Does Aldi Have Bags? (do You Need To Bring One + Other Faqs)

Not having to use a plastic bag to carry your groceries is definitely better for the planet. Many people are choosing to bring their own reusable bags to the supermarket with them instead of using the plastic ones.

I always wondered if Aldi sold bags, because you might have seen their store, but all of their products are imported or fake and not real Aldi. Well, you don’t need to worry, because I have the answer for everything!

Does Aldi Have Bags In 2022?

You can read more about Aldi bags policies, where they’re located, how much they cost and even other in-store options besides bags!

Do You Need To Bring A Bag To Aldi?

You do not need to bring a bag to Aldi.

2.2. The Customer will be assigned a pick up time that the company will call you 30 minutes before the assigned pick up time.

While Aldi locations always appreciate customers who bring their own bags, the company always appreciates customers who bring their own.

What Kind Of Bags Does Aldi Carry?

Aldi offers different kinds of bags, including paper, plastic, and cloth bags.

How Much Does Aldi Charge For Bags?

Aldi’s bag is around eight cents cheaper than most other options (at least in my neighborhood). As the previous poster mentioned, they do have different-colored bags as well, but they are on the smaller side and often more expensive. Their bags have a really nice shine to them, they seem to be thicker (which could be a good thing or a bad thing, you’ll have to decide for yourself). You can even get their small bags at some grocery stores in Australia, check this link.

You can get single, two, three, and four-pack. I don’t know if Costco sells these bags in larger packs. I think they use a different bag to carry them in. I believe grocery stores sometimes give plastic grocery bags as a gift.

The insulated bags come with lids, so you’ll be ready to pack and toss after a day on the beach all in one.

Why Does Aldi Charge For Bags?

Aldi’s has a philosophy of being a great place to shop no matter where you shop. Customers are encouraged to bring their own bags.

However, people can forget or first-time shoppers might not know. To avoid high cost bags, Aldi offsets the costs of the bags by selling them for a few cents or dollars.

This is a good idea, because the bags are still affordable, and they are good quality and reusable.

3. This is another way of saying…

Where Do You Find Bags At Aldi?

You can carry up to 50% more groceries without having to lug your bag around. I get my bag and find that every shelf has a carton of eggs and milk and a bunch of food, and the cartons are labeled with the prices of the groceries. Even the store-brand goods are labeled.

You can pull up to a cashier and grab what you need from the conveyor belt, and the cashier will ring it up for you.

The coolers could be on display throughout the store making it easy to find them. Or if they have a large cooler (or a couple smaller ones together on a display) this would allow for a greater number of choices.

Are There Any Options Other Than Bags At Aldi?

You can choose from a variety of bags, sizes, and options.

If you haven’t yet picked up a box of product packaging, look through your pantry and kitchen for something to put in it. The next time you want to send something to the back of the car, you can grab an old box or bag and fill it.

The library is currently closed until further notice. If you need to return a book, please return it through the front door. You can also use the book drop located next to the front door.

If you don’t want to shop at Aldi because you think it’s too expensive, be sure to see our post on how to save money on groceries, a list of Aldi private brands, a list of Aldi private brands, and a list of Aldi generic products.


Aldi has bags available for purchase. Like all their other products, they are very reasonably priced. Even better, they are reusable and recyclable, so customers can feel good about their environmental impact.

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