10 Business Ideas for College Students That Are Easy To Start With

Business For A Student: What Kind of Business You Can Open From Scratch

One of the eternal student questions is where to get money to live on? The scholarship, even if you get it, is usually not enough.

So the only solution is looking for extra income. Finding a job that you can combine with school is not easy, but it is possible. But there is another option – to open your own business. We will tell you what kind of business to do for a student and share ideas for starting.

What kind of business a student can start from scratch

The advantages of student business are obvious: you are your boss, you set your schedule and income level. The critical problem is that to start a business you need start-up capital in most cases.

If the company doesn’t go well, you’ll lose both your investment and your time. That’s why we recommend choosing a business for a student with a minimum investment. But, then, immediately refuse such business projects for students:

  • stockbroking (risky, requires constant financial assets);
  • network marketing (takes a lot of time and brings a small income);
  • blogging (blog promotion takes a long time. So it doesn’t make sense to count on profit soon).

A business for a student should be honest, safe, and based on what you can and love to do. Experts have made the top business ideas for students: perhaps you can choose a suitable one among them.

Business ideas for students with minimal investment

The experts of coursework writing service companies have prepared ten small business ideas for students to bring real income.

Adjustment and repair of gadgets

One of the easiest business projects for students. Indeed many of your classmates can’t set up a new smartphone for themselves and don’t know how to reinstall Windows. You can help them for a reasonable fee.

For more people to learn about your business, it is worth giving an ad in the group on social networks or hanging a paper in the university.

The main advantage is no financial investment. But, first, you need to understand the technique.

The Beauty Industry

If you do well in makeup, manicures, or hair, you can monetize these skills. The plan of action is the same: advertisements on the Internet. In addition, you can run a separate Instagram page where you can post the results and current prices for services.


People love unique products that are made with their requests in mind. That’s why handmade goods have been in vogue for several years. Jewelry and accessories are the most popular. But other products can also be made:

  • clothes;
  • bags;
  • elements of decoration (embroidery, paintings, etc.);
  • dishes;
  • soap, etc.

Such a business will require minimum investment: you will spend only on consumables. In developing this business project, students can not do without advertising on social networks: so people from other cities and countries can learn about your products.

Working with pets

If you quickly find common ground with dogs and cats, this can also be a business option. Many people are willing to pay money to someone who will walk, clip, and trim their pets’ claws. And if housing conditions allow, you can arrange a rehoming for those pets whose owners have nowhere to leave them during a business trip or vacation.

Organization of Holidays

Another way to make money is by organizing holiday events. Many people are tired of the usual feasts and are willing to pay for bright and unusual celebrations.

You can write a script, arrange quests or act as a presenter: it all depends on your abilities and talents. Another option is to sell or rent out paraphernalia for a holiday. Balloons, decorations for photo zones, etc., are in demand.


One of the most apparent business options. The main thing – to decide what exactly you’ll sell. You can buy in bulk in China small appliances and trade them through Instagram-account. 

Website creation

The most profitable business for students in 2021 is designing websites. If you know how to do it, you will not be out of work. Both individuals and large organizations require such a service, and they are willing to pay for it on their own merits.


If you are a master of the written word, you can make money on this too. At first, seek orders on the exchanges for copywriters. Then, when enough work for the portfolio is ready, you can go out on the primary customers, offering them your services.

Finally, you can be one of the authors of an online writing service to help students write, for example, literature review topic ideas.


Opening a business from scratch for students is a good option: you can teach others what you know yourself.

In addition, you can offer your services to classmates who don’t understand some subject, younger students and schoolchildren. The main thing, in the beginning, is advertising. Put up paper advertisements at your college and near nearby schools.

Preparing class papers

Another business idea for students is to monetize their knowledge. You can start this project on your own, also by placing ads, or enlist the support of a reliable partner, because it can be difficult for a novice author to find clients.

So there are companies where a student can get an essay done. And you can cooperate with such companies. Check the essay service reviews to choose the best ones.

Now you know how to start a business as a student: choose a field of work in which you are proficient, and start advertising your services through your friends and social networks. And if there is too much work and you have problems with your studies, the student service will always help solve them.

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