Best Black Anime Characters

Some of the best black Anime characters include Kaname Tōsen, Kilik Rung, Bob Makihara, and many more. Check out the full list and details below.

Anime is a form of art from Japan that typically features animation and graphic design. It has been around for decades but has been increasingly gaining popularity in western culture.

One thing that makes anime different from other forms of animation is that anime typically features anthropomorphic characters with animal-like traits.

The most common type of characters are humans with animal parts, but there are many other types of anthropomorphism as well.

Popularity in the west is on the rise, and black characters are taking a more prominent role in anime. Here is a list of the best black anime characters.

1. Kaname Tōsen

Kaname Tōsen is a character from the anime Bleach. Tōsen is the former captain of the 9th Division who betrayed Soul Society and joined Aizen.

The character is a major antagonist in the Bleach series. He is one of the top three Espada in Aizen’s army and is known for being the only Shinigami to return to the Soul Society. After his defeat by Ichigo Kurosaki, he was sentenced to execution by Sōsuke Aizen.

The black-haired male character Kaname Tōsen is one of the most powerful characters in the series.

He is a Shinigami who joined Sōsuke Aizen’s army. His power is said to be on par with that of Byakuya Kuchiki and Kenpachi Zaraki. He uses his Zanpakutō, Suzumushi, to combat.

His appearance has been described as handsome and elegant. He wears a white Haori with red inner linings and light black pants. His white Shihakushō has a purple lining at the edges and is open at the front, revealing a portion of his chest.

2. Kilik Rung

Kilik Rung is one of the main characters in the Soul Eater series. He is a weapon meister who wields two hand axes.

Kilik has a lot of power and is one of the most powerful members of the group. This makes him an integral part of the group.

Kilik has a lot of great qualities, but his main flaw is that he’s too nice for his own good. He’s too kind and trusting, which can be seen as both a good thing and a bad thing.

He lacks the edge that some members like Black Star have, but he is still an important member of the group because he helps to balance out some aspects that could potentially cause problems.

3. Bob Makihara

The main protagonist of the Tenjho Tenge series is Bob Makihara. He’s a second-year student of the Juken Club and he’s one of the more powerful fighters in the club.

His fighting style is based on wrestling and his signature move is called “the Olympic Slam”. He is a very strong-willed person, who doesn’t let anyone control him.

He’s in love with his childhood friend, Aya Natsume, but she doesn’t think of him that way. He has a younger sister named Yuki Makihara, who’s a second-year student at the Juken Club and the captain of the girls’ team.

He thinks he’s better than her because she doesn’t train as hard as he does. Bob also has an older brother named Shouko Makihara. He’s a former student of the same school and he currently works for the police department.

4. Michiko Malandro

Michiko Malandro is a black character from the anime Michiko and Hatchin. She is an orphan who is taken in by her father’s sister when he dies in jail.

She is a very rebellious teenager who always gets into trouble and has a bad attitude. She is unlucky, which she blames on her bad luck. She gets knocked out in a fight and wakes up with amnesia, but she doesn’t remember anything about her past or how she got there.

She is a really tough character and will do anything for the person she likes/loves. She doesn’t care what people think about her and she doesn’t like to be treated nicely. She lives with Hatchin, who was her father’s cellmate in jail.

She is in love with him and thinks that he is dead, so she meets Michiko when she comes to town.

Michiko Malandro is a fun character because of the way she acts, talks, and dresses. Her outfit consists of a red hat, black shirt, and pants, white shoes, and gloves.

Michiko is even known for escaping jail.

5. Nils Yajima

Nils Yajima is a character from the anime “Gundam Build Fighters” who first appeared in episode 13.

Nils loves science and that seems to be his only concern. Nils is known for inventing the Plavsky particle.

Now he works in creating the Gunpla Battle system with his role as chief engineer at Yajima Engineering.

6. Marik Ishtar

Marik Ishtar is an anime character that is often seen in the Yu-Gi-Oh series. He is a powerful card player, but he has a dark side to him.

He often makes people do his bidding by using “mind control” to make them do what he wants.

Marik is the person who is responsible for making Mai Valentine a duelist. He uses his “mind control” powers to make her do his bidding and he uses her to get what he wants.

Marik is also responsible for hurting Yugi’s grandfather, Solomon Muto.

He also mind controls Kaiba into dueling Yugi for the “Blue-Eyes White Dragon.” Marik has a lot of power when it comes to mind control and he can use it whenever he wants.

7. Darui

The series Naruto is a story of a boy with the power of the nine-tailed fox. He carries the burden of his village and fights to save it from all sorts of dangers.

One such character is Darui, who is a ninja from a different village, along with his partner Kurotsuchi.

Darui is calm and collected, but he can be short-tempered at times. He’s also very loyal and will do whatever it takes to protect his team and the other ninja in Konoha.

Darui is a chunin-level ninja, whose proficiency in lightning nature allows him to fire high voltage lightning bolts, or even create armor made of electricity.

He’s also very good with a sword, which he can use to cut through the air and fire off electric attacks.

8. Atsuko Jackson

Atsuko is a 19-year old girl who is an orphan and she finally finds her mother, but her mother doesn’t want anything to do with the daughter she abandoned.

Atsuko’s mother (Michiko) is a pimp and has her daughter doing some illegal activities for her.

We also see Michiko’s other daughter, Hana who doesn’t know about her sister until later in the series. Atsuko tries to find out about her family and what happened to them.

Final Thoughts

The world of anime has been dominated by white characters for so long, but black anime characters are finally beginning to get their time in the spotlight.

The industry has broken new ground in recent years with the rise of more diverse animated characters. Black anime characters are gaining popularity.

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