Walmart Vs Target (prices, Products, Services, Customer Service + More)

Walmart is an impressive company with almost 2,500 stores all over the U.S., making it the second largest retail company in the U.S.

With over 11,000 stores in total, Walmart is the second-largest retailer in the world, (surpassed only by the Amazon).

Both are extremely well-known brands with a great marketing presence, but they also happen to be in very different segments.

It’s time to put them side by side; Walmart vs Target! I know one will be glad to see Walmart is back on top. It’s the battle of the big box stores that includes Walmart and Target. Let’s take a look at their stores, products, services, price and what’s new!

Walmart Vs. Target In 2022

Walmart Vs Target: Market Share

Walmart continues to hold onto the largest share of the U.S. retail market despite the growth of other retailers, like Target and Best Buy.

Target’s share price is further down the list, trailing after names like Amazon and Apple, Costco and Kroger, for eighth place, with 2.47 percent of the total retail market.

Now, when you change the field to “All Merchandise”, Target comes out on top with an overall share of 30 percent.

Wal-Mart and Macy’s tied for third with 13 percent while Walmart alone comes in fifth at 10.8 percent.

Walmart Vs Target: Stores

Walmart settled on the town of Bentonville, Arkansas as headquarters after being founded in 1962 by Sam Walton.

If you go to Target, you will see their home base, corporate office, and you can buy their t-shirts and stuff too.

Walmart is opening dozens of new stores every month, and the company is also planning to expand to 27 more countries.

The Walmart Corporation had grown to have more than 11,000 stores in over 75 countries; Target currently has 1,909 stores in the United States.

For a building that looks basically the same on the outside as the inside, the different ways the company chose on the inside to make it unique.

The building that we’re in is over 80,000 square feet, and when you add in the warehouse, parking garage, and ancillary buildings in the parking lot, that’s a lot of space.

In the first row you have 5 lines, the second row (including the extra space for the delivery) can have 4 lines, the third row (including the extra space for the car parking) can have 3 lines and the fourth row cannot have more than 2 lines.

It might be smaller than the normal size Target stores, but Target wants to maintain something small in order to make shopping at Target easier for customers.

Smaller stores address one major problem for big-box retailers, the geography of the area.

But even in these smaller stores, not everything sells.

It should make Target Supercenters in big cities the envy of every other retailer, so that every other retailer will strive to do better, and offer fewer locations.

For both wholesalers and retailers there are similarities in the way stores will be built. It is basically the layout and look of the establishment.

Full-size and supercenters both feature an open produce side, with aisles that are generally shorter.

The aisles are clearly differentiated from each other, and they have signs on the endcap that are unique for each department.

Both the Target and Walmart stores can display the aisle and individual product codes in a way similar to a store’s name or logo.

When a customer takes a product off their shopping cart, the customer should pay for said item.

Walmart is a retailer, not a place to eat. The only thing they sell you is a bunch of food for a low price and a parking lot.

People in the restaurant industry are very organized and very dedicated to what they do, and I think that’s what makes it successful in my opinion.

So if you want to find a target store, you are more likely to find one at Walmart than another.

Targets have a reputation for being upscale and well-appointed. The look is somewhat more bougie than the average dollar store.

Walmart and Target each have their own restaurant and retail partners, to offer customers an enhanced experience.

Some Walmarts have Subway restaurants within them. They have their own full menu, and they also have seating.

The future looks bright for franchisees who are looking to add a new location. New franchises have opened up in the past couple of years.

Starbucks is one of the major coffee and tea shops in the world. Target is a big box store in the United States.

Ulta and Target will start to bring beauty stores within a store to shoppers, that will offer Ulta-exclusive products and Target-exclusive products and services.

Walmart Vs Target: Products

The Walmart and Target have many of the same types of products, although variety, brand, and selection can wildly vary.

Walmart carries as many items as 142,000 while Target carries less items.


The Original answer is right, but there’s a more important point to make.
You could ask the same three questions to a native speaker of English and get answers of different lengths.

The department stores each have multiple departments and many different products. I have listed some of their departments below.

Walmart and Target both have a wide variety of clothes and accessories.

Walmart does not pay its workers any more than any other company. They are not a company that gives back to its employees.

VACLU VACUU (made in Taiwan), Sennheiser (Germany), Vans (USA), and more.

Target is the largest private label product company in the United States. It operates through a network of stores, wholesale partners, and direct to consumer companies. Targets main competitors are Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and Rite-Aid.

* Sorel – The women’s outdoor sportswear company sells a collection of outerwear, shirts and pants for the whole family, as well as more stylish options for women.

This market share growth was the result of a new business strategy in addition to a new product.

It’s not “cheap” per se, but they have a good range of staple things like milk, bread, and the like. It’s not as big as Aldi, though.

I agree with what you said about Target having a slight advantage. I think so because Target’s brand is so well known in most states. But I also think that Walmart is doing an exceptional job of penetrating states like Indiana, which has almost no Target stores. That will be a key issue in the years to come.

Walmart has come to the realization that having a bad cut is equivalent to having no cut. And this realization makes way for a much better suit line.

The material feels more durable and is cut to a more tailored shape.

If you are not a fan of choices, head over to Walmart. You will find the same selection that you find in the other stores, but you will feel more comfortable because everything in the store is in one spot.

Target started to separate hot and cold. But the hot stuff is so good, I can’t really go to target for the hot kettle chips.

Walmart Vs Target: Prices

Target has good prices on toiletries, diapers, baby clothes, and food like cereal and canned soup.

“No, absolutely nothing.”
[James]: For example, I think the more high-end furniture, you can see that there is a huge amount of brands that have their own lines, and there is a huge amount of brands in the home goods world that don’t.

Well, I can’t get my hands on all the books and magazines I need, so I usually don’t go out to buy them, but yes, it can be cost effective if they’re not out of stock.

I found a price comparison website that showed how many items were comparable in price. We found that they were comparable in price.

The Target item is higher by mere pennies.

As a result, it is possible to buy a 12-pack of Coke for $11.99 at the Walmart and a 12-pack of Coke for $9.99 at the Target.

But a few years later Peanut butter was selling for 25 cents a pound, thanks to peanut butter shortages during World War II.

While it’s often cheaper to buy food at Target, if you’re at Target anyway and want to pick up a few groceries, there’s no reason to make another stop.

Walmart Vs Target: Services

In terms of the most extra services, Walmart wins. However, this is mainly because Walmart has a much better value proposition than Target.

There is a list of things that Walmart stores may offer.

This means people can only get prescriptions of medicine at the pharmacy. There aren’t any other services that they can get at Target.

Walmart Vs Target: Customer Service

Walmart was able to score higher than Target on overall customer satisfaction and whether or not customers would recommend Walmart to someone else.

Walmart customers are less likely to receive great service from a Walmart store than a Best Buy or Target.

I compared Google reviews for the Target in my city and the Walmart I had been to and the Walmart had a lot of bad reviews. I had been in the Target and the Walmart so my perspective may be skewed.

My Target review was good overall, although I thought the one-star reviews were not fair, the Target store in my area runs out of the specific product, I think the issue people have with it is the price on the item.

Walmart Vs Target: Return Policy

Returns in the U.S. are free for all purchases, no matter where you purchased them. You have a 90-day return time limit to get store credit.

No receipt is required if you return a faulty product but if there is a receipt, be sure to include it.

Target has a return policy that’s similar: 90 days with a receipt.

If you don’t have your receipt, Target will still allow you to return your purchase even if you can’t show it. They will issue you store credit instead of cash.

We will take back all items that are out of stock and return the shipping charge. If you ship the item back to us, we will refund the cost of shipping back to you.

I have had good and bad experiences with return policy, but I think Walmart has a consistent and good return culture.

I was on the verge of giving a thumbs down for that but then I saw your response.

Walmart Vs. Target: Website, Mobile App And Store Pick-Up

Walmart’s website is really tough to navigate. The product descriptions are often unclear and are very hard to read.

The site is actually split into two domains: one for whatever local store you choose, and one for, where you can find the online store. This probably means that they want to compete with Amazon and with their online store they want to put more emphasis on local deals and store hours.

If a user comes to your site and can’t navigate using their native language, they are going to be confused.

Their app is somewhat better, but still not particularly intuitive.

In order to avoid a mix up, we’re going to group all the online only products with the rest of the stuff we sell in store.

If you are having issues with a product not showing up in the online-only section, please contact their Customer Service.

The app is also really useful for me and I find it to be really intuitive and user-friendly.

I feel that a company that is so big and such a behemoth of capitalism is bound to have some serious problems, but I have to say that their customer service is really something else. I have a feeling that many small business owners would love to be able to offer the same customer service.

When I first moved to NYC, I lived in the East Village. I remember living in an office building there — it must have been 1996, I was 16, and I had to take the train to Columbia University to get my homework done.

I have had issues ordering from Amazon, but from my local Best Buy, I have had almost zero issues since they have gotten the word out.

Walmart Vs Target: Employee Satisfaction

After being on the job for more than one year, I realized that the employees’ satisfaction ratings at Target and Walmart were low.

Walmart may not have been the best of the bunch, but the overall feeling of the store was one of warm and fuzzy togetherness. Everyone was friendly and welcoming, the staff was eager to help you and the shopping experience was good for the most part.

Another reviewer criticized the “overly loud” sound, “toxic work atmosphere” and “awful” store layout.

If corporate continues to make decisions that are not in the interest of the employees, it will see a decrease in profits and an increase in prices. The company must consider the long-term effects of decisions it makes.

Both retailers received middling scores for pay and benefits, culture and work environment.

Walmart Vs Target: Customer Demographics

Target wants to cater to wealthy young, educated women with college degrees and the ability to afford high-priced goods.

So for Walmart, a lot of its customer base isn’t as old as you think, and there are a few more women than you’d think.

The woman, who earns $80,000 per year, typically has an undergraduate degree.

There is a clear difference in the Walmart strategy and that of Target. Target has decided to go more exclusive and focus on a younger and more urban customer.

Now that you know a little bit about the number of stores and the number of employees at Walmart and Target, you might also want to learn a little bit more about these companies.


When it comes to pricing and merchandise, Walmart and Target are competing. There’s no doubt that Walmart is the king of discount deals, but Target’s merchandise will often be a little more expensive than Walmart’s for a given category.

Walmart is really the cheapest place in the world, and sometimes is really messy or chaotic. Also, returns are easy.

At Target, there is a higher expectation of quality, but a smaller selection of groceries.

Well, if you shop at one of those fancy department stores and you’re expecting to find something different from a typical department store, you’re in for a big surprise.

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