Is All Might American? Toshinori Yagi’s True Identity 

Have you ever wondered about all might’s nationality? Well, most of my hero academia fans do. The subject is perhaps the most controversial discussion in the comic.

Most fans believe that the character is of American descent. This is because the character has American-like features. 

His appearances, costume, and move names are some of the features that make him seem American. But is all Might American?

No, he is not. All Might is a Japanese character who is obsessed with American culture. His name is Toshinori Yagi, which is Japanese. He, however, presents himself as a typical American superhero.

 The character visits America to study and ends up falling in love with the country. It is for this reason that most of his features are inspired by American culture.

Why Do People Think All Might Is American?

Several features make all might seem American. Most people associate his costume with that of American superheroes. Just like superman, all Might’s costume has all colors of the American flag.

It is not clear what informed the creator’s choice of color. Perhaps it was because an American scientist designed the costume.

The character’s appearance and behavior are symbolic of western superhero traits. He is tall, masculine, and bold, loud, and has blond hair. It doesn’t get more American than that!

All Might studied in America for a few years, where he picked up his interests in the country. Before unleashing a smash, he utilizes the names of American states as a show of love and homage. 

There is also something American about how he names his moves. He consistently calls out American states before his smashes.

 He practiced in America for five years and may have developed his method of calculating and controlling his strength. He uses the names of small states to unleash little power and large states for maximum strength.

 All might also embody American looks. This is attributed to his blond hair and average American skin complexion. 

Skin complexion does not always identify race in manga anime. However, most western fans still associate the character with their American superheroes.

All Might’s Backstory

1. His childhood

All might was born at a time when people without powers were becoming uncommon. He was one of the unlucky to be born without powers. During his childhood, all for one was at his prime power state, and no one opposed him. 

This is what sparked all might’s desire to create a peaceful world. However, this was just but a dream because he had no powers.

2. How All Might got his powers

In his teenage years, he encountered a superhero, Nana Shimura. In their interactions, he told her about his vision of becoming a symbol of peace. 

Later on, Nana passed her powers to him before he turned 16. This made All Might the 8th wielder of the powers.

3. All Might’s first fight with all for one

All Might was able to use his powers from the beginning. Before graduating from UA, he got into a fight with all for one.  

All for one managed to overpower all might, Gran Torino and Nana Shimura. Nana sacrificed her life so that all might be able to live. He was the only hope of defeating all for one.

4. All Might’s time in America

All might was burdened with the desire to avenge his master. However, he lacked the strength and skills to harness his powers. Gran Torino sent him to America to study and train. 

This allowed him to return to japan strong enough to defeat all for one. Before leaving Japan, he restyled his hair and adopted his master’s trademark smile.

 In America, All Might immediately began superhero duties. In one instance, he saved a group of scientists from an explosion. 

One of the scientists then rewarded him by designing a costume for him. They became friends and acted as a hero team in California.

It’s during his stay in America that he developed all the names for his moves. He, later on, returned to Japan and defeated all for one, and became the symbol of peace.

5. The fall of all for one

At the peak of his career, all might battle all for one, and the two ended up with life-changing injuries.

All Might lost his stomach. His respiratory system was irreparably damaged, and he could no longer operate at the peak of his power. Despite all that, he still came off this fight better off. 

Using his powers, nighteye foretold all might’s future, a tragic end to his life. However, all might was adamant about being the symbol of peace.

Five years down the line, All Might realized that nighteye’s prediction was unveiling. He decided to enlist at UA as a teacher to find and mentor his successor. 

All might’s rising period saw all for one’s influence dwindle significantly. The villain, later on, became a legend as opposed to a threat. 

All Might’s Sidekicks

All Might had two sidekicks during his reign as a superhero. The two were;

1. David shield

All Might’s first sidekick is an American science student. The two meet and become friends after All Might rescued them from an explosion. 

They become friends and form a superhero sidekick team. David shield designed All Might’s costumes as a show of gratitude.

He designed it to withstand any form of power. Together, they explored America performing superhero deeds.

2. Night eye

He is an intelligent Japanese guy with powers. His superpowers allow him to see into the future of individuals with whom he makes eye contact. 

Horikoshi designed him to be symbolic of a typical Japanese man.  The two became the best stereotypical superhero duos in the history of anime. 

With the help of his powers, Night eye foretold the end of all might’s run as a superhero.

Is All Black Married?

No, he isn’t. All Might depicts the purest form of the Japanese commitment to calling. Throughout the series, he does not let his personal life come in the way of work. His essence is saving people, and that is all he does.

Who Mentored All Might?

All Might was primarily mentored by Gran Torino and partly by Nana Shimura. Nana Shimura was the 7th wielder of the powers. She passed on her powers to All Might in his teenage years.

She, however, dies after a failed attempt to fight all for one. The three-team up to fight the villain, but things go south, and all for one overpowers them. 

Nana Shimura sacrifices her life to save all might. She uses her last breath to instruct all might to finish the fight and defeat all one.

After her death, Gran Torino is left to train and mentor all might. He, later on, sends him to America to study and train to defeat all for one.

Does All Might Die?

At this stage of the series, all might is still alive. His role is, however, reduced to that of a teacher. He has exhausted his powers, and the best he can do is mentor his successors Deku and Bakugo.

The quirk now rests in the hands of Deku. Unlike his master, Deku is no natural, and he is depicted as having trouble using the powers. 

According to nighteye’s prediction, all might’s end will surely come. He is set to meet a gruesome death at the hands of a villain.

 Even though he is worn out and powerless, he continues to mentor the next generation of superheroes. 

We can all agree that he has fulfilled his duties. Though tragic, his demise will pave the way to a new dawn of superheroes.

Is All Might Symbolic To America?

Many anime critics and reviewers believe that All Might speaks to America. His rise and fall are believed to be symbolic of the trend in the western anime industry. 

The fading of all might be symbolic of the fall of anime production in America.

My hero academia starts with all might being old and worn out. He is worn out from years of fighting and ailing.

His advanced age and wanting health make it hard for him to keep up with villains. However, he is reluctant to retire. He is portrayed as a lone wolf superhero who handles everything by himself.

In a way, this matches the Japanese stereotype of Americans. They often stereotype Americans as lone-wolf individuals who do or say what they want.

In comparison, most Japanese superheroes often collaborate. They use their strengths together to attain the ultimate goal.

Even though America consumes and creates so much content, most of the work is outsourced overseas in the name of cheap labor. 

We can read into all might’s fading directly correlated to the American comic and animation industry. His inability to maintain his superhero form is the dying coming book industry in America. 


All might is not white. He is Asian with Japanese nationality. He appears American as the creator of the series draws his inspiration from western superheroes

All might share western-like features such as bulky muscles, a tall physique, and bright eyes. He also features red, blue, and white American flag colors in his costume.

His appearance and character are some of the reasons why he is perceived to be American. 

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