Why Did Voldemort Want to Kill Harry?

The Dark Lord Voldemort wanted to kill Harry Potter because he was the only one who could defeat him in a duel, and he knew that if he killed Harry, the Potter line would end, and there would be no one to oppose him.

Voldemort wanted to take over the world. He wanted to rule it with an iron fist, and his supporters would be given the most power in his reign.

Who was Voldemort?

Voldemort was a half-blood, so he had the abilities of both a Muggle (non-magical) and magical person. He was mighty, but he wasn’t as powerful as the rest of us.

So Voldemort went about trying to find ways to make himself even more powerful. He tried many different things, including finding ways to make himself immortal.

The way he saw would be used to make him immortal was by splitting his soul into seven pieces: one piece for each of his Horcruxes (objects in which a part of his soul lives). This way, when he died, all seven pieces would go back together, and he would be reborn.

But before you ask: no, no spell or potion can split a person’s soul into multiple parts like that; it’s impossible! Only Dumbledore could do that with magic, and even then, it wasn’t easy!

What are Horcruxes?

The Horcruxes are objects into which Voldemort put part of his soul so that they would destroy part of him when they were killed.

Initially, there were two Horcruxes: the diary and the ring. The other five were the locket, the cup, Hufflepuff’s cup (which was destroyed), Slytherin’s locket (which was damaged), and Nagini (Voldemort’s snake).

Harry Potter was the only one left who lived at 12 Grimmauld Place in London (Headquarters for The Order Of The Phoenix).

Albus Dumbledore had told Harry all about Voldemort’s Horcruxes because he knew that he was one of the few people who could defeat Voldemort by using them against him by destroying them once and for all.

What Did the Prophecy Say?

Voldemort wanted to kill Harry Potter because of a prophecy that claimed a boy whose powers would be the end of Voldemort. The prophecy was made by Professor Sybill Trelawney, an old and very wise witch.

Voldemort decided to kill this boy, and he killed Harry’s parents first. But he failed in killing Harry. One of the most powerful wizards in the world, Albus Dumbledore, convinced the evil wizard that killing Harry was not what the prophecy meant.

Dumbledore sent Harry to live with his aunt and uncle, who didn’t even want to look at him because they were too busy mourning his dead parents.

They were very mean to him and made him sleep in a small cupboard under the stairs where there was barely any light or space for him at all. They also gave him a lot of chores to do around their house.


Harry didn’t have any friends until he started going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he met Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, who became his best friends.

At Hogwarts, he learned how to do magic from all kinds of fascinating teachers, but he was still mistreated by his aunt and uncle back at home.

When Harry got older, he began having strange dreams about a dark wizard named Voldemort trying to kill him when he was a baby. He also learned that Lord Voldemort had tried many times to kill him as a baby but failed every time because something always happened to stop Voldemort from succeeding in his plans.

What Powers Did Harry Possess That Voldemort Lacked?

The first power that Harry possessed that Voldemort lacked was the love from his family and friends. In the end, it’s what ultimately saved him. The second power that Harry had that Voldemort didn’t was love.

When Voldemort was at his weakest, he tried to destroy Harry, but it was his downfall. And finally, the third power that Harry had over Voldemort was conscience.

It’s what saved him from using a deadly curse on a baby, and it’s what stopped him from killing Harry when he needed his blood to live.

What is the Significance of the Lightning-Bolt Scar on Harry’s Forehead?

It’s a physical manifestation of the connection between Harry and Voldemort. Because of this connection, Voldemort was able to see into Harry’s mind and gain information about him that he would not have learned on his own.

It also allowed Harry to access memories that he would not have access to otherwise.

Who Was Voldemort Before He Became Voldemort?

In the Harry Potter series, Voldemort was a dark wizard orphaned as a child. He grew up living with his Muggle family and later attended Hogwarts, where he met and fell in love with a fellow student named Lily Potter.

However, after she rejected his advances, he turned to a life of evil and became a powerful sorcerer.

For the next ten years, Voldemort planned to find the Philosopher’s Stone to turn himself into an immortal being. When he learned that it was being kept at Hogwarts, he targeted the school and its students to get what he wanted.

To get there, he needed help from Professor Quirinus Quirrell to come up with a plan. However, Quirrell’s body was not strong enough for Voldemort’s needs, so he possessed it and used it as a host to work together.

However, after the attempted murder of Harry Potter failed thanks to a young Professor Snape, Quirrell died, and Voldemort left him behind before learning of another way to get what he wanted: The Sorcerer’s Stone.

Final Thoughts

Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort’s relationship is the most important in the series, as it is the relationship that is at the center of everything.

Their relationship begins when they are both trying to kill each other, but it quickly changes into one where Voldemort will do anything to find harry.

Voldemort’s reason for wanting to find Harry is because he believes that Harry has some of his power inside him. He wants to get rid of it because he thinks it makes him weak.

His anger with Harry comes from jealousy and envy for all his attention. James Potter was the only person who ever showed Voldemort any kindness, which is why Voldemort resents Harry so much.

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