How To Arrange A Teddy Bear Themed Birthday Party?

First birthdays are always special; we know you want everything to be perfect. After all, the first milestone for your kid’s life should be celebrated and admired to cherish it forever.

These are the moments you wish to capture and show to your kid when they grow up. Beautiful color decorations, good food, company of friends and family all these things together make your tod’s first birthday memorable. Right? 

Well, it’s a bit skeptical as your kid won’t remember anything about the first birthday, but being a parent, you want everything to fall in place! So, among a plethora of options, you might wonder as to what theme you should go for! Well, the teddy bear theme is a forever yes, and we’re telling you tips you can make the day unforgettable. 

As a new parent, if you try too hard to get everything right, you might not end up having a good time, so relax! We got you covered. We’re telling you some not-so-tacky, simple, bear-themed party and gift ideas for 1st birthday to make your baby’s day decisive!

  1. Decorations and Venue

Teddy bears are cute animals everyone adores! You are opting for a bear theme, ensure that you are prepped with the venue first, whether it’ll be your home or a big church hall with lots of space for kids. You can decorate the area with a collage of your kid’s snaps, balloons, teddy bear cutouts and placing plush bears all around the place to let kids play with them.

  1. Activities and Games

In Addition to a bear-themed party, you can keep activities and games related to teddy bears. For instance, you can arrange a game in which kids need to fix the ear of the bear by picking from a set of ear pairs. Secondly, you can arrange a competition to decorate teddy bears with crayon colours. Whoever colours first, wins!

  1. Food

Heading towards the most exciting element of your kid’s first birthday party – food! Of course, we all know kids drool over scrumptious cakes, puddings, gummy bears. 

What if we say that all these are in the form of bears? It will be catchy to get bear shaped cakes, gummy bears, cookies, and bear crisps. Kids love plush toys, and you can give them a good time getting all food decorated with their favourite bear cupcakes spiced up with jelly beans and chocolate buttons! 

Wrapping Up

These are the few tips that you can follow to make your tod’s birthday memorable with the cute bear themed party. Your munchkin turned one, so you can’t afford to miss anything on this special day. All you need is prepping well; check everything from decorations to venue and menu to ascertain if your kid enjoys it. 

Lastly, deciding on gift idea for 1st birthday may be baffling. But you can present the best, most comforting gift – a giant plush toy that can help your baby’s mental and emotional development in the early growing years. So hop on to a Big Ted to get a range of these plush bears in various sizes and colors.

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