Does Party City Blow Up Balloons? Getting Your Balloons Ready  

Shopping for an upcoming party is always interesting when you do it in the right place. It’s best to choose the right retailer to meet your decoration needs. That’s why Party City usually comes to mind.

Party City is a retailer for various selections of festive goods and party supplies. It has over 850 stores in the United States and owns a user-friendly online shop. You can even purchase balloons for your special event there.

But the question is, “does Party City blow up balloons?” This article includes responses to this question and more. So, keep reading!

Does Party City Blow Up Balloons?

Yes, of course! Party City blows up balloons. The stores have helium, which they use to inflate balloons. 

You can purchase balloons from them online and take them to their nearest store to blow them up. But make sure your item specifies helium included. That will ensure you won’t have to pay for the helium at the shop, but make sure you go with your receipt. 

You can also buy and inflate balloons at the store. You can even blow up balloons from other stores there.

Party City has an option for you to buy a balloon online and pick it up already inflated from any store.

However, due to the global helium shortage, some Party City stores may not blow up balloons. So it’s best to contact the store manager before you go there.

How Much Does Party City Charge To Blow Up Balloons?

The price for blowing up balloons at Party City depends on your location. That’s because each store fixes its charges based on the competition in the area. It’s best to call ahead and confirm prices before going there.

Some stores give you a discount on helium when you purchase from the store. Others maintain a constant price, even if you buy the balloon from another store.

Additionally, the prices for inflating balloons differ depending on the type and size. The different balloon types are latex and foil, or Mylar. Other balloon options include numbers, characters, columns, garlands, arches, etc.

Party City also has accessories like tails and tassels, curling ribbons, lights, pumps, and helium tanks.

Latex balloons can cost $0.69 to $1.29 each when purchased in a Party City store. But it’ll cost about $0.99 to $1.29 to fill it when you buy the balloon from another store.

You can fill a foil balloon you bought in a Party City store for about $1.19 to $2.99 if it’s 18-inch. And if it’s a larger size, it can cost you $6.99 to $15.99. But if it’s from another store, it’ll cost you from $1.99 to $15.99 based on the size.

Please note that some stores will fill an 18-inch foil balloon you bought from them for free. Due to the global helium shortage, some Party City stores may not inflate balloons. So, ensure you contact the store near you to confirm.

If you want to fill the balloons yourself, you can buy helium tanks from Party City. They offer both small and large sizes in-store or online.

The small helium tank is about 8.9 cubic feet or 5 inches. You can inflate about 16 18-inch foil balloons or 30 9-inch latex balloons with it. It’s available online or in-store for about $37.

The big helium tank is about 14.9 cubic feet or 12 inches. You can use it to fill about 27 18-inch foil balloons or 50 9-inch latex balloons. You can get one online or at any Party City store for about $50.

You get free shipping on Party City for orders over $49. And have it delivered to you anywhere in the United States.

Alternative Party City Stores

Balloon planet: 

Here, you can get all kinds of festive décor and inflatables. Their selection is unimaginable. And they even offer a customizable balloon printing service. You can even get organic balloons with set-up assistance.

Balloon planet has retail stores in over 500 cities in the United States. They also have a website where you can get DIY arrangements or predesigned options. They even offer same-day delivery for some orders, especially when it’s before 11 a.m. However, they charge high delivery fees.

Dollar Tree: 

You can get party supplies at affordable prices at this store. They also offer floral supplies, cleaning supplies, and so on. It’s a very cheap Party City alternative. That’s because you can get almost everything sold here at $1 or less.

Dollar Tree also blows up balloons. You can also buy helium-filled balloons there. If you purchase balloons from them online, you can inflate them at any of their stores. But it’s best to confirm that the store isn’t out of helium. You can also schedule with the store manager.


It has a popular chain of retail stores around the United States with numerous products. It also has a variety of categories, including Party, Decorative items, Electronics, Clothing, etc.

Note that even though Walmart sells balloons, it’s not all of their stores that inflate them for you. It’s best to contact your local store to be sure before going there. However, even if they do, they may not blow up balloons from another store.

Alternatively, you can purchase helium tanks from any Walmart store. That way, you can blow up the balloons yourself. 

Here, you can get a wide variety of balloons with impressive design options. An example is licensed Disney characters. The Company is Canada-based and delivers its balloons flat. They can personalize some balloons and ship them to you anywhere in the U.S.

However, apart from shipping balloons unfilled, doesn’t offer same-day delivery. And their shipping fees vary depending on your location, order size, and speed. They ship all their orders from Ontario, Canada.

The website has filters that make it easier to search through their collection.

Meri Meri:

Here is a retail store for party supplies. It offers balloon deliveries, but you can also get kits for balloon decoration. That can be a great option if you’re looking for activities for kids. It also comes with simple inflation instructions. It even offers party inspiration.

However, Meri Meri doesn’t ship inflated balloons, so you have to do that yourself. You won’t get free shipping if your order is below $50. They also don’t offer same-day delivery. But you can get other supplies for your party like garlands, piñatas, etc.


The Company owns a chain of retail stores that offers party and art supplies. It has over 1000 stores in the U.S. and Canada; with their headquarters in Irving, Texas. You can get balloons and other decorations there.

Oriental Trading: 

It’s an online retail store based in Omaha, Nebraska. It sells various products but has more than 40,000 products under the party, arts & crafts categories. It’s also a go-to if you want crafts, toys, and games. So, you can get your party supplies here.

Knot and bow: 

The store offers a range of confetti-filled inflatables and other modern designs. That gives you a range of offers to get your party started. You can get supplies at affordable prices.

The Company sells balloons made in the U.S. But their marble party balloons get hand-dipped in Mexico. However, they get assembled in New York.

Knot and bow don’t offer same-day deliveries. And you may have to pay shipping fees for orders below $75. Additionally, they don’t ship inflated balloons, so you have to do that yourself.

The Apollo box: 

Here, you get all kinds of unique gifts in different categories. Part of their gift collections includes a surprise balloon box. It contains various party decorations and balloons. It comes in two themes (pink or purple), with “surprise” written on top. It costs about $66.

You can check the Apollo box products page to see the contents of each box. They offer free shipping, but there’s no same-day delivery.

Note that the balloons arrive flat, and you’ll need to inflate them yourself. But the good thing is they include a pump in the box. That means you won’t need to look for where to inflate the balloons.

From You Flowers: 

Here is another impressive alternative, an online florist that handles flower arrangements and balloon bouquets. They can come with or without flowers, chocolate, or a teddy bear.

From You Flowers offers discounts, promotions, and cheap delivery options. But their delivery fees depend on your location. However, you can get inflated balloons delivered to you, even with a card of your choice.

The online store collaborates with local florists to meet their orders. However, their design availability depends on your location. They also have a lesser balloon selection than other retailers.

Birthday Express: 

Here, you can shop for all kinds of party supplies. The Company is an online retailer based in New Berlin, Wisconsin. You can also order decorations and costumes at affordable prices.


Party City blows up balloons. But they only inflate balloons in their physical locations. However, due to helium scarcity, some of their stores may not do so. That’s why you have to contact the store near you to confirm.

The cost of blowing up balloons in Party City stores also varies based on location. They fix prices based on the competition in the area.

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