Students all around the world struggle with working on essays as college starts. Some are born with a natural talent for writing, while others need to put in the extra effort to become established writers. Well, to help you overcome this drawback, we have a few tips.

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Create an Essay Like a Story

It is a unique way to work on an essay as a story instead of a dull, lengthy written task. It is an excellent essay tip, and you will realize it can work wonders for you when it comes to shaping your assignment. Teachers do give tedious tasks, but that doesn’t mean it has to be uninteresting on another level; give it a touch of your intellect and make it worth reading.

Try to put things ahead as a story, so you keep yourself engaged in the task. Think of a great introduction followed by narrative details in the body and a final thrilling conclusion. Even if it is a research essay, you can imagine you’re writing a sci-fi story and keep throwing in a hint of exciting words and phrases that will make it stand out from the crowd.

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Organize Your Ideas in Outline

Students often neglect preparing an outline and then waste their time thinking about where to put information, voice their opinions, or give a background of the topic. Yet, it is one of the most critical writing essay tips. As a result, the paper turns dull, and an unpleasant mixture of irrelevant details is thrown around on every page. 

To avoid such bad writing, it is always good to be on the safe side and write a piece after you are done with your outline. An outline is a necessity for newbies because they get a guide to direct the information they have at hand.

An essay isn’t about writing anything and everything. One has to be organized and take things ahead step by step. Here is a standard essay outline that you can follow unless your teacher decides to take on another format or add a section to it.

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  • Introduction: add some background information here to introduce the topic. You have to work on and add your thesis statement here as well. A thesis statement concludes your introductory paragraph by condensing the entire article into one sentence.
  • Body paragraphs: here, you have to write all the details and give pieces of evidence for every claim you make as you write. Don’t hesitate when you mention information here; that’s what these paragraphs are for!
  • Conclusion: add the concluding remarks in the final paragraph of your work. You don’t have to add any more details here. A conclusion is where you voice your opinion, not go ahead and bombard the ending of an essay with new information to confuse the reader. Restate the thesis statement, and you’re good to go.

Follow this outline to write an outstanding, well-structured, and organized paper and let’s move on to our following tips for essay writing.

Use Quotes

Quotations are undervalued by students when they prepare a written task. If you want to learn how to write essays better, then start making quotations a habit. Don’t ever leave them out because they add credibility to your work and also interest readers. If your teacher sees you are using quotes regularly, they will realize you conduct proper research and analysis before you see information.

It will leave a good impression, and they might even check your work leniently. Don’t worry if you feel like you won’t paraphrase the valuable information you read from another article that links well with your paper. All you have to do is directly copy that line and quote it as a reference. But make sure you give references for all direct quotes; otherwise, you will be penalized for plagiarism.

These quotes will help you create the reading environment you want when someone goes through your task. They make a vague looking paper more interesting within seconds. However, it doesn’t mean you insert a quote in every paragraph.

Instead, think only and adequately add sections that link well with your topic. For example, try to use only three quotes if you are working on nine paragraphs. Follow this rule and see it work its charm on your grade. Then, you will never wonder can anyone help me write an essay ever again!

Conclude and Review Your Paper

Once you’re done with everything, make your way to the conclusion. Your concluding remarks matter a lot to readers. They tell them what your take on the topic was and might even consider your valuable suggestions. If you write an excellent paper overall but mess the conclusion up, there is no way you’ll get a good grade. 

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The conclusion of your paper is the final impression you leave on the reader, so make sure you use proper language, tone, and grammar to make it worth their while. Make sure you are firm in everything you write without even a hint of ambiguity.

Once you get a grip over the idea of a clear concluding paragraph, nothing can stop you from becoming a good writer. Next, you have to review the entire paper to see if the flow is proper and whether the information comes together seamlessly. These are the tips for writing a good essay. 

Ask Someone to Proofread

How can we forget to talk about proofreading when we consider tips for writing. Writing words and preparing a document is not all you need. Get another person’s opinion on the flow and information of the paper and if it conveys the central theme adequately or not.

It will help you identify minor errors that you might have overlooked earlier and remove irrelevant words and phrases from the paper. Proofreading marks the conclusion of our tips for writing an essay!


Now that you have all these valuable tips right at your fingertips, don’t delay your written work further. It’s time to get started and wrap the job on time to do the things you love! Save time and effort by following these ways, and you will notice a world of difference in your writing skills.

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