Costco Stocker (duties, Is It A Good Job, Pay, Hours + More)

Some stockers at Costco work in the warehouse and help the customers with stock items. They also take inventory of items that are not currently in stock.

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What is a Costco Stocker In 2022?

Stockers at Costco, as of 2022, have to work on themselves and with other workers. Stockers work in stores to ensure that shelves consistently have products available for purchase, monitor for expiration dates and damaged goods, and clear away debris in aisles that could be a safety hazard. Stockers at costco start at $16.44 per hour which is a good salary for the job as of 2022.

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What Are The Duties Of A Costco Stocker?

The merchandise is guided from the store entrance, to each of the four walls and floor, to the exit.

The stocker must make sure there is room for each product on the floor, so that customers can easily find what they want.

Stockers must be alert to new product introductions.

Stockers organize goods in the shelves to create an organized appearance of the goods and to make the goods look as neat and presentable as possible.

Stockers should make sure the shelves are full and that they are not out of a particular item.

When products reach the end of their shelf life, the stocker must place the old products on the back shelf and pull items from the front to fill the empty space.

What are the Qualifications to Be a Stocker at Costco?

To work as a stocker, you must have a high school diploma, a background check, and a drug test.

Stockers in this role are expected to walk around the store, take product from the shelf and place it in a bin, pick up items from the floor, and move stock from one location to another. The hours of these positions can be flexible, but it’s important to have someone in these positions who has a strong knowledge of the store and the product sold there.

Although you do not need any customer service training, you will need to work well independently in a fast-paced work environment, as well as have a good personality for the job.

They are often assigned an area alone, which often leaves employees to do their own work, and must complete tasks independently after a supervisor gives them directions.

While at the sales floor, Stockers will continue to meet with members who may need a help.

It is important for you to be able to handle customer service calls while working independently. You must be able to work between the customer and the customer’s account. You may have to handle multiple customer calls per day.

What Shifts are Available For Stockers to Work at Costco?

Costco is a great work environment, with flexible hours and an opportunity to work every day including weekends and holidays.

Another plus is if you are a part-time employee, you can get the chance to work full-time as well.

How Much is Starting Pay For Costco Stockers?

Starting as a stocker is considered to be a good first step for people who are new to the retail industry. It’s a simple job that pays more than minimum wage, and it’s a step more than a cashier.

 Do Costco Stockers Have Benefits?

Costco pays $100 per week for employees. That’s a large wage for the time and is a good deal for them.

Costco has a strong financial foundation, and offers a flexible work schedule and competitive wages. Employees also receive medical coverage and dental coverage.

When it comes to benefits coverage, full-time and part-time workers can take advantage of the plan.

How Do I Apply For the Stocker Position at Costco?

Applicants are not required to upload a resume or any supporting documents on their applications, such as a cover letter.

So, instead of having employees manually submit their application and resume, they can submit their information online through the applicant portal.

After reviewing the job description you have found out that they are looking for a person with experience in developing a database to allow their program to access the database and pull data from it.

To search for a job, click the Start Search field and specify a location and/or keyword/tags.

After completing the application by filling in the application portal, applicants must send the application document to their target university or college.

Past applicants may log in to the applicant portal with their prior login information or a google login.

You will need to register a new profile in order to complete the application process.

The process might take 10-20 minutes for each application, and then you should contact the hiring manager for further review before the interview process.

What Types Of Questions Should I Expect During My Costco Stocker Interview?

If an applicant thinks a hiring manager is going to contact them, they may be more confident in their work history and know their past job performance better.

During the warehouse interview, expect to hear questions about the candidate’s level of ability to identify customer needs, manage multiple workflows, and prioritize workloads. In addition, candidates should demonstrate a degree of ownership of their own work and the ability to work independently.

Is The Costco Stocker Job A Good Job?

There are many people on Reddit that feel that the Costco Stocker job is boring, but that the wage is good.

During the course of everyday, there is little change in the duties routine, making the position feel stale.

There are some great perks as well as a great pay scale, so it is hard to say it’s not worth it.

Costco is a large company with many departments. It is a great place to work. Each department will have a different pay structure and some may offer different benefits. Make sure to read the job descriptions carefully. You can also check with your local Costco office.


Stockers help shoppers find products they are looking for. Stockers make sure the area is clean and free from debris, posing a risk to staff and the public.

As a worker in this entry-level position, you must uniquely learn the ability to work independently while quickly switching to assistance a member of the Costco team toward an effective goal.

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