Why Is college So hard ? Hardships Of College

Jumping from high school to college can be exciting but be difficult at the same time. You must have heard this quite a lot if you have siblings, cousins, friends, or anybody known to you who have been through the transition already.

Although it might vary from how it was a decade or two ago, you can still be assured of the fact that it can be overwhelming. College is the place where you can experience first love, incredible dorm parties, buy dissertation online for the first time, etc.

Sure, you can have all the fun that college life comes with, but it can stress you out and drain you from within as it’s a whole new experience you have to face.

So, why is college so hard? There could be several possible answers to that. Despite that, you should still keep on pushing yourself because struggling is normal, and it is okay.

The Transition

High school itself is not easy, and if you have graduated from it, congratulations! People who have always devoted a good amount of hours to studying might have it easier than ones who decided to just get their work done the night before.

If you think you can also graduate college with such actions, then you are somebody who will go through much more than you expect. Furthermore, you get more freedom and less structure in college comparing to high school. There are two outcomes. Number one is being able to work having more control of the time.

The other might include wasting time and saving it for the last moment. Hence, these type of students takes longer to adjust to college and often goes through more stress and mental breakdowns comparing to the others.

Degree Of Difficulty Throughout Time

There is no doubt that the education system has evolved over time, and it is safe to conclude that college has become much harder than it used to be. It is vital to keep good grades in order to get enrolled in a good college but maintaining your grades throughout college is equally important.

Although it might have been easier back then,  it is not the same when you get to college. There have been changes in academia, and course materials have been developing with decades. No doubt that it is much more complicated and difficult than it used to be.

Another factor can be the increase in competition as both men and women perceive higher education throughout the world compared to past times. Moreover, there has been a steady increase in the number of international students; as a result, getting into a good college can be very competitive these days.

Lastly, college can be expensive; hence, many students tend to work part-time jobs to bear the burden of the fees. Working and studying at the same time can be much tougher. Furthermore, keeping up with your grades in such cases can play a big stake in both your mental and physical health.


College is a whole new experience, and it is nothing otherwise when it comes to workload. If you think you can procrastinate or save your work for the last minute, you are wrong. Trust me; it is the last thing that a college student should do.

Never save the work for the last day! You might be in a difficult situation and stress yourself out while you regret your life decisions.  Even though you will get more freedom with having control over your time, managing it wisely is what you need to be aware of.

Time management is an important skill, but organizing and maintaining a routine is the discipline that you should aim for. Even though it can get overwhelming at times with the amount of workload, make sure you keep yourself calm and trust your progress.

If you are someone who wasn’t a very organized person when it comes to time, know that it is okay. You should believe in making progress and aim to do the best. Eventually, you will be able to change and adjust better over time.

Make sure you divide your time for each course and try to stay engaged with a minimum studying time of two hours. It is better to keep in touch with your studies and sit with them every day rather than spending a large amount of time for a day or three in a week.

Sharing the study time throughout the week will show better outcomes and lower the burden that might otherwise stress you. However, different people have various methods of studying. Thus, what might work for a specific group of people might not work the same for others.

Make sure to follow the ones that will ensure you with the best results. If you find yourself in a very difficult position, make sure you have an appointment with an academic counselor who can help you with the issues.


A very vital trait that a student aiming for good grades should have is good self-discipline. Although it can be hard for young students, building it and changing themselves would show positive results with time.

Yes, college is full of new people, events, and freedom, but with it comes distraction. Having to stay focused on your studies with the presence of such aspects might be difficult.

It is completely on you to learn to be responsible and know your priorities. Moreover, the shift in large classes with an increased number of students can be quite distracting as well.

Having to keep your focus on larger classes with longer hours can be challenging. So you should make sure you focus on the class and don’t miss out on the lectures. There will be lower risks of failing if you start to study with discipline.

Academic effort is required obviously required to succeed in college. However, it will be much easier for you if you maintain your self-discipline as well as taking care of your health.

Lectures and Homework

Once, you used to do your classes in a room filled with 25 students, but those days are over. The classes are much larger, and lectures can be pretty long. It is vital for you to stay focused but make sure you take notes.

Taking notes during class time will help you recall the lectures and study them better afterward. You will have to spend much more time studying once you get to college, and it is essential for you to stay updated always.

Home works and assignments might stress you out. Make sure you know your due date and start working on it earlier. If required, remember to seek help and look into other reading materials aside from the lectures for further help.

Do not hesitate to look into textbooks for better understanding because if you think lectures will be just enough, you can change your thought. Make sure you stay updated and check your course syllabus on a daily basis, as that will help you guide throughout the semesters.

Dealing with College Stress

Due to all the pressure and load of the study, it is obvious for you to stress out. However, it is important for you to take care of yourself; otherwise, it affects both your mental and physical health. Make sure you don’t skip meals and have a healthy diet.

Doing so will help you focus more on your studies and won’t end up feeling tired all the time. Proper sleep is also an important factor that you should keep in mind. According to studies, students who pull all-nighters tend to hurt their grades more than ones who don’t.

Ensure that you have at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day and charge yourself up. Avoid consumption of energy drinks and extreme caffeine intake. It might seem like it will help you cope better; however, they contribute to increasing anxiety and stress levels. Lastly, breathe and meditate.

It will help both your mind and body to relax and will help boost your confidence as well as your overall mental health. Try not to get negative thoughts to get to you and worry yourself out.

It won’t do anything any better but stress you out even more. Even if it feels overwhelming, try to get the work done instead of procrastinating. Try to be patient with yourself and get going!

You can overcome all the hardships and proudly hold that college degree up. Make sure you take care of your mental health and seek help without hesitation whenever you need it.


We often tend to ask, “Why is college so hard?” However, smarter ones are those who start preparing themselves beforehand. Even if you realize you are lacking halfway through a semester, that’s great.

Every day is a new beginning and believing that you can do better is all that you need. Trust the progress and push yourself to reach your goals. Never forget to hustle and plan out everything from before so that you don’t have to stress later on.

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