How Tall Is Naruto? Masashi Kishimoto’s Masterpiece 

Naruto is one of the top Japanese manga the world has ever seen. It was authored and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. Naruto’s first episode dropped in 2007, and to the disbelief of Narutards (hardcore Naruto fans), the manga ended after a decade.

Naruto’s final episode dropped in 2017, and in total, the owners made over 250 million sales. But even though the author, Kishimoto, claimed to have written the last episode, the series had generated buzz on the internet that isn’t going away anytime soon.

From Narutards to those who can’t stand the word, “Naruto,” there have been several arguments about the characters, with questions flying here and there. One of those questions is on Naruto’s height.

So, if you’re wondering what Naruto’s height was, here’s the answer.

How tall is Naruto?

Though the adolescent Ninja, Naruto, was a mere, fictional character, the author, Kishimoto, tried to present him as a real human being. And he successfully executed that by indicating notable changes in Naruto’s and other character’s existence in the series. 

The manga’s author was able to indicate Naruto’s height and weight in each part. In the first part (Part I), Naruto was just 4 feet 9 inches (145.3 cm). You can tell that he was just a little boy at this point. He also weighed 88 pounds, approximately 39.91 kg. 

In the second part (Part II), Naruto’s height increased to 5 feet 4 inches (166 cm). His weight jumped to 121 pounds (50.9kg).     

However, in the final episode, which dropped in 2017, Naruto’s height was 5 feet and 11 inches, equivalent to 180cm.  

So, that’s the estimate of Naruto’s height. However, we have more in store for you, so keep reading.

Who Is Naruto? 

It’s possible that most people have heard the name “Naruto” but haven’t made moves to watch the Japanese manga. And shockingly, most people that considered themselves as Narutards when they were kids would be adults by now. That’s because the manga was released decades ago.

But the truth is whether you’re an adult or kid, you’ll enjoy watching Naruto. Tons of kids and adults still watch the manga today.

Naruto was a young Ninja, as depicted by his height and weight. From the beginning of the series, his dreams and aspirations were very clear. He aspired to become the Hokage, the highest position in his village.

Naruto wasn’t a bookworm, as depicted in the Japanese manga. He was never the bravest in his class, yet that didn’t deter him from achieving his goal. He finally became the Hokage he dreamed of becoming as a child. But this achievement didn’t come without a fight.

Why Can An Adult Benefit From Watching Naruto?

It’s no longer news that adults (males and females) watch or have watched Naruto. Call it a matter of choice or not. But that’s the truth. However, most people may find this irritating and suggest adults shouldn’t even consider watching anime in the first place.

Things you may likely hear from such people are:

  • Naruto is strictly for children.
  • You’re making a mockery of yourself
  • It’s simply an animation and not real.
  • You’re bigger than this. Please, stop!
  • What would your kids watch since you’re watching anime?
  • I don’t know how you manage to enjoy this anime.

The list goes on and on. But the truth is Naruto isn’t only for children, as adults can also enjoy watching the movie. For children, the reason for watching could be the action and presentation of each character. Generally, animation fascinates kids.

However, it’s a different thing for adults. In addition to the intrigues that Naruto’s actions bring, adults can learn a thing or two from the series. So, let’s look at some of the reasons why adults should watch Naruto.

Ability to recognize real emotions: 

Emotions are one of most people’s biggest undoing. Many have destroyed their lives because of their inability to control their emotions. Naruto teaches that in a practical and easy-to-understand way. You’ll learn how to handle loneliness, anger, depression, happiness, love, hatred, and others.

The value of true friendship:  

Most people don’t know how to recognize or appreciate true friendships. Some have experienced too many hurts from friends and resolved not to open up their hearts to love again.

If you’re in any of these positions, you’ll benefit immensely from watching Naruto. The bond between Naruto and Sasuke will serve as a base to examine your bond, including what you can do for your friends in times of great need.

Motivation from Naruto: 

Naruto is more than just the lead character. His life was an inspiration. Naruto’s life is proof that whenever life gives you a lemon, make lemonade out of it. Even with the challenges, he faced from childhood to adulthood; he never gave up.

The confidence Naruto showed as a kid can help motivate kids. He also displayed the same confidence as an adult, a great motivation for grownups who care to watch the manga.

Entertaining and educating storyline: 

Naruto’s storyline makes it one of the best animes in the world. Kishimoto’s ability to incorporate several life lessons, experiences, and desired responses to varied challenges made it more exciting and educational.

The anime focuses on perseverance, friendship, love, and hope, which many people generally lack in their relationships and lives.

Case study for intending anime creators: 

It might not be easy for upcoming anime creators to produce a piece that will outshine Kishimoto’s Naruto. But we can’t rule out the possibility of such happening in the future.

However, as a newbie in the anime world, having samples to study can give you a heads up. And given Naruto Shippuden’s success, you’ll surely learn a thing or two by watching the animation.

So, should adults watch the show? Yes, they should. The anime should be recommended to anyone, regardless of what they’re going through in life. If you’re depressed, you can learn something from this anime to better your life. If you’re heartbroken, happy, sad, or haven’t got the drive to pursue your goal in life, you’ll benefit from watching Naruto.

The conversations, quotes, and emotions displayed in Naruto are deep. Kishimoto did a great job. For kids, the cool fight is all they’ll care about in the movie. For grownups, there’s more to Naruto than the cool fights. Watch the show, and you’ll be amazed.

Facts You Might Not Know About Naruto

Naruto is a complex anime, with 720 episodes (220 for the original Naruto and 500 episodes for Naruto Shippuden. There are so many characters to remember and so many scenes to explore. So, it’s better not to miss a single episode.

However, there are things you may not know about the anime, even if you have watched the entire episodes. Let’s look at some of them.

  1. Naruto ranks as the fourth-best anime in terms of copies sold and fan base. Naruto sold 250 million copies, while One Piece, the most successful and highest-grossing manga ever produced, sold 480 million copies.
  2. The term “Dattebayo” is Naruto’s catchphrase, which doesn’t have any known meaning. But in the English language, the suggested meaning is “believe it.”
  3. Naruto’s fictional village is known as Konohagakure. In English, it simply means hidden leaf village.
  4. There’s Naruto, and there’s Naruto: Shippuden. The latter is the original manga’s sequel.
  5. Naruto boasts four ninja rankings. These include Hokage, Jounin, Chunin, and Genin.
  6. In 2015, news broke out that Lionsgate Film Studios was planning to produce a live-action version of the Naruto manga. But it’s been years since then, and we haven’t seen or heard anything. There’s also no release date, so Narutards can start creating a buzz for the movie.
  7. The North America anime and manga publishing was by Viz Media.
  8. Naruto’s possible blood type is B. That’s because the Japanese believe that blood type is tied to a person’s personality.
  9. The original plan for the Naruto series was for the lead character, Naruto, to use magic and be a ninja. It seems the creator had a change of heart at the last minute.
  10. Naruto only had two hobbies: watering flowers (he enjoyed and did this as often as he could) and pranking others.
  11. In the series, Naruto referred to the famous movie Dragon Ball Z several times.


So, how tall is Naruto? We mentioned his height in the first part (Part I), Part II, and the final section of the series. Naruto’s height was never the same throughout the program. In the first episode, the author presented Naruto as a young boy, letting the viewers experience his progress steadily.

Naruto is a series for the young and old. It’s pretty educating, motivating, and entertaining at the same time. You can see all the reasons mentioned with regards to why adults should consider watching the program. Credit also goes to Kishimoto for putting such an excellent anime series together.

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