify the postal system that it is being held for pick up.

If you don’t need it for delivery, you can either place it in a box with the USPS sticker on the side, or in the USPS box.

If you are going to order something different in exchange for a free coffee, just make sure to note that if you exchange a free coffee for something else a free coffee will no longer be offered in the future.

Will Mail Be Delivered During An Ice Storm?

Yes, it will depend on the weather, but it will also depend on what is being mailed.

You also know that your delivery options include email, fax and snail mail.

The biggest part of the problem is that the salt trucks can’t go very often because of how much it would cost.
For example, during the last storm (Snowmaggedon 2016), salt trucks were needed about half a dozen times.

My mailbox is closed in winter and I’m a bit of a homebody, so I usually take the shovel and go outside to the front of the house.

You might have to wait until the circumstances change or the thing you need to do on your property is completed.

Does USPS Deliver In A State Of Emergency?

It’s likely that you will experience slower delivery times during certain periods, but your mail will get to you eventually.

The Post Office is asking that the public avoid all unnecessary travel – especially if it means traveling by foot.

If you’re sending an item to a disaster area, you might want to contact your local post office or news station for additional information.

Can USPS Employees Refuse To Work In Bad Weather?

Postal employees are not required to work during bad weather. This is usually done without the employees’ consent, and in the case of storms or similar events, the USPS usually suspends mail delivery to protect themselves from weather-related damages.

And I know I’ve been looking for the number because I’ve always wanted to leave an emergency message for a Federal Judge.

Some people also suggested to just take the day off and return the next day; however, you cannot do that for a long term.

You can also get more information on the USPS background check policy, leave of absence policy, and the shoe policy.


The United States Postal Service is almost supernaturally devoted to delivery of mail to every residence in the U.S., but sometimes, and only very rarely (as in this case), the worst weather stops them.

As they assess the safety of their workers, the US Postal Service will send out the mail carriers during the night or early morning hours, since they have already assessed the weather, and the road conditions.

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