When Does Naruto Meets His Mom- The Thank You Episode?

According to the Naruto Wiki, Naruto grew up thinking he was an orphan and knowing nothing about his parents. Though he had received and was using his mother’s name-Hiruzen, he was made to believe that both parents had passed away earlier. As fate would have it, Naruto eventually reunited with his parents and brother. The English release of the “Thank You” episode was accomplished on July the 5th, 2014, while The owners did the Japanese version release on February the 9th, 2012, two years before the English version release.

So, When Does Naruto Meets His Mother?

Naruto met his mother – Kushina Uzumaki, after his encounter with the nine-tail monster; Naruto taught his mom was the nine-tail monster.

The Thank You Episode- Episode 249

The anime series aired on both Asian and English TV channels, and the title of this one in English is “Thank You.” It was pretty emotional for many followers, especially with the re-union of the main character- Naruto, with his parents and their death.

It was initially released in Japan on February the 9th, 2012, and later released for the English watchers on July the 5th, 2014. The program aired on Manga chapters 503+ and 504+

Kushina Shared Details Of The Night Naruto Was Born

Another moving part of this episode was when Kushina shared the story of the birth of her son Naruto. When she was pregnant with him, Minato, her husband, was the Hokage of Konoha, their town.  She also told Naruto that she was the previous Jinchuriki of the nine tails, which she eventually turned Naruto in for.

Naruto narrated how They brought her from another village to become for the sole purpose of becoming the vessel for the nine-tails. This monster was known to cause massive destruction in the town of Konoha.

It was believed that the seal of a female Jinchuriki is always at the weakest at the time of giving birth. The place and time of conducting the Jinchuriki rites were often kept secret from people as that is part of the tradition. The masked man who performs the rituals knows the secret location and time for the event.

Right after Kushina gave birth to Naruto, the masked man appeared and killed the rest of the Anbu and Biwako Sarutobi. He took Naruto hostage and extracted the nine tails. Minato managed to save her son Naruto and chased the masked man. The masked man eventually attacks the village after putting the nine tails monster under the control of the Sharingan.

Minato, Naruto’s father, delivered the town after defeating his opponent in a contest. He also released the nine tails from the control of the masked man. Though the nine tails were freed from the masked man, the monster had wreak significant havoc on the village due to its spiteful nature.

Kushina was still alive after the tailed beast was removed from her, and Minato eventually revealed that he used a reaper seal to seal one and a half of the nine tails in his own body. When he tried sealing the remaining half in Naruto, it nearly killed him.

Summary- Tobi Was Defeated

As Tobi was defeated, he confided in Minato that while he might have been defeated that time, he would continue with his plans to dominate the world. He also decided to Teleport himself to another form.

In Konoha, the nine-tail monster continued his rampage, and at this time, he was no longer in control of Sharingan. Iruka had decided to stay on the battlefield with his mother and father, but he was escorted away from the region for his safety. His father had told him that it was the duty of the parents to protect their children, especially in dangerous situations. Unfortunately, Iruka’s parents were both killed on the battlefield.

In another scene, Shinku Yuhi prevented a younger ninja from interfering in the attack against the Fox by the Nine-tail demon. She also reminded her daughter that she was not just a Shinobi but a young woman. She told her that she would like her to have a child to pass on to the “Will of Fire” power.

Monkey King Summoned By The Third Hokage

The Monkey King-Enma was summoned by the Third Hokage in this episode and was transformed into an adamantine staff. He used this new status to push the tailed monster out of the village. The nine-tail monster retaliated by creating a tailed beast ball that he used to fight back viciously.

Upon discovering the nine-tail monster’s actions, the Minato summoned Gamabunta in mid-air, forcing the giant toad to land on the Fox. Minato was able to achieve this with his Flying Thunder God power.

Minato also used his Guiding Thunder Technique to teleport himself and Fox further outside of the village to escape the fury of the nine-tail monster. They eventually reappear some moments later with Kushina and Naruto.

Naruto Eventually Meets His Mother And Father- Kushina And Minato

With the reappearance of Kushina and Naruto in the scene, there was a massive battle against the nine-tail monster. Kushina decided to use her Adamantine Sealing chains to restrain the nine-tail monster and ask Minato to seal the monster’s back within her to die together while the monster is inside. This type of death was arranged to ensure the nine-tail monster will not revive and come back to life.

Minato eventually meets his son Naruto and expresses excellent sorrow for not watching his son grow. Minato also decided to use the Dead Demon Consuming Seal to confine half of the Fox Chakra into Naruto, thus making Naruto even more powerful. Since Minato was unable to seal the entire Chakra into his son, she decided to seal the remaining half unto himself before his death.

With the death of Minato, Kushina had demanded why he decided to leave Naruto an orphan. Minato replied to Kushina that it was his duty to die for his son and also reminded her that Konoha needs a Jinchuriki to maintain the balance of power that Jiraiya spoke of. Jiraiya had also prophesied that Naruto would eventually defeat Tobi. He further added that by using the Dead Demon Consuming Seal, he would eventually seal a portion of Kushina’s Chakra into the Eight Trigrams Sealing style, and that will ensure he meets Naruto when he gets older.

The Ending

Minato decided to erect a barrier around himself and Naruto before he summoned the Shinigami. Shinigami decided to pull out half of the nine-tail monster’s Chakra and seal it in himself. Upon realizing that Minato plans to seal half of the Chakra into his son Naruto, the Fox made an attempt to use his claws to kill Naruto. Minato and Kushina eventually destroy the Fox.

Minato also summoned Gerotora, gave him the key to the seal, and instructed him to pass it on to Jiraiya while Kushina was bidding her last words to Naruto. The last scene of the episode was witnessed by the Hokage alongside two Anbu guards, who seem to be too helpless to penetrate the barrier Minato created.

Kushina apologized for taking too much time to respond, leaving Minato very little time to seal his Chakra. Minato eventually used the four symbol seals to seal the remainder of the nine-tail monster inside Naruto. He also sealed his own Chakra and that of Kushina before Minato died.

Naruto’s Conversation With Her Mother

Kushina completed sharing her tales with Naruto and apologized for making Naruto a Jinchuriki and for not being a part of his life in his tender years.

Naruto also admitted to his mother that life was difficult for him in the past is made to believe that he was an orphan and a Jinchuriki. He, however, reassures his mother that he is not angry for what they did to him since they had given their lives up for him. Kushina hugged Naruto whole crying, and while thanking Naruto for accepting her and his father back into his life, she faded away.

Naruto agreed with his mother that the circumstances leading to his disappearance were beyond her control; hence it would be logical enough to forgive her. He also reasoned with the fact that his father had saved the entire village from the unknown enemy who unleashed the powers of the nine tails on the people.


The love Kushina showered on Naruto towards the end of this episode reassured Naruto of the confidence he had in himself. Nothing can compare to the love of a mother towards her child, and that was evident in the final scenes of the animated series. Naruto’s parents gave up their lives for him to survive, and it happened that Naruto became more powerful and started re-discovering himself. Naruto went on to achieve his dreams and save the remains of the village from further ruins.

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