Dog Training Cost Petsmart (training Types, Pricing + More)

For starters, it provides a service that enables customers to buy pet food online, and make sure they receive it in time. It offers a variety of other services that cater to every aspect of dog ownership.

However, a common question among numerous pet owners has been – how much does it cost to train a dog at PetSmart? Below is a list of different training classes and information on each.

How Much Does It Cost to Train a Dog at PetSmart In 2022?

The company offers a variety of training options for their dogs. The prices of the available options vary based on the types of training that are available. A basic package starts at $219 dollars and the premium package starts at $329 dollars in 2022.

If you want to find out more details on the training classes available at PetSmart, the prices of the classes, and other information, keep reading.

What Are the Training Types Offered at PetSmart?

Animal Behavior: This category features dog training with a special focus on teaching your dog basic obedience skills, such as standing for attention, following orders and coming when called.

These are the most significant subcategories, and many of them have been split from the main category into a few more specific subcategories.

1. Packages at PetSmart

This package allows you to choose a Puppy Class that is beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

If you visit the PetSmart website, you will discover that they have a large selection of accessories, toys, and treats for your dog.

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This training is great for dogs that have already done puppy training. It can help them to become better behaved.

Please ensure that you’ve booked a course that includes the appropriate level of training.

The kids have to pay attention and follow instructions. For some reason, this type of training can be effective with ADHD kids.

The VIP Package will contain a few things.

The Premium Package will give you best value for your money as it includes Puppy or Beginner Training, Intermediate Training, and Advanced Training.

This package offers a comprehensive course for the complete training, it starts with some base concepts and it goes on to more advanced skills.

2. Group Classes

The StartSmart training workshop provides you with the knowledge and tools you need to start successfully driving traffic to your site. It also provides you with a basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization.

It’s a perfect course to help your dog learn how to “get off the couch” and become your new family member.

This workshop also includes a 1-hr hands-on training that offers a head start on potty training, crate training, and socialization, which are important for any dog.

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Puppies Training is an ideal training for puppies that are between 10 weeks to five (5) months old.

The training covers a 6-week beginners course that teaches the owner how to communicate with a puppy.

The training also includes teaching the animals to get along with other animals and how to be patient with people.

Beginner training – for those who want it.

The Advanced Training is the main part of the Beginner Training. It’s an advanced part of training and is meant for dogs who are 3 months and older.

The class is 6-weeks long and train basic fashion with impulse control and relationship building exercises.

In the training session, trainers will direct the dogs with verbal instructions like “go” and “stay.”

Dog Obedience Training

The following is a training session in dog obedience.

You are going to do a workout that will help you reduce stress levels in your life.

The Stress Less Training program is a 3 week program that is specially designed to help dogs who have anxiety issues from separation or anxiety that are associated with certain types of situations that they find stressful.

The training is for dog owners aged 10 weeks and above, and is designed to help them improve their dog’s self-confidence and security.

The trainers also help dog-owners discover new products that can make their dogs feel more at ease.

Intermediate Dog Training focuses on teaching your dog to successfully navigate around obstacles, in more challenging areas and in the presence of distractions.

The ability and the willingness to show empathy and understand the dog’s behaviors is essential.

The Brain Games Training program teaches dogs some of the most useful and important training techniques.

The training will help to develop your relationship with your dog and it will also improve the relationship between the owner and the dog.

Although the program requires pre-requisite in intermediate training, the dogs can develop skills in how to read picture, follow the instructions, and much more.

Advanced training is an optional service for your robot that can increase your efficiency and boost your performance.

The Advanced Training class is for dogs that have already taken a intermediate class. This will help strengthen your dog’s behavior to provide faster and more consistent responses in the long run.

The courses are specifically designed for outdoor and off-road racing that focuses on training the mind/body for a safe and successful race day.

In this class, a diploma is given to all the persons who will take the exam.

Therapy dog training is an essential part of our training program. We are trained in numerous specific skills to work with special needs children and adults, including the ability to calm a child in any situation. Our dogs also have a unique socialization program so that they will become great working partners in the classroom.

To earn the designation of “Advanced Therapy Dog” there are 4 required levels of training.

Therapy Dog Evaluation is a program that gives the parent and their pet the practice needed for their therapy dog evaluation.

The training is a must to help people learn more about their dog and learn how to communicate with your dog on a more effective level.

3. Private Classes

Private Training for a small group of students (usually up to 10) with the goal of building a strong, long-lasting relationship and teaching a specific skill.

Private classes allow you to schedule a custom training session at a time that works best for you and your dog. A Doggy Day Care or Private Trainer is available for a fee by appointment.

When you hire Avanti Online Tutoring, they get the results they want because of their flexibility with scheduling as well as customized curriculum.

The price depends on the length of the training. For instance, a 30-minute session costs $45, a 1-hour session costs $89, and a 4-hour training costs $219.

No, no, no, no. You should not even consider that for a newbie.

PetsHotel presents a one-on-one session for PetsHotel guests only.

Please read the below information and click on the ‘Reserve Now’ button below to reserve your spot.

The dog owners will learn how to train their dogs at home while at PetsHotel or Doggie Day Camp.

The sessions are available in separate single sessions (30 minutes), two pack (2 sessions with a short break between), or a 3 pack (8 sessions in a day, three in the morning, and two in the afternoon).

4. Virtual Dog Training

A virtual training session was designed to teach our students the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript. It is a combination of a live demonstration and a video tutorial. Each of these are recorded in a single session. It is an excellent way of teaching the fundamental aspects of HTML, CSS and Javascript to a very large group of students in a short time.

The trainer is available through Skype calls and can work for you from anywhere. Just book a session and the trainer will meet with you to discuss your dog’s training needs.

The trainer will observe the dog’s current mannerisms, his physical posture and eye contact. The trainer will also note any problems with housebreaking, such as toileting in the house, in the yard, in car, and in public areas.

If you’ve got some time to spend on learning how to improve your communication and presentation skills, look no further than the 4 sessions with Dr. Bales.

This 4 session module which contains 4 live virtual learning sessions occurs online.

There will be training of multiple cues and exposure to different environments with various variations.

This is like the initial phase of a therapy, it takes 4 hours to really cover this topic and ensure it is addressed.

5. Other Dog Training Classes

Other dog training courses focus on things like trick training and play activities.

During the 6-week program, the trainer will teach you how to communicate with your dog and the dog’s owner using positive reinforcement. You will improve how the dog and the dog owner communicate so that you can understand your dog better.

What Is the Pricing for the Different Types of Training at PetSmart?

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It is a game where you can control a dog to train it for your character. It’s the ultimate combination of the Animal Crossing series and the Pokémon series.

How Do I Book a Dog Training at PetSmart?

If you need Pet Smart dog training, then you can go to their website and book their services.

On the All Services page, click on Training, select the training type you need, and enroll.

If you have training on more than one training type, use the [select] dropdown, or use the [select] buttons from the next section.

If you haven’t got an account at PetSmart yet, or if you are not sure whether you have one, call the customer service at 1-800-874-7387.

As for the PetSmart pricing, we have already talked about it on our post PetSmart Grooming Pricing. We have also talked about it on the pet stores pricing page.


PetSmart says the cost of dog training is around $35, depending on the type of training you need.

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