Is IBUYPOWER Good? A Detailed Review

When most people think of PCs and laptops, they assume that generic brands will suffice for intense gaming and high performance. However, they are proved wrong usually within a few years.

This is why gamers prefer pre-built or custom-built gaming PCs, laptops, and accessories to ensure a complete gaming experience.

iBUYPOWER is now a brand that frequently appears in search results for pre-built or custom-made PCs and Laptops. But is iBUYPOWER good? To answer that, we have written a detailed review of the brand in this article, which will help you get all your answers.


iBUYPOWER is a website that sells pre-built PCs, laptops, custom-built PCs, and accessories, including gaming mice and keyboards. It is a US-based corporation founded in 1999, with headquarters in California and their sales and support team spread across Asia and Europe.

How Does It Work?

Since iBUYPOWER is a retailer of custom-built desktop computers, you get to choose which components go into your system. You have a say in practically every part of the PC-building process, from the slightest aspects to the most difficult.

Once you have determined what gears and components you will need, iBUYPOWER will provide you with an estimate. Then after the purchase is processed, iBUYPOWER will send it over to its assembly crew, who will begin collecting and assembling your PC using the components you ordered.


To answer in one sentence, yes, iBUYPOWER is definitely good. Since the early days of gaming and PCs, it has been the support system for hardcore gaming lovers, esport events, developers, and countless collegiate sports.

It is a legitimate, reputable, and dependable company with a long list of collaborations to its name. iBUYPOWER has worked and cooperated with some of the biggest names in the PC and gaming industries, including Intel, NVIDIA, Microsoft, ASUS, and others.

It has proven its efficiency to its massive customer base time and time again for outstanding performance.

What Makes It A Good Brand?

Many things go into making a brand the best. Here are some factors that we think make iBUYPOWER quite a good, if not the best, brand.

Good Parts

Many consumers associate custom-built PCs from stores with “cheap parts and unpredictable efficacy.” With iBUYPOWER, this is definitely not the case. The company uses Intel, MSI, NVIDIA, and other top-of-the-line components.

When it comes to heavy-duty performance and games, the basic, unbranded PC parts are excellent in quality and reasonably efficient.


People who want to build a robust gaming system of their own design will find iBUYPOWER a valuable ally. All of their unique gaming systems are designed to meet the needs of the most discerning player.

Each detail is meticulous, from delicate wiring to chassis ventilation; ultimately, iBUYPOWER custom-built PCs are efficient and give optimum performance at your selected budget.


As with any well-known brand, the PCs made by IBUYPOWER are upgradable. What you have to do, though, is make sure you have a good power supply while updating your PC. iBUYPOWER, like many other reputable firms, allows you to upgrade your PC by labeling it as non-standard.

This implies that, as long as the upgrade is compatible with the motherboard, you can install it on your iBUYPOWER PC. You can even upgrade the motherboard if you find it to be restricting. 


One of the greatest things about this brand is that they are certainly affordable, and they are occasionally offered at ridiculously low costs.

Part of the reason for this is that they have direct relationships with the producers, which allows them to avoid the costs of distribution and intermediaries.

Another reason could be that iBUYPOWER only ships within the United States and Canada, avoiding the logistical expenditures of international delivery.

Easy Builder Option

The company has an option called Easy Builder that can be used online. Easy Builder assists customers in selecting the appropriate components for their requirements.

After placing an order, professionals carefully assemble the machine before shipping it. They also feature a proprietary cooling mechanism that prevents their high-powered computers from overheating during extended gaming sessions.


You can also edit your PC Builder results once you receive them from the Easy PC Builder. You can play about with the specifications to determine what works best for you at your budget point.

The benefit of the comprehensive customization process is that it does not necessitate a thorough understanding of computer hardware. You will know what works best for you and what components you want in your custom-built PC if you’ve been gaming for a while.

In case you do not have that detailed knowledge, the Easy PC Builder will ask you to select your favorite game and budget before presenting you with some customized options.


How long your IBUYPOWER will last depends on how well you handle it. In general, a well-maintained and adequately cared-for PC has a life expectancy of roughly 5-6 years.

iBUYPOWER provides heavy-duty gaming PCs, which means they will stay in top shape for at least three years, after which you may encounter troubles, the most common of which is processor overheating.

However, there is a solution for that too. Thermal paste is used by iBUYPOWER to prevent overheating. The heat sink is attached to the motherboard with thermal paste, and you can buy more paste (in case the first one runs out) from the advanced build options.

You will get some leftover paste when you choose enhanced thermal paste after utilizing it in the cooler. Depending on how quickly the paste exhausts due to warming, it could last for another 5-10 applications. Unless you need enhanced thermal paste services, iBUYPOWER normally uses Arctic 5.

Final Words

Still wondering, is iBUYPOWER good?

In our opinion, iBUYPOWER is definitely the way to go if you want a customized gaming PC that fits your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Please place an order for their products right now!

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