Does Petsmart Sell Cats And Kittens? (try This Instead) 

PetSmart is one of the largest pet-based retail chains in the US, with close to 2000 stores located across the country!

PetSmart has a lot of different ways to purchase your cat, dog, or other small animals. But they are also a place to find and adopt animals. Find out all you need to know with this PetSmart tips and tricks article!

Does PetSmart Sell Cats And Kittens In 2022? 

PetSmart is cutting back on the number of cats and kittens that it sells on store shelves, because it is concerned about animal welfare issues. PetSmart runs a number of adoption programs for cats and kittens, but it has also made it harder by no longer selling adult cats and kittens.

To find out how to adopt a cat or kitten from PetSmart, and other alternatives, read on!

Why Doesn’t PetSmart Sell Live Cats And Kittens In Their Stores? 

PetSmart made a decision to have no longer sell live cats, dogs, or puppies due to the rising concerns about the long-term wellbeing of animals.

It was agreed amongst PetSmart CEOs that too many family pets, like dogs and cats, were ending up in shelters after being sporadically bought for gifts or events. The CEOs also agreed that it was too expensive to buy family pets because they were ending up in shelters. And they also agreed that it was too expensive for family pets to stay in shelters because many shelters don’t allow pets.

I think if people in shelters are going to be able to adopt an animal, the shelters would have to be made more hospitable for them to adopt from.

This way, it is the owners who are left with the burden of adopting their pets. As a result, the new PetSmart adoption centers are less of a burden on the city, for they are not overburdened with the task of taking up the pet’s custody.

Now, there is a second argument in favor of the company which suggests that they must take up the custody of a pet.

How Do I Adopt A Cat Or Kitten From PetSmart Online? 

After you have decided which cat you wish to adopt, you will need to fill out the appropriate application form. The application form can be found on the PetSmart website. The application can be filled out online or in store.

Can You Adopt A Cat Or Kitten In Person At PetSmart Stores?

PetSmart has a specific area where it places its “No Kill Rescues”. It’s a space where cats and dogs can live out their lives with their families.

If you are looking to find a local PetSmart store with a cat or kitten adoption facility, you can find them on the PetSmart website. You can easily find a store in your area by searching on the site and clicking on the ‘Find A Store’ link located at the bottom of the screen.

Step 1. Select a cat or kitten from the PetSmart store by asking for a pet to bring home.

What Is PetSmart’s National Adoption Weekend? 

During the annual PetSmart national adoption weekend, they bring in people and dogs from different countries and countries of origins to the shelters and other organizations in each state.

The weekend is dedicated to finding suitable forever homes for cats and dogs, and to finding new homes for rabbits and reptiles.

For every year, the event was able to gather over 600,000 pets to be adopted!

Did PetSmart Use To Sell Live Cats And Kittens In Their Stores? 

PetSmart always sells dogs and cats, but PetSmart does not sell live cats or kittens.

They still have live bunnies and rabbits, but they stopped selling them by the end of 2007.

PetSmart still sells live small animals, which include hamsters, gerbils, rats, and chinchillas, although they now do not sell rabbits.

PetSmart lists the small pets still available on their website.

Now we’d like you to go and find this document on the PetSmart website.

if you are looking to purchase other pets, you might be wondering if PetSmart sells dogs, if PetSmart sells bunnies, if PetSmart sells gerbils, if PetSmart sells fish, and if PetSmart sells lizards.

In addition, when you’re thinking of adopting a cat, also know that PetSmart cat adoption centers are a great resource.


There is a PetSmart in San Diego that sells live cats and kittens, but not in San Antonio.

PetSmart partners with leading adoption centers across the country to help connect cats and kittens to their new loving forever homes. Adoptions can be done either online or in store.

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