Walmart Cake Decorator (duties, Pay, Is It A Hard Job + More)

The cake decorating job is perfect for anyone that loves decorating cakes and has a knack for design.

In the end, you will find that you can make a nice and decent living at Walmart if you have the right skills and the right attitude.

What Is A Walmart Cake Decorator In 2022?

A person of Walmart cake decorator is responsible for taking and designing orders and making cakes and other bakery items that are sold in-store. On the job, you will greet customers and take their orders for the specialized cakes that they request. This requires a knack for design and artistic skills in 2022.

Do you need more information about the Walmart cake decorator position, such as if you need experience or if it’s a great work environment? If so, keep reading for more facts and advice regarding this topic!

What Does a Cake Decorator Do at Walmart?

A Walmart cake decorator is responsible for producing, designing, and decorating cakes that Walmart sells in-store, while also fulfilling customized orders requested by customers. In this position, a Walmart cake decorator will also prepare cakes for special occasions or holidays, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and wedding or baby showers.

As a cake decorator you will assist in creating cakes and decorating them with fondant, edible flowers, and other decorative items. You will also be icing cupcakes, providing customer service, arranging cakes for aesthetics, and producing fondant, decorations, and icing for products.

Cleaning and sanitation of the workspace is also a part of the job description, which requires using cleaning products and avoiding contamination of the ingredients that you will be using for baking.

How Much Does a Walmart Cake Decorator Make?

Walmart is hiring people to decorate cakes. You can expect to earn $12.35 per hour working in the cake decorator section. The pay can range anywhere from $11 to $16.

-There’s no other sources of income. There are no sales to make a profit on. It’s all about the commission.
-You’re a salaried employee in the same way that an agent in an office might be on a salary.
-You’re in it for the long run, and you are rewarded (a bit) according to your performance.

Do You Need Experience to be a Walmart Cake Decorator?

No experience is required to be a Walmart bakery cake decorator, but some training is provided to new decorators as needed.

You should have experience decorating cakes before, or a cooking certification to be able to handle making the chocolate mousse and the cake.

What Hours Does a Cake Decorator Work at Walmart?

Cake decorators become busy during the early morning, since cakes need to be prepared for same-day or even-hour events.

There will be a different baker for each shift, but the hours will vary depending on the needs of each location. It’s not uncommon for there to be a first and second shift cake decorator.

This is when many people will start their shifts with the second shift. When the first shift workers are leaving work people start their jobs in the second shift.

However, during the peak holiday season, you may be working extended hours to fulfill the higher volume of in-store cakes and bakery items. It is important for you to maintain a high level of hygiene in the workplace and to keep your hands, nails and other body parts clean at all times.

Which Skills Does a Walmart Cake Decorator Need?

If you want to apply for the cake decorator position at Walmart, you need to be creative and artistic.

No matter if you are not a professional cake decorator, you can still bake a cake with very simple decoration.

In addition, many of your hours will be spent on your feet because you will be working in warehouses, manufacturing plants and shipping facilities.

Most cake shops are family-run businesses and they need somebody with great time management skills to keep up with deadlines and be able to work fast.

Being able to handle constructive criticism is also a preferred trait. Being able to handle critical feedback from customers is also a preferred trait.

Is a Walmart Cake Decorator a Good Job?

Walmart is a good place to work because I can do what I want with the cakes I make and sell them at a great price.

It’s a good idea to get your opinion into the public domain, as if they like your work they’ll likely continue to use, and if they don’t love it, they may have a good idea or feature they are looking for that you could provide better service.

Many employees can not work with the company because the company is too small, doesn’t give them the importance they deserve, and they are underappreciated.

As with most job at Walmart, the cake decorator job can be quite stressful since it takes place very fast.
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You may not have many customers at your store, but the fact that you are willing to help out with special events will make your community feel special.

The best part of the job is that you can bake and decorate as much you like, regardless of whether you work days or nights, so you can always enjoy the experience.

The good thing about this is that no matter what time you get up in the morning, you just need to make the cake and icing.

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A Walmart cake decorator will be responsible for designing cakes, baking cakes, filling cakes, frosting cakes, and decorating cakes.

Cake decorating requires extensive knowledge and skills. However, if done with the right tools, the job can be enjoyable. There is also a high demand for workers in the field; therefore, it is advisable to start working as soon as you can.

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