Ways to Study with Your Friends over Video Chat

Social distancing and similar matters that unable personal communications don’t make such communications impossible at all. Luckily, there are many tools that ensure fast and effective online communication. If you want to pursue studies, these tools can be also used easily. Of course, there are many details and important points that should be taken into account in this case. 

If you are looking for good and easy technical solutions as well as good tips to apply, this article is for you. Good tips and useful chat apps like Omegle as a part of your study process can ensure extra study opinions and even fun. Don’t refuse interesting and potentially productive communication. Draw your attention to these tested tips and apps to have great study with friends and not only.

Study Tips and Apps

Have doubts that you can study online with friends effectively? It is easy and even can boost skills that can help you further a lot. Here are TOP points to pay attention to:

  1. Make preparatory arrangements 

Pay attention to friends distance and time zones they are living in. Negotiating your life and study plans is an important thing to have productive study sessions further. Install and check the operation of all apps you need for effective communication. This may be Skype, Telegram, and different apps like Omegle for having a chat. 

  1. Learn materials on how to boost productivity

Audit your past performance and skills. You need to be aware of possible weak points you may have and techniques that can help with overcoming such. Pay attention to effective planning and time management. Nobody is born with these skills – they are enhanced during the study practice. There are many articles and video materials available on these matters. Find time to review those.  


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Do you want to add a portion of motivation? You may read articles and review different materials from people who are already effective in arranging their time and plans well. This may be celebrities, famous businessmen, and other people you admire and who can introduce good examples. Approach your online sessions with the point of making such studies productive. This will determine the further learning process as it should be.

  1. Watch study videos and study materials beforehand

Interested in how to arrange and do in your virtual study group? Don’t waste precious time in the first turn. You need to watch different videos and study materials beforehand. This will facilitate the process of sharing your opinions a lot and also help with fulfilling possible gaps in knowledge of each other. 

  1. Cross reviews work

Each of you will have some results of the learning process. It is useful not only to learn but also to request feedback on the matter of learning. This environment is far more comfortable than answering questions of a teacher or professor. So, you can make these free online video chat studies effective while checking each other and asking for feedback. Fulfilling gaps in knowledge and discussions may bring a synergy effect. College students social distancing troubles may stop to be things of this kind if you are flexible about arranging your study process well.

  1. Install apps to check your knowledge

You should keep your productivity at a level. Apart from Skype, Omegle chat, and similar apps, there are tools that can check your knowledge. We suggest you, for instance, Kahoot! that checks in a game manner knowledge and topics you have learned. It is fun and interactive and you can memorize important information faster. Creating an account there is an easy thing and you can do this along with your entire group. 

  1. Analyze your study process to make it better

This is an important thing that is frequently neglected. It is necessary to track changes in your study process. What are the points to pay attention to? These are your communication and organizational skills, and productivity. Make plans and track how you fulfill those on a week and month basis at least.  

  1. Ask for help if you need it

If you have faced any troubles during your study process, it is always a good thing to ask for help in time. This may be older siblings and your teachers and professors. If you ask older siblings, you may easily get new useful information that can clarify many points and form better contacts. Many teachers and professors also present online and are ready to devote a specific portion of their time to online discussions with students, just like offline.

Funny Moments Are also Welcomed

What is the most important point while having studies online with friends, of course, except for the studies? That is fun. How to have fun during the online studies in your group without sacrificing productivity?

Make sure you take short breaks to have rest and fun.  Apply various techniques, a Pomodoro technique using a respective timer, for instance. While having short and long breaks you will have enough time to have fun with your friends. This will also help you to boost organizational and planning skills. Eat your meal together or have a cup of coffee or tea online to add funny moments to your studies, for instance. Make sure you choose some activities that don’t require too much time so you could return easily to studies you have jointly.


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Final Words

Any troubles are always possible to overcome to reach better effectiveness. The studies are among such things, of course. Social distancing and similar obstacles are not problems for studies and having fun with your friends. These “troubles” may be turned into opportunities that will enable you to boost organizational and planning skills. And they will also help with gaining new experience in using different tools: Skype, Telegram, Kahoot!, and various chat apps like Omegle. 

Be open to new experiences and thoughts that can make your study experience more diversified and productive. Watch videos and review study materials beforehand to discuss those during your study sessions. Check your materials and results with each other. Be productive and stay connected always despite distancing and any possible inconveniences!

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