Is Aldo A Good Brand? A Detailed Discussion

Two things would never let a girl down, and they are shoes and bags. Women feel empowered when they wear the right pair of shoes and a bag to go with them.

You will find plenty of brands in the industry, but not all of them would be up to the mark. Well, is ALDO a good brand then? We have created multiple sections here to help you decide whether or not this is worth your money. Here, we have talked about their shoes, their purses, and even their customer services.

What Is Aldo?

In the year 1972, ALDO shoes were founded in Canada by Aldo Bensadoun. Initially, they had shops in Winnipeg, Montreal, Quebec City, and Ottawa. They started small but gradually expanded their stores all over Canada. Now, the brand has grown into a worldwide corporation.

ALDO has almost 3,000 stores across about 100 countries worldwide. Not only do they sell shoes of different styles, they have expanded their business, and they now also sell purses of different styles and purposes and as well as watches.

One of the biggest reasons ALDO could grow worldwide in just a few decades is its excellent quality products.

You will see that you can shop for ALDO online via its website. Their website is country-based, and they also ship worldwide.

Is Aldo A Luxury Brand?

No, Aldo is not a luxury brand. The items that you will find in their stores are pretty reasonable. What ALDO does is that they take inspiration from luxury brands and create products similar to them but at a very affordable price.

Not everyone has the capability of buying luxury brand shoes. So, if you like a particular style of expensive shoes and cannot buy them because of their price, you could check out ALDO’s online website or stores.

Is ALDO A Good Brand?

As you already know, ALDO first started with shoes, and now they have branched out and made many kinds of accessories such as watches and bags for both men and women. Here are the things by ALDO that we think are totally worth the money:

Women’s Purse and Crossbody Bags 

Most of the purses and crossbody bags by ALDO are expensive-looking, but they are not. You will find various sizes of purses and crossbody bags, and you will see that they all come in different colors. You can match them with your outfits.

Also, you will be able to use these bags for school, university and office as well. You can pick up a crossbody bag for everyday wear and a fancy party as well. The straps that these bags come with are very strong, so you can load them up without worrying about them getting damaged.

Since these are of outstanding quality and come at reasonable pricing, you can also give this to someone as a gift. We are sure that they will be thrilled to get an ALDO purse or crossbody bag as a present.

Women’s Heels and Sandals

You could never go wrong with Aldo’s heels or sandals. If you want to buy heels from them, you will find many different heels, such as platforms, stilettoes, pumps, and even block heels. You will get casual wear as well as fancy wear.

From here, you will be able to find shoes that are perfect for weddings as well.

The flats and sandals that they have are great as well. They come in different colors and different styles. You could wear them on a beach or picnic, to a party and even to school.

Most of their shoes are very comfortable to wear, and they come in various sizes. They are true to their size, and people should not face any trouble ordering the correct size from their website.

Their heels and sandals are very durable as well. So, once you buy them, you will notice that they will remain in top condition for a very long time.

Men’s Boots

Boots are a necessity for many, but they can be costly if you want one of excellent quality. Thankfully, ALDO is here to save you and your wallet as they offer boots of various kinds at an affordable price.

Their casual boots, mid-top boots, and ankle tops are the ones that we would highly recommend to you. These are very stylish, trendy, and unique. The best thing about them is that they are very comfortable to wear. In order for a boot to be good, it has to be stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Women’s Watches 

Their watches are pretty trendy and reasonably priced. You could buy a watch with different straps from them and change it on your own. These straps come in different styles, some are patterned, and some have glitter on them.

In our eyes, these watches are worth the money as they are cute and have worked for a long time. You could also buy these as a gift for someone.

Opinions of Aldo’s Customers

We went through several reviews of customers under every category of products they have in their online shop, and we have noticed that most of them are positive.

Customers are extremely pleased with the variety of things that they have made available for them. You get plenty of color options and a range of different styles. Their customers have said that most of the things they have are of exceptional quality and are satisfied with them.

The shoes that they have are comfortable and are available in many sizes.

There were some negative reviews under a few categories of products, such as some of their shoes. But overall, most of their customers seemed to be happy with their shopping experience from ALDO.

Discount and Promotions

You should know, ALDO gives out sales all the time. If you check out their website, you will see that there is a section called sale. You will find many of their products at a discounted price.

Other than that, they also give sales on their things during the end of a season, such as Summer sales, Fall Sales, Winter sales, and Spring sales. They also have sales during the holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, and Black Friday.

ALDO also has discounts going on throughout the year. You have to keep an eye out for them. Usually, they are displayed on the homepage or at the top of their website. You can even search for coupon codes on google.

Lastly, their physical stores have discounts of 50% to 70% off a lot of the time. If you ever go to the mall and are in need of shoes and accessories, you should go up to their store to see whether or not they have any sales going on.

ALDO’s Delivery And Customer Services 

When you place an order and pick their standard shipping, it usually takes about 6 business days to get your products. If express shipping is picked, it is delivered to you in 3 business days.

You should also know that if you have not received your things within 30 days of the date of purchase, you will have to contact them, and they will locate the shipping for you. If there are any problems with the shipping, they will resend the item(s).

But keep in mind, if you do not let them know within 30 days, they will not honor your requests.

Next, if you want to cancel any order, you have placed after payment, that can be done if the items have not been shipped yet. Now, if you place the order on a non-business day or hour, you have to call or contact them the next day.

For online orders, ALDO always asks its customers to check their items during the time of the delivery properly. If there are any problems with it or you want to return it, you have to notify them and return the products within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Their customer services are quite prompt, and they reply to their customers very quickly when a query goes in during their business hours. You might get a delayed response if you try to contact them during non-business hours or days.

When you want to get in touch with them, you have to visit their website of the country you are in and will be able to get their email or phone number from there.

Final Words

We know all the nitty-gritty about this brand. Starting from its origination, its products, customer reviews, discounts and promo codes, delivery system, and customer care services.

So, is ALDO a good brand? After taking a look and researching everything, we have concluded that it is indeed a good brand. You can shop for yourself as much as you want and you will not be disappointed with the things you buy.

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