Can I Use An Ebay Gift Card At Amazon? (+ Other Faqs)

A gift card makes for a handy present for someone when you know a retailer or other business they like, and is confident you’ll know what to buy them.

We’ve created this article to help you know if you can use your eBay gift card on Amazon.

Can I Use An eBay Gift Card at Amazon in 2022?

eBay users who have expired or invalid gift cards may be able to sell them for money through the company’s marketplace. The company says it will take “reasonable” efforts to try to find a buyer for your gift card. But, it’s worth noting that if you buy a gift card on Amazon instead of eBay, there’s a higher chance that it will be accepted.

In order to learn all you need to know about eBay gift cards and Amazon, along with other options, read on!

Can I Transfer An eBay Gift Card?

As for transferring the balance of a gift card to another gift card, another account, or another purchaser, it’s out of the question.

According to eBay, the new ‘Require Shipping Confirmation For all Sales’ message means that eBay is now requiring sellers to always send packages via a carrier.

When you buy a gift card from eBay, the funds on the gift card will stay on your account. You can use the funds on the gift card later.

If you decide the merchant has misrepresented the policy and you want to return or refund the item, you can. You can also dispute the purchase if you believe it was stolen or if you believe you never received the item.

How Do I Use An eBay Gift Card Without Paypal?

1. Go to Gift Cards.
2. Click on the Buy or Sell tab.
3. Click the Store Credit icon.
4. Click your Gift Card.
5. A new tab will open showing your balance with Paypal.

If you prefer to manage your PayPal balance via the app, you can do so in the “Your Account” section of the app.

Previously, eBay allowed users to use a gift card on its platform without using Paypal but they no longer do.

Can I Transfer Money From my eBay Gift Card To Paypal?

You can’t transfer money from an eBay gift card to Paypal because soon after you buy the gift card you would be able to use it to buy whatever.

Can You Transfer Money From your eBay Gift Card to your Bank Account?

As long as you can’t transfer money from your eBay gift card to your bank account, the money will never be able to be withdrawn, and it’s a lost cause.

It is also impossible to ask for a refund for your gift card unless the situation is illegal.

While this may work, we recommend you get the seller’s money back directly from them as our services are not meant to be a substitute for legal action; however, we can get them to pay you back as we did in this case.

How Do I Get My Money Back From eBay Gift Cards?

The only way to get your money back from eBay gift cards is to sell them to someone else or eBay will refund you by law.

There are several places that buy gift cards for cash. You could google and find one place that offers the best price.

To generate the gift card, you will need to enter the value of the card you want in the box and then the website will choose a random number between 1 and the amount you typed.

Additionally you could also buy them at a used book store, but you should be careful not to reveal the code in your listing.

This might not be worth your while. If eBay is refusing to give you a price adjustment, you may have trouble getting more than a refund.

You have to remember that in a dispute, the bank is likely to side with eBay because they will get paid if you lose. The bank also likes to keep good relationships with both parties, so they likely won’t side with you unless there is really no other choice.

Since we use a bot, you’ll only pay the fees as if you were using an in-person lawyer.

I’ve been using the tool to rank websites for over a year now and you could get 5% back using the tool, but that would have taken like 5 years of work.

When you look at the gift card claim code on the back, you can see the reward code, which is how Amazon knows that you are eligible for the gift card.


To avoid confusion, you should keep eBay gift cards separate from other gift cards. If you have multiple gift cards, put them all in separate places so you can easily find them.

eBay is now requiring all sellers to agree to the terms of their policy and if you disagree you can get into a legal dispute with the company and they’ll fight until the case is over and you’ve won the fight.

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