Amazon Vs. Ebay Fees (what Are They + Other Faqs)

While Amazon may be the giant in the online marketplace, eBay can’t be ignored, and this blog will help you understand everything you should know about online selling and eBay.

If you’re looking to find out which is better for your business – Amazon or eBay fees – read on for all of the information you need to know!

Amazon Vs. eBay Fees In 2022

When it comes to listing on Amazon vs. eBay, the choice is often a matter of what you sell, where you sell, and the fees charged. Amazon and eBay have fee options associated with listing, processing, and fulfillment. Amazon also enables large-scale companies to pay a flat rate of $39/ mo (plus associated costs). When deciding where to list, many sellers also consider the fees associated with each marketplace and the potential increase in sales.

To know some important things and tips about the seller fees charged by Amazon and eBay, keep reading for helpful facts and tips!

What Fees Are Associated With Selling Products on Amazon?

fees include, but are not limited to, the fees you are required to pay to Amazon, fees you pay to other marketplaces where you are selling your products, fees you pay to shipping services (USPS, FedEx), fees you pay to payment services (Bank/Account), fees you pay to your ecommerce service provider, and fees you pay to paypal and similar services.

* Item shipping and handling fees,
* Item insurance, and
* Item payment processing fees.

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If you’re starting a new business or expanding an existing business to sell on Amazon, you can choose to sell either on your own or with the help of 1 or several employees. Each of these plans include their own costs and benefits.

Individual plans will not work for a business that plans to sell more than 40 units each month. If a business is going to sell over 40 units, it would be best to use a small business insurance plan.

You have to have an item for sale before you can buy Amazon Prime. You can sell from Amazon, ship to Amazon, and you’ll start saving money right away. Amazon is a marketplace for all kinds of items, so you can sell just about anything. Just be aware you have to fulfill your own orders if you decide to sell on Amazon.

For small business owners with an established and growing customer base, this option is for them.

As a professional, you can list your services in multiple categories. You can also view personalized reports, run promotions, and use advertising tools.

You’re not allowed to charge an extra fee for referring friends and friends-of-friends to your app.

When you sell an item on Amazon, the company takes a percentage (or minimum) of your sale price. They take a percentage of every sale.

The Amazon sellers are also charged an extra fee for every referral click and the total referral fees are passed on to the sellers.

You will also get to be unique in addition to any other costs like shipping or wrapping gifts!

One of the main reasons sellers need to have an Amazon business is for the referral fees. Sellers may be billed $0.30 or 45% of the final sale depending on the category of the product.

Fulfilling orders can be expensive.

If you can find a way to sell your products in person, then you can still make money this holiday season.

They will pick up all the products, pack them, and ship them to the customer.

This is a great option for sellers who don’t have the time or resources to fulfill products on their own and would like to receive top dollar for their products.

Sellers will see that the Amazon FBA fees start as low as 10.50 when a product is shipped from the US – and that fee increases to 50 on items being shipped outside of the US.

When using FBA, the fee is only $2.35 and it exceeds $150 only for very large orders.

After entering all the order details and payment details, you can preview each item you’ve ordered.

If you use this option, the company will give you a fixed amount of money for each item you sell on the Marketplace. These credits start at $3.99 and can be as much as $46.50.

A listing fee, a seller’s commission, and then the seller’s payment processing fee.
If you are not comfortable with paying these fees, you are welcome to look for another listing service.

What Are eBay Seller Fees?

Some of the costs you have to consider include paying for items, shipping fees, and advertising.

Google Checkout

We are not sure what eBay seller fees look like to you.
We understand that they are similar to the fees listed above.

In the case of a final value fee, the value of the fee you are charged is the amount of the fee, not the amount of the insurance value.

eBay charges you a fee at the time of sales, and the third-party payment processors charge you fees.

The fees are calculated as a percentage of the total price on your order.

Most products with a sales price under $7500 are charged a sales tax of 12.9% of the retail sales price.

This is a fee charged by the service that inserts the record into your database.

eBay charges sellers a fee. For the first 250 listings, there is no fee. But each additional listing is $.35.

When you upgrade a listing you pay a fee when you do so. This is different than the price that you sell the property for during the listing.

When the sellers upgrade their listings to featured or auction-style, they can earn additional fees. Those fees range from $1.00 to $50 or more.

When buying products from Amazon, you can also buy similar products from eBay itself. However, if you are buying a product from eBay then you will get a low price that cannot be beat.


eBay allows you to use PayPal to accept payments quickly and securely. It also provides the tools and options you need to run a smooth, profitable business.

Amazon provides tools to help sellers manage inventory, ship orders, accept payments, and promote their products. Amazon’s fee structure is designed to help sellers grow a profitable business.

This guide will give you the information you need to make an informed decision about which platform is right for you.

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