Is Puma A Good Brand?

Brands that come with a sense of innovation, durability, and the best quality live inside customers’ minds for a long time. People pin their hopes on a brand, expecting quality service. Based on the customers’ trust, brands prosper.

One such brand is Puma. It is the manufacturer of apparel, accessories, and footwear. With its headquarters in Germany, the brand has become the third-largest sports manufacturing brand in the world. It has competitors like Nike and Adidas that are also taking the market by storm.

This is why people often question; Is Puma a good brand? Well, let’s find that out!

A Little About Puma

Even if you know about Puma, we will begin from scratch here. Now, one of the leading sportswear brands, Puma, has started its journey in Germany. Due to its escalating growth, Puma garnered popularity.

Thanks to its fashionable urban outlook and budget-friendly prices, customers often choose Puma rather than Adidas or Nike. They get the same comfort and nearly the same quality at a lower price.

Puma breaks the myth that the best shoes need to be expensive. By providing quality at such a reasonable price, Puma smashes the impression.

Not only its shoes, but customers also love other Puma accessories too. If you are an avid football fan, you must know what happened in World Cup 2006. 11 out of the 32 countries that participated chose Puma for their jerseys.

Puma’s logo displays a fierce puma jumping ahead, and the brand – just like its logo – takes the long leap towards its motive to succeed. After all, its motto is “Forever Faster!”

Is Puma A Good Brand?

To find out the answer, we have to look at its products. Here, we shall review some of the best-selling Puma products that make it a famous brand.

Women’s Socks

Whether going on a run during winter mornings or walking at home during the chilly winter nights, your feet need warmth. For this reason, Puma has designed 6 Pack Runner Socks for Women.

No matter the settings, the ribbed heels, cushioned texture, and anti-bacterial properties will ensure comfort. Even more, its vibrant colorways will make you stand out from others.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep your feet protected with Puma women’s socks. These socks are made of stretch croslite fabric and seamless toe construction, and their moisture-wicking material keeps your feet dry.

Also, do not worry about the design. Puma promises attractive designs besides premium quality.

Why People Love This?


The cushioning provides comfort to the feet while running. The ribbed heels make it a suitable choice for use for lifting and walking.


Like other socks, Puma Women socks do not make your feet sweat. Even if the socks are well-fitted, they let air flow without completely obstructing it. The socks have a wicking top, which absorbs any sweat that forms.


Most women try not to wear socks as they feel the extra weight on their feet overwhelming. With Puma socks, there is no such worry. These socks are so lightweight; you barely notice any piece of clothing on your legs.

Men’s Sneakers

Have you ever seen that sleek classic display of a tennis shoe covered in leather uppers but performs like a running shoe?

Puma sneakers provide a leather footbed, rubber console, and textile lining – all that give you support and stability. The Roma Basic, with its contemporary design, makes a perfect pair with your beloved denim.

Its design is simple – the 3 iconic stripes and a fierce Puma on the sides. The shoes, made of smooth rubber soles, are stylish and classic. Be it an outdoor or indoor occasion; you can wear Puma sneakers with ease!

Why People Love This?

Dual Use

The sneaker has a simple but classy look. It can be used for outdoor wear, as well as for use at home. Customers love walking with Puma Sneakers. Some call these their go-to shoes.


Puma has a fitting design suited for any foot size. Customers are well satisfied with the wide range of sizes available.


Puma sneakers are breathable, allowing your feet to relax while you walk. The padded midsole gives arch support for the ankle.

Unisex Sneakers

Sneakers steal the show no matter where you go. As well as being in style, the sneakers are strong as well. Among the unisex sneakers, the Smash V2 low-top Puma Sneakers have been one of the best-sellers for a few years.

Not only style, but they also offer comfort too. It is famous for everyday use, as the sneakers provide stability and a different look.

With its interior lining made with soft textile material, the shoes boast a lace closure to make an adjustable fitting. Comfortable and lightweight, Puma is an excellent way to integrate a hint of individuality.

Why People Love This?


Puma always shows that great shoes do not need big bucks. To date, the brand has kept its words. Their unisex stickers give an incredible product value for their price.


These sneakers have a smart, lightweight design – not bulky or too heavy. Super comfy and great fit, the Puma version can be worn by both men and women. You can even share the sneaker with your partner if the size matches!

Exceptionally Soft

The sneakers are padded with some extra comfort inside. You will feel no different than wearing sandals. People prefer this for hangouts, parties, walks, and even training!

Unisex Flip Flops

Are you wondering if Puma only has sneakers and shoes? Well, the answer is a no! Puma has flip-flops even.

Puma flip flops offer an excellent grip with their flexible outsoles. The upper, made of woven textile, gives a comfortable position. Other features include the pliable and smooth webbing toe posts, sporty look, and cushioned footbed.

Grab a pair of Puma Unisex flip-flops to gain comfort during lazy summer mornings.

Even more, you do not have to worry about hurting yourself due to the exposure. Its shock-absorbing insole protects you from tripping over.

Why People Love This?


People love to wear the Puma flip-flops without shedding any sweat. The anti-shock insole prevents any foot injuries, letting you walk all carefree.


The rubber outsole is durable, so they promise to last you long. On any holiday, you can wear the Puma flip-flops. Be it sand, rocks, or bouncy roads; the flip-flops will be your constant companion.


What would be better than having a pair of flip-flops that looks good, fit perfectly, and offers comfort – all at a reasonable price? Puma bags the winning title in this category. They provide decent quality for a budget-friendly price.

Duffel Bags

Now that we have shown why Puma is a good brand for shoes let us move on to other accessories. Puma’s Evercat Dispatch, a stylish way to hoard your sneakers and gym clothes, is one of its most versatile and durable items.

The reflective details are easier for late-night travels. If you are among those who want their belongings to be visible at night, they are the ones for you!

The gym bag is designed to protect the inner contents with a gusseted pocket to place tights and shoes, a dedicated file compartment, waterproof coating, and a second pocket for easy access.

The great news is there is a padded removable strap that can be adjusted at your convenience.

Why People Love This?


The zipper bag has enough room to keep your gym materials: your sneakers, your tracksuit, and even your speakers. The bag is organized, too, having zip pouches for your cards and keys.

Great Construction

With a lining of 100% polyester, the bag boasts a sturdy construction. It also has a waterproof coating to resist any moisture from damaging the gym materials.


Like other Puma products, these duffel bags come at a very good price.

Adjustable Straps

The padded straps can be adjusted and removed too. This has an added advantage for short people as most duffel bags have a permanent strap, which they cannot use.

Is Puma Worth It?

The price Puma offers for sportswear is found nowhere. People from every status can feel heavenly wearing a fresh pair of Puma kicks. Their sports bags make you stand out among the crowd.

But is Puma worth it? Now, we cannot say that price is the only defining factor.

Brands like Nike have a wider range of collections than Puma. Their shoes are considered to be the best sports shoes. Puma has a vast collection too. The brand has established uniqueness by combining sports with fashion.

Yes, Puma shoes are more fashionable, as well as comfortable.

Considering price, fashionability, and availability of discounts, Puma is definitely worth the shot. So, if you want to feel on top of the world, wear Puma sportswear for an athletic look.

Final Thoughts

Is Puma a good brand? You know it surely is! They are perfect for hitting your gym, hangouts, walks, and even your office wear.

No matter which occasion you choose it for, the brand will always guarantee comfort!

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