6 Classes All Students Should Take

When many students join college, they’re only interested in classes that help them fulfill their major. However, some courses add immense value to your life beyond graduation, whether on a professional level or personally.

Here are some classes that every student should take if they have the opportunity and where they can find these courses. 

Writing Classes

Have you ever found yourself searching for an essay writing service online? If you responded yes, congratulations—you’re not the only one. Writing is at the core of higher education. Every serious student wants to improve their writing skills and write my essay the best they can. Poor writing skills compromise your grades and make it difficult for you to get into the graduate program of your dreams. 

At the same time, good writing skills help students get scholarships and even land a job after graduation. If you’re looking for a writing class, consider the scope of learning. Do they cover all the relevant writing styles and the various essay types? Do they teach you how to conduct thorough research? Look at the syllabus first before you decide.


  1. Academic Writing Made Easy – edX
  2. Academic Writing Essentials: University Writing Crash Course – Udemy

Foreign Language Classes

Gone are the days when people stuck to their native languages. Today, most people know the value of learning foreign languages. If you’re not sure which language to take up, consider enrolling in an introductory course for two reasons:

  • It is a way to meet new friends through teamwork and shared tasks;
  • You get an opportunity to explore various cultures with ease;
  • It can open up more job opportunities.

Besides, if you have considered studying abroad at some point, learning the language of your destination country beforehand can make your integration into the population seamless. Reading and writing in a different language may seem daunting at first, but you will soon achieve fluency with determination.

Public Speaking

Many people shudder at the thought of speaking in front of people, which makes public speaking skills essential. A class will teach you how to compose your thoughts into coherent speech and deliver it with confidence. These skills are invaluable, as they can be used outside of the classroom—in job interviews, work presentations, or even social situations.

If you’re aspiring to become a politician or a lawyer, you’ll spend a large part of your career giving presentations. You may also find such skills helpful when asking for donations or speaking before a body like the United Nations. This is one course that should not just be limited to students—many adults could learn a thing or two from taking an intro public speaking class.


  1. Harvard’s Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasive Writing and Public Speaking – edX
  2. Introduction to Public Speaking – Coursera

Financial Literacy

With a significant percentage of the world’s population trapped in debt and poverty, financial literacy classes are vital for people of all ages. After all, money is the primary reason teenagers start their first jobs, and adults seek full-time employment after college. 

If you don’t learn how to manage your money early, you will learn the hard way. You may find yourself with piles of bills to pay and no money to cover them. With a basic financial literacy course, you will know how much to save for emergencies and invest in your future.


  1. Personal Finance 101: Everything You Need to Know – Udemy
  2. Introduction to Personal Financial Planning – edX

Stress Management

In a world that constantly demands more from us every day, stress has become a common part of our lives. We work long hours and spend time commuting to different workplaces while trying to squeeze in some time for the family. If you’re going through a stressful period right now, consider enrolling in an online course about managing your anxiety.

University students may frequently feel overwhelmed by the pressure they carry on their shoulders every day. As a student, you can’t afford to let stress get the best of you. You’ve worked hard to get into university and even harder to stay there. If you fall ill because of stress, your grades will suffer, and it’ll be more difficult for you to remain enrolled full-time. That’s why taking a stress management class is a great idea. 


  1. Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health – Coursera
  2. Managing Emotions in Times of Uncertainty & Stress – Coursera

Eating Right

With the rise of diet-related conditions like obesity and diabetes, students need to know what healthy eating means. Maybe you’re already aware of the basics: eat more fruits and vegetables, reduce your intake of red meat, and avoid processed foods as much as possible. However, some tips can help you improve your health even further. For example, opt for brown rice or wild rice instead of regular white rice. 

Remembering these tips might be easy at first, but sticking to them, in the long run, isn’t always that simple. That’s why taking a nutrition class is an excellent way to reinforce what you’ve learned and form healthy habits early on. If you can stay away from the costly lifestyle diseases that many people are treating, you can expect to enjoy a better quality of life in the future. 


  1. Health and Nutrition Basics – Udemy
  2. Superfoods, Herbs & Nutrition for a Better Brain – Udemy


You may not have time to enroll in a course at your local college or university, but there are plenty of online courses that can provide you with the tools and information you need to give a better quality of life for yourself. With some free time this weekend, consider taking one of these classes and learning something new!

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