The Secret Lesson You Can Learn From Content Writing

For many, the act of writing an essay is as undesirable as getting their teeth pulled. I’m sure that you are the same way. After all, writing is not easy and fast essay writing is near impossible if you are not completely used to the act of writing. This is why many opt to go down the path of least resistance and hire an essay writing service. While this may be a fast and efficient choice, you do lose the chance to learn something from writing.

If essay writing is too much for you then it is best to start small and begin with content writing first or paper writing service. You may not know this but content writing is much more beneficial to writing and essay writing as a whole than it lets on.

What is Content Writing?

Let us begin first with the most basic question, what is content writing? Content writing is a massive category of writing, think of it more like an ocean and the different forms that content writing can take as fish. Blog posts, video or podcast scripts, ebooks, white papers, and even product descriptions all fall under the guise of content writing. In short, content writing is any writing that is done to create content for any service or production.

What Can Content Writing Teach Us About Essay Writing?

Due to the variety of forms that content writing can take, a content writer must learn to write in many different formats and satisfy various different end goals. Some content writing will require you to convince the reader to purchase a product or sign up for a newsletter. Other forms of content writing are done solely for the purpose of entertainment.

It’s this constant blitz of new and unpredictable circumstances that trains your mind to see the act of writing for what it really is. A skill that can help you solve any kind of problem no matter how different each problem may look from the other. You have to build a structure for all the various types of jobs that you do as a content writer.

The building of structure is a vital skill for essay writing, especially for fast essay writing. No essay can stand alone on the merits of its contents if it has a flimsy or non-existent structure. As such, learning how to build structure is the first thing that you should do before embarking on the journey to essay writing.

The Lesson Of Building Structure

E-books and podcast scripts have an entirely different structure. Yes, all writing has a beginning, middle, and an end but that can be said about anything in life. A podcast always sets out to entertain, even educational podcasts desire to present their teachings in a format that is fun to listen to.

An E-book does not have to entertain. Most books only teach or instruct their reader on how to perform a specific task. The structure of an E-book is broken down into an intro, a few chapters supporting the idea that was presented in the intro, a couple of chapters that present information that may be contradictory to the opening argument, and then a closing chapter that clearly lays out everything that has been talked about.

The structure of a podcast usually begins with the hosts telling a funny story or making a few jokes before segueing into the topic of discussion. From there the topic will be delved into and dissected. Throughout this process, the hosts will continue to interject their comedy and ideas into the mix.


It is impossible to learn any of the above, with just essay writing alone. Essay writing can only take you so far, the full development of your writing skills must be brought out with several different forays into new fields of writing. If you want to be a better essay writer or you want to be able to complete fast essay writing then you need to step into the world of content writing.

Your skills will grow and as a result, you will find that essay writing for school or work will become a delightful process. This is because with your new found skills you won’t find the need to procrastinate or wallow in misery at the thought of writing one simple essay. 

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