Throwing a Bridgerton Themed Birthday Party

If you have a loved one that is hooked on Bridgerton right now (who doesn’t!?) and they have a birthday coming up then you may want to throw them a fun Bridgerton themed party. Bridgerton is a perfect theme because of its lavish aesthetics, so there is a lot to find inspiration from with a Bridgerton party. Here are a few ideas to host the perfect party.

Handwritten Invitation Cards

You set the tone of the party with the invitation cards and a handwritten card is perfect for this theme because it references the handwritten calling cards that were used in this era. Additionally, a handwritten invite can feel more formal and special compared to an online invite. 

Afternoon Tea

You cannot skip the quintessentially British activity of afternoon tea if you are hosting a Bridgerton party! This will be a key part of the event, so you want to plan well in advance and perhaps do a few practice runs first. In addition to a range of tea options, you will also want to prepare elegant snacks including sandwiches, scones and cakes – you can find recipes and advice for preparing a tea party online. Of course, you will also want some alcohol for the party and it is hard to go wrong with champagne, Prosecco, white wine, Pimms and gin and tonics.


Decoration is vital with any themed party and it should not be too hard to match the Bridgerton aesthetic. You will want to create the right atmosphere with decorations like cake stands, bunting, teapots, teacups and saucers, flowers and candles. You can pick up a lot of the items that you need at charity stores, which can be a great way to save some money while also supporting a good cause. These decorations will also look great alongside birthday cards and colourfully wrapped gifts!

Fancy Dress

Of course, the fancy dress will be a huge part of a Bridgerton party. You do not need to assign characters, but you can make suggestions for the type of clothes that people should wear and perhaps send some outfit inspiration ideas for those that do not watch Bridgerton. The basics of this include colourful house dresses, fancy hair adornments and elegant necklaces and chokers. When everyone makes the effort and you have put thought into the decorations, it will help to set the right mood and should make for a fun-filled party!

Bridgerton is all the rage right now and it is easy to see why. In addition to the mix of genres and intriguing drama, it is also stylistically a masterpiece and hugely appealing. Therefore, a Bridgerton-themed party could be fantastic fun and a great excuse to get your friends together, get dressed up and have an afternoon full of fun and indulgence.

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