Why Did Omni-Man Kill The Guardians?

Invincible is one of the most popular superhero series on Amazon Prime.

The show revolves around the life of Mark Grayson when he learns about his power and eventually struggles to become a complete superhero.

The main reason why Omni-Man kills the Guardians is that they acted as a hindrance to his plan to conquer Earth. 

Who is Mark Grayson? 

Mark Grayson was the son of Debbie and Nolan. Nolan was given the title of being the strongest hero on Earth, Omni-Man. Omni-Man isn’t human, but he belongs to the race of Viltrumite, who was from the plant Viltrum. 

The Viltrumites came to the Earth to boost the civilization of the planet. However, they were all hopeful that Mark would awaken his powers one day. After Mark’s powers awaken, Omni-Man starts training him. 

Like most of the superheroes, Mark also gets his suit. Once Mark awakens the power, Omni-Man starts to lure the Guardians of the Globe to slaughter them in cold blood while he loses consciousness of himself. However, there is significant confusion about who murders the Guardians. 

While all this happens in the backdrop, Mark trains like a superhero. Nonetheless, everyone starts to suspect that maybe Omni-Man has something to do with the killing of Guardians. 

The Dark Past of Omni-Man

The dark past of Omni-Man is revealed as the series moves ahead. As the series unfolds, it is found that the greatest superhero of Earth told everyone lies about his species. While it was shown that Viltrumites would be helping in developing the civilization, it turns out that wasn’t the truth.

They were not the benevolent people they were shown to be. Nolan confesses him to the Invincible or Mark. 

Initially, the Viltrumite population had set out against each other to find out the weakest. This eventually led to only half of them surviving, the strongest ones.

However, by Omni-Man’s birth, the Viltrumites had already added the galaxy as the most substantial empire. They were conquering the planets for fun. 

As Omni-Man grew older, he too became a part of the cause. Nonetheless, they eventually found it hard to conquer more after they ended up conquering thousands of planets.

This eventually made it tough for them to expand the empire. Nonetheless, they also started to introduce new strategies to tackle the problems. 

Since there were several Viltrumites, every officer was assigned a particular planet to weaken it. Earth was one of the major planets, and Omni-Man was assigned the same. However, the presence of Guardians of Globe was being a hindrance to his plan.

To weaken the planet Earth, Omni-Man ended up killing them. 

However, Omni-Man also admits that even though he loves Debbie, she is ‘like a pet’. When Invincible comes to know about this, he is shaken and devastated.

This eventually led to Debbie being heartbroken and Invincible being furious. 

Did Omni-Man Kill the Guardians? 

The Viltrumites were perceived as a hero. However, Omni-Man killing the Guardians came as an ultimate shock to everyone. The main reason behind it is shown in the eighth episode.

However, those who had read the comics were familiar with it much earlier. 

Nolan fought a monster to save a carnival. However, his deed was interrupted by Immortal, who Nolan had already killed. The Mauler Twins had a huge role in reviving Immortal.

The main reason to revive Immortal was to make him their slave. However, they failed to do so. 

After Immortal was revived, he straight away went to Omni-Man to know the actual reason behind him killing the Guardians. However, the actual inquiry was never made.

Nonetheless, the main problem is that Omni-Man has always been the main force to be suspected of. 

Invincible had helped Omni-Man fight Immortal. The fight ended with Omni-Man cutting Immortal in two halves.

With Mark observing everything, Omni-Man resorted to telling him the truth. He revealed his dark past and also confessed to killing the Guardians. 

What Next? 

Nolan’s confession left everyone shocked. However, he went on to say that anyone who resented the move would be killed. After confessing to the things he had done, Omni-Man turned to his son, Invincible, to ask him to be a part of his deed as well.

To manipulate Mark into joining the evils of Viltrumites, Omni-Man confessed that every person he loves would be dead. 

While Omni-Man tried to convince Invincible into joining him, Mark refused to do so. The father-son duo got into an argument which eventually turned into a fight. Nolan attacked Mark, which eventually led to thousands of people being killed. 

The confession of Nolan that he doesn’t love Debbie left Mark infuriated. He called him a liar and said he was doing all this for nothing.

Although Nolan said that Mark would have no one, he admitted that he would always have his father. This led to Nolan sparing Mark and flying back to space. 

What Took Omni-Man So Long to Kill the Guardians? 

While Omni-Man could have killed the Guardians long back, they waited for a significant time. People who have read the comics are already familiar with the reason. However, those who watched the show might have some troubles. 

Some of the key reasons why Omni-Man took a long time to kill the guardians include:

The lifespan of Viltrumites is much larger than that of a normal human. 

Viltrumites wanted to capture planets for fun. Therefore, the longer he delayed, the more sadistic pleasure he would get by killing the Guardians. 

Omni-Man took so long to kill the Guardians because he wanted to know the weaknesses and defenses of Earth. Although he wanted to get rid of everything initially, he could not do so. This is mostly because he knew that if he jumped into killing the Guardians, he wouldn’t be able to do so. 

Omni-Man wanted his son to join forces with him, which never happened. His evil desires led to corruption and significant problems. While Omni-Man managed to kill the Guardians, he failed to protect his family.

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