Do Jargons & Big Words Play A Significant Role In An Essay

Now, what does sounding literary really mean? It is something that can make you sound more scholarly, and for every layman who has not been in the writing industry, using big terms is something that makes you sound scholarly.

But before we explain the problem with big words and why using too many big words can ruin your essay, let us first understand the difference between jargon and big words.

Jargons: There are terms and special expressions which are exclusive to that genre. Thus, if you are writing about photography, and you write about ISO and Shutter Speed which are technical jargon in the department of clicking a picture.

The difference between big words and jargon is that jargon, and the explanation following them is important for the purpose of better understanding. Big words, on the other hand, are simple synonyms of the simpler term and can over complicate your essays.

Not All Big Words Are Bad

When you are writing an essay, not every long word is bad. Let us understand with an example.

You can turn terms like ‘wish’ into ‘desire’ and ‘buy’ into ‘purchase.’ These make you sound well-read and understand the difference between verbal and written language. So, do not be afraid of using words, and show your diction in English vocabulary. But there is a limit to it.

For example, if you just wish to sound more literary without actually knowing the term. Suppose you are someone who just discovered ‘Thesaurus’ and found the ultimate jewel in it. You might not know the meaning of half of the terms and simply use the one which ‘sounds good.’

Why Big Words Can Make It Worse

These are some of the common reasons why you could be ruining your essay without even knowing. Some expert essay writers whom you pay for essay do not use big terms. They even go to the length to say that they can even make you sound dumber.

1. You Are Probably Using It Wrong

Sometimes the term sounds so good within the sentence and that piece of paper that you do not plan to research much. Who would doubt Thesaurus, right? Let us give you an excellent example.

When you search the term ‘Understand’ in Thesaurus, you will find two terms, ‘Comprehension’ and ‘apprehension.’ Naturally, many would lure towards Apprehension because it sounds scholarly. But, if you search for the true meaning of the term, you will find that ‘Apprehension’ means suspicion or fear and has a negative connotation in it. As compared to your general ‘Understand’ or ‘Comprehension.’

2. You Sound Dumb

Now, just imagine too many big words on the paper. Most of it does not even make any sense. Half of them are detached from the real meaning of the sentence. Will the reader or the admission office of a college like it? 

You were trying to make yourself sound more literary and scholarly, and it just totally backfired. Making you sound even dumber now. It will look pretentious, and a reader with good diction will automatically understand that you were trying too hard.

You will not be able to get much help about your marks or quick admission with a help of a few big words in your essay. Or, in some cases too many which are annoyingly evident. 

3. It Will Lose Clarity

Just because you are writing an essay doesn’t mean you have to use terms like ‘juxtaposition,’ ‘Discombobulation,’ and ‘Gasconade’ all in the same paper. Do you like to run to the dictionary each time you come across a big term? Then why do you expect the reader to just know every word in the dictionary?

With too many big words, the reader will start losing track of the line or paragraph. It is borderline frustrating since the write-up will lose major clarity. We suggest you not take the risk when the end result is your marks or getting a college admission.

Keep it simple; as long as the information, facts, and stories are compelling, most readers wouldn’t care if you sound Shakespearian. You are not a 17th century dramatist who is going to impress readers for centuries, maybe not with your essay. 

4. They Are Not Jargon

If you wish to sound more scholarly and use big terms, then the perfect loophole is using Jargon. This is when you are using a big term with a subsequent definition. This doesn’t make you look like a pretentious snob trying to look smart. Rather someone who has done the right research and has come up with information on the subject.

However, when you use big terms, you do not have a definition following them. This is what annoys the reader and compromises your marks.

5. It Can Take Too Much Time

If you are not a regular reader, a good vocabulary is not your forte. If you are trying to sound scholarly with all the big words, then understand that not everything can be managed with Thesaurus. Plus, it is very time-consuming.

Just imagine you trying to change almost every word because all you can think of are basic words. So, for each line, you have to spend two to three minutes to come up with a good term that ‘sounds good.’

Do you really have so much time to finish your essay?

It Is About The Right Word!

If you have written quite a few essays in your life, you should understand that it is not about the difficult terms or the easy terms. It is using the right terms. The words will help you clarify and put every thought onto the paper.

Even if you are using an uncommon term that you have just learned, use it wisely. It should make sense and be a perfect fit for that sentence. Moreover, try not to use too many big words and stick to a good ratio.

In this way, even if the reader had to run to the dictionary, it does not take an annoying amount of time. 

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