Does Petsmart Sell Dogs & Puppies? (try This Instead) 

People who are interested in pets can visit this popular store to buy pet food and treats.

PetSmart also sells puppies and dogs, but most of these puppies are sold as show puppies and many of these dogs are purebreds.

Does PetSmart Sell Dogs & Puppies In 2022? 

PetSmart does not sell dogs or puppies and encourages the adoption of dogs and puppies through annual adoption events and on their website. Instead, PetSmart Charities is a non-profit animal charity.

To get more information about PetSmart adoption, how much adoption costs are and how old you need to be to buy an animal from PetSmart, keep reading!

Did PetSmart Ever Sell Dogs And Puppies? 

To understand why PetSmart was founded, it may be helpful to understand some of the history behind pet stores. A pet store is a place that sells pet food and supplies. The first pet store was started in Boston, Massachusetts by Richard and David Sears in 1884.

PetSmart opted not to sell dogs and puppies because of the conditions that those animals are raised in, and out of concern for welfare.

In 2011, PetSmart chose instead of killing dogs and puppies, instead it promotes and works with other adoption centers in order to find homes for dogs and puppies.

Can I Adopt Dogs And Puppies From PetSmart? 

If you are able to give a home to a pet that you find through the PetSmart adoption program, PetSmart will make sure it is spayed or neutered and receive all of its veterinary needs, including vaccinations and flea treatment.

They also encourage adoption to help unwanted animals, including dogs and puppies, find new loving homes.

To find dogs and puppies, you can go to PetSmart’s website and connect to local organizations.

There are 1600 stores with an adoption center inside to help you find dogs and puppies to adopt.

What Adoption Options Does PetSmart Have For Dogs And Puppies? 

PetSmart provides many services, such as spaying and neutering, microchipping, administering vaccines and more to local community organizations, and provides these organizations with a $500 grant for each new dog that is adopted.

When you are going into a PetSmart store, ask for a meet and greet to meet the staff. If an animal comes up to you, talk to the staff and see how you like it. Make sure you have enough time, as they can take a while to get used to you. You may not get them all in a single visit.

You could always get a dog in the local pet shop, though that is not ideal.

In addition to National Pet adoption weekdays the company has several adoption events.

How Do I Adopt Dogs And Puppies From PetSmart?

PetSmart allows you to find dogs or puppies available for adoption by using their online adoption services.

By clicking on the filter, you can easily select a dog or puppy and then learn more about that pet.

You can also begin the adoption process for dogs and puppies in PetSmart stores. Their team will be able to assist you, too.

How Much Does Adoption Cost For Dogs and Puppies From PetSmart? 

Many of the dogs and puppies in PetSmart’s adoption center started the week at less than $100. The adoption fee for one dog and one puppy is $150.

PetSmart offers services such as deworming, vaccinations, spaying and neutering, microchipping, and 30 days of free pet insurance.

What Day Is Adoption Day At PetSmart? 

PetSmart operates 4 adoption events every year. These are National Adoption Weekend which is held every June, and 3 other adoption weekends.

During the 4 PetSmart Adoption Weekend (Dec 7-10), the animal shelter reported that they found homes for 605,000 animals.

Why Should I Adopt Dogs and Puppies from PetSmart?  

Adopting a dog or cat is a fantastic way to save dogs and puppies from shelters and it is a great way to give a deserving animal a second chance.

Petsmart wants to get rid of puppy mills. It argues that selling live animals to prospective customers creates a demand that fuels abuse.

PetSmart is working with over 4000 pet organizations and has aided more than 9 million adoptions through their work.

How Old Do You Need to be to Buy an Animal from PetSmart? 

As per PetSmart’s policy, only people 18 years of age or above can adopt or buy live animals from PetSmart.

To protect yourself from identity theft, take a valid form of ID that shows your date of birth.

Are PetSmart Stores Friendly for Dogs and Puppies? 

PetSmart provides new dogs and puppies with the opportunity to find a new home, in addition to people providing them with new pets.

The PetSmart company does not accept specific breeds as pets, but they do allow dogs and puppies. PetSmart PetSmart allows almost all domestic animals in stores.

PetSmart reserves the right to deny any type of pet as long as it’s not a threat to other animals, employees or customers.

If you want to read more about how much it costs to put a dog to sleep, why PetSmart takes in dogs, the PetSmart dog food return policy, PetSmart dog food, and what happens when a dog dies, you should also see our post about PetSmart dog food.

Conclusion: Can You Buy Dogs and Puppies from PetSmart? 

This is a joke, and the answer is no. PetSmart never sells dogs or puppies. This is an old internet meme.

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I’d suggest looking out for dogs and puppies that are younger, as a lot of times puppies are less likely to be surrendered to animal control. There are many resources available that you can check out to help you find a new home for a dog.

PetSmart is a for-profit company which also runs a non-profit charity.

PetSmart is a company that teaches people how to feed, care for, and socialize dogs and puppies. The company advocates for dogs and puppies being adopted both in stores and online and runs events such as National Adoption Weekend to help animals find new homes.

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