Does Meijer Fill Helium Balloons? (all You Need To Know)

Meijer is a famous grocery store with a wide range of other products, including balloons and other party accessories.

Usually, a candy or balloon store that sells them is likely to fill them with helium too. You should have a look at this store!

Does Meijer Fill Helium Balloons In 2022?

Meijer is a store that sells groceries, household supplies and other things. The company is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company has over 3,600 stores in the Midwest.

How Long Does It Take to Fill Helium Balloons at Meijer?

Filling a single balloon with helium at Meijer takes 2 – 3 minutes. When you are looking to order many balloons, it is advisable to call in for a refill ahead of time to avoid delays.

If you can’t find them, you may need to either get creative with your own balloon supplies or just get a balloon animal instead (or maybe both).

In that case, you should bring the balloons to the store as soon as possible before you need them.

If you want to take balloons for a refill, you could be waiting several minutes at the most,
depending on the number of balloons you have.

How Much Does It Cost to Fill a Helium Balloon at Meijer?

When a customer purchases a helium-filled balloon, it is priced based on the type of balloon that is being filled.

This means that people in your city can save money buying the small, inflated balloons, and people in your town and area can save money purchasing the larger, inflatable balloons. Also, consider when you are purchasing a product, the size and shape might vary depending on where the balloon is being sold.

However, if you buy the balloons online and they are deflated, Meijer will fill them at no additional cost.

The price of a balloon fills up balloons you previously bought and emptied.
This is an example of passive voice. The original sentence is perfectly clear so we don’t change it.

If you come across a Meijer that will not refill your balloons, find another store and buy them there.

Must You Call Meijer ahead of Time to Fill Your Balloons with Helium?

It is not mandatory, but it is advisable to make a call beforehand to fill your balloons at Meijer.


If you order the balloons at least a day before and you want them to be ready as soon as you arrive, you’ll want to make sure you don’t order too many.

Because they cannot obtain the money to pay for the 10 balloons they cannot sell. Meijer does not know who’s buying those balloons, and if they are not ordered before 3pm they will be delivered at random.

I pre-ordered the game because I have a feeling that it will not have any issues. The problem is that you can not preorder at most Meijer stores and they do not have good information online.
A while ago, I was looking for help with a new game and I found some very misleading information on the Meijer web site.

If you feel like your experience doesn’t match the expectations you thought it would, a store visit before you commit is a great idea.

Which Other Stores Fill Helium Balloons?

Meijer is not the only store where you can buy helium balloons. You can then visit other similar Meijer stores or similar stores for a similar service.

Does Meijer Sell Prefilled Helium Balloons?

The balloons come in different colors and inflate up to 12 inches.
Each balloon is filled with helium to inflate up to 12 inches.

You can purchase pre-filled helium balloons online and in-store.

(6) One of the first things you can do to save money on your purchase is buy helium tank kits instead of purchasing the tank(s) individually.

Does Meijer Deliver Helium Balloons?

Meijer gives you the ability to order its products and have them delivered to your doorstep without leaving your couch. It is partnering with Instacart.

You can also buy products from Amazon and have them delivered to your preferred location through Instacart.

If you are located in a city, delivery can happen within 4-5 hours, but in rural areas, which could be a few hours away, delivery can take as long as 24 hours.

What Types of Balloons Does Meijer Sell?

Meijer sells balloons of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Two sizes are shown: One is a 24-inch, and the other is a 24 inch, 8-foot diameter.

What Types of Party Accessories Does Meijer Sell?

To know more on the history of balloon filling, you can read our post on whether or not the US Postal Service filled balloons in the past.


The largest stores you could go to for helium balloons include Meijer, Wal-Mart, Kroger, Home Depot, and The Container Store. The stores also offer a plethora of other helium supplies, including balloons, helium containers, and more.

You can also ask to buy some extra balloons if you think you won’t finish them all on your party. The store will gladly fill your order.

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