Does Safeway Fill Helium Balloons? (price, Types, Locations + More)

If you’re looking for a unique way to give your gift something to hold on to, balloons are a fun way to make it happen.

If you’re a Safeway customer, you may be wondering if you’ll be able to buy balloons. You can go to a Safeway, and they may be able to fill balloons for you, or they may not.

Does Safeway Fill Helium Balloons In 2022?

Safeway will no longer make fill balloons available to customers in grocery stores as of 2022. If the balloons are purchased from Safeway, then the balloons will be able to be filled with helium or air free of charge.

If you would like to know how much it cost to get inflatable balloons filled with helium at Safeway, what types of inflatable balloons are available, and how they work, keep on reading!

How Much Does it Cost to Fill Helium Balloons at Safeway?

There is a list of the different types of balloons and their prices at the Safeway.

The move is in response to balloon sales dropping in the last few months.

Customers can bring their own balloons but they will have to pay to fill and fill them.

You can fill your balloons with helium for $2 per balloon if it’s less than 18 inches.

There are three different sizes of balloons at the store: medium balloons, large balloons and small balloons.

Does Safeway Sell Helium Balloons?

The majority of Safeway stores have a balloon bouquet section and the department is usually manned by a florist.

If you purchase deflated balloons to be filled with helium, you won’t have to pay the special price for helium.

Also, some other brands of latex balloons are sometimes made with PVC and mylar. The balloons are the same as those sold at Wal-Mart or The Great Indoors for a few dollars less.

You can buy these balloons from anywhere from $54- $92. I was looking at getting some for my birthday and thought I would share the prices.

Does Every Safeway Location Fill Helium Balloons?

 For locations that do not provide this service, you may still use a smaller tank but the minimum size is still 1.2 pounds.

Customers who are unsure if their local Safeway provides this service can phone the store and ask for more information by calling their customer service desk.

Which Balloons Will Safeway Fill With Helium?

When choosing a helium supplier it is important to verify the manufacturer’s certification and registration, and if you intend to use that supplier’s service for more than the standard number of visits, to verify whether or not to get a long-term service contract.

You can also bring in your own material, or you can purchase mylar (the thin white sheet used in balloons) and latex balloons separately at Safeway, with a helium fill for free.

Where Can I Get Helium Balloons Filled in Safeway?

Safeway doesn’t have any service for filling balloons with helium. So, you might have to go to another store.

However, customers can usually get it at the flower department if there are bouquets of balloons in stock.

Customers can ask for assistance at any of the various customer service stands. They can also ask for assistance at the customer service desk. There, a store associate will direct them to the department that can assist them with getting their balloons filled.

Safeway is a popular grocery store chain in the United States. If you want to learn more about the business of Safeway, you can also check out our posts on whether or not Safeway has a custom cake service, if Safeway sells alcohol, and if Safeway has sushi.


 If you go to a Safeway store to fill your balloons with helium, you will be able to get a fill for free if you purchase directly from Safeway.

A customer can go to a nearby grocery store and buy helium balloons for their event. The balloons will come in a package, with a specific number of balloons. This is different than when customers buy balloons in bulk.

In the best case, you can try to change the shipping address as well, but this might not work.

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