Does Walmart Make Wedding Cakes? (price, Designs, Wait Time + More)

You can find a wedding ring and reception décor at Walmart, like rings and decoration. You can also buy party essentials like cups, plates, and flatware.

But, can Walmart make wedding cakes? I could only find one person saying no and three others saying maybe.

Does Walmart Make Wedding Cakes In 2022?

Walmart is working on creating their own wedding cakes in-house. Once they are finished, the cost is cheaper than buying the item from a third party and the time it takes to have the items made is faster. Also, in 2022, Walmart will have a dedicated wedding cake section where they will have pre-made and custom cakes. While it will be more expensive than buying a pre-made cake, it will be more in-depth and will allow Walmarts’ customers to purchase a cake that will be shipped directly to their home.

So how to get a wedding cake from Walmart? Here are the basic steps for getting a wedding cake from Walmart.

How Do I Order A Wedding Cake From Walmart?

Walmart has both a bakery and a wedding section so you can order a Walmart wedding cake either in-store at the bakery section or online.

When ordering from the bakery, speak to the customer service representative directly, and tell them exactly what you would like.

* **Icons with borders**: The icon with borders makes for a nice visual design.
* **Icons without borders**: The icon without borders is usually the most minimalistic one and is the best fit with small components.
* **Round icons**: Round icons are one of the most popular in many apps, so they can be very useful for UI design.

The Walmart Wedding Cakes page shows you various cake options, including cakes for two tiers, three tiers, six tiers,
twelve tiers, and eight tiers.

In addition to the services offered by Apple, you can download the iOS app, which is free, and offers all similar features.

What Flavor Wedding Cakes Do Walmart Make?

When you order for your wedding, you will be able use flavors and colors similar to the flavors and colors on this Walmart wedding cake!

It’s pretty much like a sponge cake. You can request a white, chocolate, marble or yellow sponge and you can choose strawberry or Bavarian cream for the filling.


Just take in mind that some colors are more suitable for the different types of cakes. For example, you would use “Translucent” for a white cake, “Multi-Colored” for a rainbow cake and “Black” for a dark buttercream.

Get a quick overview of what they sell and where to buy from Walmart.

How Far In Advance Should You Order A Cake From Walmart?

Ideally, I should be able to order eight or more days in advance, especially if the cake I want is large or tiered.

This will give the bakery the time it needs to meet all your specifications and get your cake ready for the big day. If you were to tell the bakery the day before, they might have trouble meeting the time commitment.

Custom cakes ordered at least 24 hours ahead can be delivered to school canteens, daycare centers, restaurants, and more.

How Much Does A Walmart Wedding Cake Cost?

You don’t need to worry about the costs either since you can order the cake and choose to buy it at a percentage you can afford, or you can just go in and buy whatever you like.

For example, a three-tiered wedding cake with iced figures of you and your fiancé will cost you more than a single-tiered cake with a more simple design.

Walmart wedding cakes are typically affordable.

There are several varieties of wedding cakes out there, and you have to know the price for different kinds. At Walmart, the average price of a two-tiered wedding cake is $60 and the average price of a three-tiered wedding cake is $140.

While Costco may offer a lower price, they might not be able to offer your wedding cake flavor.

Do All Walmart Stores Have A Bakery?

You can usually get small cakes baked at Walmart stores. They do not take custom cakes.

When a customer wants a cake made in particular colors or flavors, they are redirected to a selection page for specific cakes. In that selection screen, the customer can search for a specific cake to request.

There are only a few Walmart stores that allow you to buy things other than food. They tend to be a part of the Walmart Express, Supercenters, and Discount Centers, which are described in more detail in this Wikipedia article. The ones listed in the table below should not be confused with the Walmart-owned grocery stores.

What Other Wedding Day Essentials Does Walmart Stock?

If you’re looking for wedding gifts or wedding accessories, Walmart has a wide range of unique wedding supplies, from wedding rings, décor for the ceremony and reception, to much more.

Walmart doesn’t have any products that we recommend, but you can get started buying with their lowest price guarantee.

It also stocks decorations and novelty items for bridal showers and bachelor parties.

If you’re planning your wedding, you may also be interested in using Walmart wedding rings, as well as wedding ring resizing and engraving.

Costco can be one of the most affordable places to buy wedding cakes and it can be great to have a cake that cost less than $100 for a wedding!

Conclusion: Can You Get A Wedding Cake From Walmart?

You can get a chocolate cake, vanilla cake, or buttercream cake from Walmart stores, or online.


There are lots of different styles and decorations to choose from, and you can get your cake in virtually any shape and size imaginable.

Buy your cake eight days before your special day so you can be sure it will arrive on time.

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