Target Customer Service Desk Hours (all You Need To Know)

Although the Customer Service desk is located inside the store, the Customer Service staff can help you with inquiries and complaints in any given department.

So if you think that you need a bit of help, we can help you out. When you call customer service of Target, they can take up to eight hours to answer your call, but you can ask any questions and they will help you out.

Target Customer Service Desk Hours In 2022

Target has a customer service desk that is typically available from 7-8 AM until 9-10 PM Monday to Sunday. If the customer service desk is closed at any point, you can visit Target’s “return items” and “contact us” pages for information on how to return and/or exchange their items.

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What If The Target Customer Service Desk Is Closed?

If you reach the customer service desk at any Target, you may ask a team member for help. At the regular checkouts, cashiers can usually help you with returns.

The employees at the local Target can be really good at providing you with the answers to your questions.

Another option is to contact Target’s Guest Service helpline, toll-free at 1-800-440-0680, which provides customers with all the information regarding product returns, price match requests and more.

If none of those options work out for you and you are still having trouble locating your product, you can visit the website of the manufacturer, the online retailer of the product, or the retailer’s website, and simply check for the availability of your product.

Once you’ve selected your topic from the list which is displayed below the search box, you will be able to start a live chat with a helpful employee and have all of your queries answered.

What Are Target’s Customer Service Desk Hours Near Me?

Customers who are not expecting a response from Target have the option of visiting one of the store’s other customer service areas that can be found in the parking lots of the stores.

Target’s social channels are used to post the phone number that the customer service desk can be reached at and it is a good place to ask shoppers questions about the company in general and their experiences with the brand.

Your local customer service department will update the current number of customer service hours for your local Target store.

What Are Target’s Open Hours?

Most Target stores are open from 7 AM to 9 AM and close between 8 PM and 10 PM. There are some that open earlier and some that close late, but the vast majority of them are open for a short period in the morning, and close late in the evening.

You should note that these hours may be affected by public holidays, we would update our public notification if there is such a holiday.

Easter Sunday is one of the biggest holidays for shopping, and it is also a day when many people will be traveling.

When Do Other Target Services Close?

The idea of Target operating along regular work hours like Walmart is a bad one because it will mean that your favorite coffee shop (Starbuck’s in this case) will have long waits when you need to go buy another iced coffee or a snack.

Also, if you pay with Credit Card, you may have to pay for the service when you come back to the store to get your items to the store.

To be best prepared when it comes to shopping at Target, be sure to view the best return policy for Target, the return policy without receipt, the clearance return policy, and the Target markdown schedule.


Target opens at 7 AM and closes at 10 PM M-F and 9 AM-10 PM on Saturdays. If you are unable to shop on those days then you can use the Target App to check your order status, view your Target store locator, pay for purchases and manage your account.

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