Why Do You Have to Write so Many Papers in College?

If you asked a college student what kind of project they had on their plate at any point in time, there’s a fairly high chance that they would tell you they have a paper to write. 

It seems like essays, research papers and dissertations are the bread and butter of many college classes, and thus, any student can expect to spend a great deal of their time in college writing them. 

Most colleges require you to write a paper just to apply to them, so there’s really no escaping the saturation of this kind of work. Why exactly is this?

Well, it’s impossible to say that there is only one reason. In fact, the reason can differ based on the scenario. 

When it comes to college admissions, colleges require you to write essays to showcase your vested interest in the college, so they can gauge the likelihood of you accepting their admission, among other things. 

When you are actually in college, essays are often assigned to force students to deeply analyze knowledge and practice conveying their thoughts and ideas to others.

 Even then, there are still many reasons a student is expected to write so many papers in college, and thus, a pretty good argument for the value of an academic essay writing service in college.

College Admissions Essays

Before you even have to worry about the essays you’ll be writing in college, you have to write essays just to get into college. 

In fact, considering that most aspiring students apply for admission to multiple colleges, you’ll almost certainly have to write at least one essay for each college you are applying to. 

Even universities that use Common App or the Coalition Application often require supplemental essays to go along with your application.

Naturally, it gets even more tedious. If you wish to apply to honor programs, or to programs in engineering and the arts, you may be required to write additional essays for those as well. If you’re applying for scholarships, those too often require an essay.

Taking all of that into consideration, you may have to write 2-3 essays per college application, on average. Why are there so many of these essays? Well, it’s because it’s very easy to blanket apply to things with the internet.

Applying to a college is a lot like applying for a job. In most cases, the person who submits a generic resume is not going to get the job compared to the person who submits a very detailed and personalized one, and they certainly aren’t going to get the job compared to someone who went in for an actual interview. 

College admission essays are their way of interviewing your potential as a student, and how much you’ll bring to the table if they admit you.

With college admission essays, colleges attempt to determine the following:

  • Whether the student is truly invested in their particular institution or if they are just a generic application sent to many universities
  • Whether the student has a clear vision for their future, as well as the drive to achieve their goals
  • The ability of the student to remain dedicated and motivated in the face of hardship and strife
  • The content of the student’s character, and whether or not they would represent the school well

Now, of course, people can lie when they write essays. However, having applicants write essays is still better for weeding out undesirable applicants than not having any at all, and make no mistake, colleges are looking for a symbiotic relationship. 

They don’t want to accept students who are going to represent them poorly or drop out. That’s why there are so many essays to write when it comes to being admitted. 

It’s also why you have to be somewhat careful when using essay services for a university: admission essays often require personal information and knowledge from the writer, so any academic essay writer you employ would need that kind of info to make an astounding admissions essay.

Why You Have to Write So Many Essays in College

OK, so you have to write many essays just to apply to college, but why do you have to write so many while you’re actually in college? 

Well, tedious though it may be, essays do have great academic value. According to the Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, writing an essay encompasses learning, comprehension, synthesis, and application of knowledge. 

In other words, writing an essay is a great way to ensure that a student actually learns and comprehends something, as well as understands how to apply it in more complex scenarios and arguments.

There are other ways to do this, of course: labs and big projects are also means of accomplishing this deep learning and synthesis. 

But relatively speaking, such alternatives require a lot more time and effort, and they are also more time-intensive for a professor to evaluate. Essays are the easiest and simplest way to do everything mentioned above. That’s really the primary reason you have to write so many of them in college, regardless of what field you go into.

You have to write admissions essays to prove your value and worth to a university, to convince them to accept you as a student. 

Once you’ve managed to get in, you have to write so many essays as a means to demonstrate the knowledge you’ve gained and how to apply it. 

While writing essays is an important learning tool, it can also be quite difficult, and at times, tedious. In such scenarios, you may wish to rely on custom college papers that you can buy from an essay writing company. 

A reliable essay writing service does a great deal of research on any topic to provide you with a top-of-the-line, quality essay.

Of course, we’d recommend that you write your own essays every once in a while since they are a valuable learning tool. But at the same time, it doesn’t hurt to get professional essay writing help from a company sometimes.

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