Does Amazon Deliver To Mexico? (all You Need To Know)

The best thing about ordering products from Amazon is that the company provides it’s customers with the opportunity to ship the products to them in the very same day that they are ordered.

This won’t be a problem because we deliver from Mexico to the U.S., and we’re working hard to make sure that you can buy products from Amazon from anywhere in the globe.

In this article, I’ll be telling you about all the steps you need to take if you want to ship to Mexico.

Does Amazon Deliver Products To Mexico In 2022?

Amazon offers free delivery of certain products to Mexico. This takes place for products that fall under the program. The shipping fees vary depending on the products and the shipping time. Amazon also charges an import fee for orders to Mexico.

If you import to USA from a country outside the EU and you are shipping to Mexico you will be charged US$10.00 on the import duties.

You are responsible for these taxes which means the customer will have to pay them or refuse the shipment.

Amazon does not have a policy for shipping to Mexico on their website.

How Do You Ship Items From Amazon To Mexico?

To allow the delivery of your Amazon orders to your address in Mexico you will first need to change a couple of settings in your Amazon account online.

This is the first step to getting your products imported into Mexico. If you are not already logged into your Amazon account, you will need to do so. To do so, hover your cursor over the ‘Accounts & Lists’ section and click on the ‘Your Account’ tab.

By adding a new address, you must add a new address for Mexico. In the ‘Your Addresses’ tab, input your new address information.

 The best way to ensure you have set your country correctly is to select the ‘Set As Default’ option. In this case, you will set the address as your default country address, which will be used when viewing your order details.

Please ensure that you have not yet added any items to your cart before saving your country.

If you have ordered more than 2000 items, shipping methods are offered for you to select.

How Much Does Amazon Charge For International Shipping?

You pay shipping fees for any international products and I believe are calculated in your local currency.

This is a one-time fee.

*This isn’t a one time fee, in your email you will get the tracking code to view the status of your order.

It’s like buying things from Amazon to be shipped to different location in the same country.

Amazon charges sellers the same rate for shipping anywhere in the world. Sellers are free to decide whether to price the items higher to cover those costs.

If I’m selling items to you, my shipping costs are up to me.

If you are shipping products to Mexico and are having problems with the Mexican Customs, they will hold your package for up to 90 days to be inspected by their government and you will have to pay for the inspection.

If you need the product delivered within three to seven days, the shipping charges will be around $50.

Can You Get Free Shipping On Amazon Products Delivered Mexico?

Amazon has a way to get free shipping on your orders to Mexico. To make sure you don’t have to pay for shipping you will need to take a couple of steps.

The Amazon Global program allows you to purchase any item that is available on Amazon and then have it shipped from Amazon warehouses around the world.

Shipping on orders that total less than $49.00 in items (before taxes) qualify for free shipping automatically.

Make sure you select the free shipping option, and then group your items into as few shipments as possible.

After that, you will be redirected to the payment website where you can use your payment card safely.

What Products Qualify For Delivery To Mexico?

In order to be able to search for products that are eligible to be delivered to your country, there is a way to search through all the items available at Amazon.

If you’ve chosen the “Ship to a new country” option on the international shipping options for this order, then you can click on the button “Apply International Shipping Filter” at the bottom of the page.

When you are buying products on Amazon, you can check whether you can ship a product to your address in the United States.

While in Mexico, they deliver to about 120 different countries.

Are There Import Fees To Deliver Amazon Products to Mexico?

When making an international order, Amazon charges an Import Fee upon checkout. This fee is added to the base of your order at checkout and is specified in your order summary. There is a minimum fee of $10.

The charges for imports are not necessarily what customs actually charges.

However, if the Import Fees you pay are lower than the actual Import Fees billed, Amazon will refund the difference immediately.

When placing orders, please be aware of the Import Fees depending on the classification of the goods, what country the order is going to, and how many products you are ordering at once.

Does Amazon Have Warehouses Located In Mexico?

Amazon is planning to open three warehouses in the northern state of Mexico along the border with the US, with the intention of offering same day delivery to hundreds of thousands of customers in the two countries.

Two of the three warehouses are planned to be built in Tijuana, and the third is to be built in Reynosa near the Guatemalan border.

The three warehouses will each have the capacity to hold hundreds of thousands of items, and employ thousands of workers.

The company’s facilities in Mexico are located in four buildings that take up over 300,000 square feet.

Over a million dollars was invested in the warehouses in Mexico.

The problem however, is that Amazon in most cases is unable to hire the appropriate people to do the jobs, and the people they hire aren’t very motivated.

The Mexican company is currently building large warehouses to accommodate a lot of shipments that they had been receiving but not processing in the U.S. The new warehouses will create jobs in Mexico.

The new jobs will pay competitive wages so each employee can afford to move out of their current homes and look for more affordable ones. The jobs also offer a number of benefits for the new employees such as child care and other benefits.

If you want to be certain that your parcel is shipped to Hawaii, make sure to select the international shipping option (or even expedited shipping) when checking out on Amazon.


Since Amazon ships to several countries, it allows you to take advantage of free shipping when you can.

I really appreciate the kind words. I know it’s really hard to have a job that doesn’t allow you to make a lot of money but I really like what I am
doing. So, thank you for your help.

Amazon has to pay import taxes because there is a border that customs agents have to check.

You need to specify the address where you want to ship your items.

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