How to Write a Persuasive Essay

Writing a persuasive essay sounds scary. It is not that tough, of course, if you learn well how to do that step-by-step. As you can understand from the title, persuasive essays are aimed at convincing your reader of your viewpoint. Naturally, your words are not enough. Submitting evidence and facts is a must.

The following tips from will help you write a good persuasive essay. This type of essay will be very helpful for you in your future career. The skills you get while practicing it will help you sell services or goods. One of the peculiarities of persuasive essays is that they have quite an emotional tone and, at the same time, this tone has to be supported by facts and proofs heavily. 

To convince your reader to believe your point of view, you have to use a range of techniques. This guide will help you craft a great essay that will impress your reader and meet the expectations of your professor. Keep reading and master assignment writing quickly and easily. 


To persuade the reader, you need to use the 3 parts of the persuasive essay. They were created many years ago by Aristotle and are still used in modern writing. They are as follows:

  • Ethos (showing your knowledge and credibility)
  • Pathos (evoking the emotions of a reader)
  • Logos (appealing to the audience’s logic and rationality)

Writing persuasive papers step-by-step

If you don’t even know how to begin a persuasive essay, the tips below will help you do that step by step. Of course, a persuasive essay structure is quite standard. However, different writers choose different approaches. If you want to make your essay effective, it would be great to know at least basic guidelines. 

The following steps are generic and can be applied in any case to any of the persuasive papers. Follow them and create your own winning assignment. Impress your teacher with your deep knowledge and excellent writing skills.

  1. Pick the topic 

You might be assigned a topic by your professor. If it didn’t happen and you have to choose it on your own, you should know how. How can you easily persuade someone? It can happen only when you truly know what you are talking about and when you are convinced of it yourself.

Therefore, the topic must be something you are passionate about. It has to be interesting for you and only then, it will be interesting to your reader. Of course, deeper research is a must. But your opinion on the topic or issue must be really strong at the moment. If you doubt something you are going to discuss, it is better to choose another topic. It will be much easier for you to defend your viewpoint.

  1. Remember the target audience

To convince your opponent to take your side, you should know who you are convincing. The reader must agree with you. This is your main goal. Of course, normally, your reader will be a professor. However, you may need to convince your group mates or parents as well. Everything depends on your topic. Keep your reader in mind.

  1. Investigate the opposite side

Knowing how to write custom writing term papers is crucial. It is also crucial to know what your reader is going to disagree with. If you do not know the opposite opinions, you will hardly be able to prove that viewpoint is wrong. Readers can be stubborn. Countering another point of view effectively is also crucial for your research. 

Just imagine — the reader may doubt your viewpoint. They will ask you questions. Make sure these questions do not make you get stuck. Be well-prepared. 

  1. Create an outline

Outlining your thoughts and especially, the argument, is a must. It will help you arrange all of your ideas. You will also be able to create the necessary persuasive essay format and see the structure clearly. Make sure to enlist the sources used for your research. Cite them at once while outlining. Otherwise, you will not be able to find all of them in the process of writing. Everything has to be done at the outlining stage. 

  1. Introduction 

As you can see, when it comes to persuasive essays, writing an introduction is not the first step. Not even the second. It is only the fifth step you should take. Preparation plays an important role in creating an effective essay.

Now, as you have your outline, you can think of a really strong introduction. Naturally, it is the first paragraph of your assignment. In this paragraph, you present the general idea of your essay, background, and catch the attention of your audience. Catching attention is not easy. When the introduction is boring, no one is going to keep reading the essay. 

Therefore, write something catchy. It can be your own life example, an anecdote, or a shocking fact or statistics. Do not forget the thesis statement here. It will be the main course of your whole paper. The thesis doesn’t consist of more than two sentences. One sentence is perfect if possible.

  1. Main body

The body of an essay consists of three body paragraphs normally. They are the basis of your paper. In them, you should provide all data and evidence that support your thesis. Let us not forget about counterarguments. There should be the key sentence, relevant sentences, and a transition sentence. 

Make sure to focus on your core idea and provide only accurate and clear information. Discuss all opposite viewpoints in the body. Support everything with only credible data and facts. 

    7. Conclusion 

Now, you should summarize everything you provided before. This is the last paragraph of your essay. Restate your thesis but make sure to paraphrase it. Sum up the main ideas discussed in the body. Tell your final impression. If possible, add your call to action. It is especially important when trying to persuade someone. NB! Do not provide any additional information in your conclusion. Summarize only!

   8. Proofread the essay

Do not hurry to submit the essay even if it seems perfect to you. Try to proofread it at least once. However, a couple of times would be much better. Use an online tool to check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It will also eliminate typos. The best thing is to put the paper aside for a while and get back to it when your mind has rested. You can also read it to someone (your roommate or parents) and ask for their opinion. Do not be afraid to be criticized! It will help you polish your essay. 

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